The Flash: 1.09 Review (and Meta and Feelings)

Where do I start?! This episode gave me all of the feelings. Barry, BarryxIris, Iris, Barryxdad, BarryxJoe, it just wouldn’t stop!


And then it confused the hell out of me.

Okay, so….Wells….was in the room. Reverse Flash got captured, then he beat the crap out of Wells and stole the Triceratops (bear with me). So then at the end…..Wells has the Triceratops.

confused soccer

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The Flash Bulk Review: Joe West investigates, Dr. Wells starts to crack, and Barry loses it

Hella behind on all my shows, except How to Get Away With Murder, so you already know what it is. Written reviews!!!

celebration basketball

For those of you who don’t know, my other Flash reviews are right over here. To be honest, I don’t know about the future of those videos, y’all. Setting them up is frequently a headache because I live with people (AKA my family) who couldn’t care less about being quiet while I record.

But I’m not here to rant. These three episodes of The Flash were quite good!

First we have 1.06’s The Flash is Born:

Iris is the budding journalist, but Joe was the one searching for backstory in this episode. He’s been going over the interview that lil Barry gave to the police, and he’s been compiling a list of….possibilities.

I have to say that Joe called on his inner geek to theorize what happened all those years ago, and it was great to see. He suggested that there might have been another particle accelerator and another Barry (as in another speedster). We know that he wasn’t completely wrong, because Dr. Wells played the skeptic with regards to every suggestion that Joe made.

I still wasn’t ready for when Joe asked him exactly when he arrived to Central City. But it did give Wells the opportunity to give us, what, a little backstory. Wells revealed that he once had a wife, a fellow scientist, who died in an accident, and that’s why he moved to Central City. He wanted to start over in a place where no one knew who he was and where no one could remind him of his wife.

That makes two deadly accidents that this man has been involved in. You are the common denominator, sir. You are the problem.

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Witches of East End Cancelled!

Don't take them away!

Don’t take them away!

Why, Jesus?!

Was it the ratings? I bet it was the ratings.

It’s a show on Lifetime. How high do the numbers really need to be?

I don’t actually know the numbers for the show, but do y’all agree with the cancellation? Because I don’t!

I’m behind, my next episode will be episode 4 of season 2, but I love the show. I love the family, love their relationship, and I love the writing. The show is strong enough, imo.

When The Secret Circle was cancelled, I agreed. It was too bad, but I agreed, because that show took too long to focus on its own main plot. It deviated for no reason and by the time it wanted to correct itself, it was too late.

Witches of East End didn’t have this problem, so what’s up? Why aren’t the tv honchos letting witches live?

Wendy, make them change their mind!


I’m disappointed.

Abbie Mills Wants to Share Her Burdens

My mind was on Abbie Mills when I was getting ready for work this morning. Last night, a gifset came across my dash. It featured the three most important relationships in Abbie’s life thus far: the one with Jenny, the one with Corbin, and the one with Ichabod, and it quoted Abbie talking about the constant loss of foundation. She lost Jenny when she was younger, and she’s recently lost Corbin. What I observe from  both relationships is that she had existed as someone who was….rigid. She had tucked away a lot, denied a lot, and even though she forced it on a daily basis, she simply was not comfortable in her shoes.

Enter Ichabod and his insistence that she is destined for greatness. Not by herself. But with him at her side.

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Witches of East End 2.03: “I just think….maybe it was never about you?”

Killian said this to Freya, and I.laughed.out.loud.

Please don’t let him be under Ava’s spell, because I need that line to stay hilarious. I want Killian to really have come to the conclusion that he was pursuing Freya because he was lost. He can take it back later. He can change his mind. But I want that line to have come from him and not anything Ava did because I am CACKLING!

In The Old Man and the Key, Freya spent her life savings to fly to the Dominican Republic, only to get told that, “Maybe it was never about you?” I need that on a loop!

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Witches of East End 2.02: The Son Also Rises

Wendy is the odd one out, but she will persevere!

At least I hope so.

Frederick is bad to the bone. The show isn’t hiding that from anyone except Joanna, Freya and Ingrid. The only thing to discover is why he came back to the family.

It’ll be great if Victor falls on Wendy’s side when he comes back, because someone needs to be alert enough to notice the curse that Frederick has put on her.
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