Fear the Walking Dead #3: The Dog

Hi all! 

The recaps for episodes 3 and 4 of FTWD are recorded, but we’re experiencing a glitch in uploading. The problem should be resolved by next week, at which time I’ll edit this post with the episode 3 recap.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the selected highlights from the recap.




“When [Liza] said you can’t fix everything, Travis, I was like he doesn’t give me the vibe that he thinks he can. He just worries about himself and what’s closest to him, and that’s it. And he’s quick to say, oh it’s no big deal, don’t worry about it, it’s nothing. So that’s not ‘you can’t fix everything.’ That’s not somebody trying to fix everything, trying to be involved in everything.”-Alta

“When they were leaving, I did love: Maddie’s in a car with her kids, and Travis is in a car with his kid and ex wife. So how does it really fall? How does the cookie really crumble? Like, they did so much work. It was all ‘Travis is coming; we’re his family.’ All this nonsense and talk, and yet at the end of the day when they’re trying to drive, push come to shove, Travis is with his kid and ex wife, and you’re with your drug addict. It’s just so funny to me.”-Sabrina


Fear the Walking Dead #2: So Close, Yet So Far

Episode 2, So Close, Yet So Far has done what we thought it could not: it was worse than the lackluster and uninspiring pilot. With the leads only caring about their own, unnecessary assumptions being made and a dispassioned riot, we’re left to wonder if this show was meant to do anything other than make money through ads. Because we sure aren’t entertained.

Run, maybe?

                      Run, maybe?


“The world is ending. If you don’t have any compassion for your fellow people, your neighbor that you see every day, why the hell should I care about you and what’s going on with your family? And your fear for your family?”-Alta

“I don’t think that the actors are bad. I feel like it’s the director and the writing because I know [Elizabeth Rodriguez is] a good actress because I’ve seen her in Orange is the New Black. It’s the show. It’s the show.”-Sabrina

Fear the Walking Dead #1: Pilot

Fear the Walking Dead starts with a Hmmm. While Nick and Alisha both had a standout moment, we barely see it for Maddie, and we’re hoping Travis becomes more than someone who supports Maddie. Soon.



“As a whole, finding out the premise, and okay this is all beginning and what’s going to come of it now? I feel like The Walking Dead already did that by having us find the doctor in his lab, having us realize that this is a virus that, if you die, you just get it. So I don’t think this can teach us anything different.”-Sabrina

“I feel like we got more on her, Maddie, because her two kids are main characters, and Alisha made that comment about she makes bad decisions all the time. I feel like we got more on her than we did on Travis.”-Alta