Podcast Interactive: Be My Guest!

Have something to say? Have many things to say? Then come on the show!

You can be a guest co-host and spend the entire episode with me, commenting on every scene and every piece of dialogue, or you can be a guest caller. Callers can stay on for 10 minutes at most (keeping in mind the times when I have to take more than one caller). You come on, we talk about a part of the episode, scene, a specific thing a character did, or where the character(s) ended up by the end of the episode, and then you hang up. Limit 3 calls a season per person (negotiable for people who haven’t co-hosted 3 times in the season). Season finales aren’t taken into account (so technically you can call in 4 times).

Restrictions: No co-hosts more than two episodes in a row. No co-hosting for season premiers. Will accept callers if something really interesting/groundbreaking happens. This is at my discretion. You can only co-host 3 episodes in a season. Finally, no co-hosting for season finales. Will accept callers. 

Email me at jajp92@yahoo.com if you’re interested! 

And visit the ‘co-hosts and callers’ tag to see past guests!

Future Co-hosts                                  Future Callers

Cana-Sleepy Hollow: For the Triumph of Evil                                                                            





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