The Walking Dead ep. 10: Save the Last One

The season 6 preview special was très pointless. Moving on! In Save the Last One, Shane gives himself the Buzzcut of Instability, and Lori asks Rick to tell her why Carl should live.

Demon in the mirror

Demon in the mirror

Save the Last One


“[Lori] goes, “Tell me why it would be better another way.” And I’m like, why are you putting the onus on Rick to help you not be miserable and not be a cynic? Isn’t it obvious why it would be better? Because Carl is alive right now, and you guys love him, and Carl himself would not want to die? Like, why does she need him to say it plainly for her?”

“Like, why does she need him to say it plainly for her? Are you serious? He’s the boy’s father. It’s bad enough that you’re his mother, and you’re saying this, but you need his father, his biological father, who loves that boy so much and is so proud of him existing, you need him to spell out why it would be better for Carl to live.”


The Walking Dead ep. 8: Comic Con Panel + Season 6 Trailer

My main takeaways from the panel and trailer, from the imaginary mutual respect between Rick and Deanna to Glenn apparently seeing himself in Nicholas.

All Things Season 6

Season 6

Here’s the full panel if you haven’t seen it!

The Walking Dead ep. 4: Vatos

Things get real when the camp is attacked, and we lose our first person.   

The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four



“What [Rick] is losing in guns, he is gaining in trust and integrity, with T-Dog, Daryl, Glenn, when he learns of this, and of course the audience.”

“He says to Rick, I told you how it has to be. Are you willfully deaf or something? And Rick’s like no, my hearing’s just fine. You said come locked and loaded, so we’re in this bitch, and we wanna know what’s good.”

The Walking Dead ep. 2: Guts

Guts is up for review, and Rick is still mostly a noob who makes Glenn facepalm. We meet T-Dog, whom the writers present as the minority with a big conscience or whatever when he tries to save Merle and fails. I only roll my eyes. Merle is 2D scum, and Shane’s policy is “everybody left behind.”



“Lori just really got the short end of the stick, because we meet her and very quickly find out she’s sleeping with Rick’s bestie. We never see her in mourning, aside from this little moment [when she takes off the necklace that carries Rick’s wedding ring]. It’s the only time we see Rick cross her mind. They really did her wrong a little bit by not letting her verbalize SOMETHING about the husband that she apparently believes died when the world went to hell. Short end of the stick.”

“Back in the actual shop, Andrea sees a mermaid necklace and says her sister would definitely like it, ‘cause she loves mermaids, and Rick tells her to take it, but she’s like the eyes of the law are on her. And then she goes ‘would it be considered looting?’ Rick goes, ‘Andrea, White people don’t loot.’