The Walking Dead ep. 5: Wildfire

Cana joins me to recap Wildfire, and I am supremely in my feelings because Lori and Shane are doubting the hell out of Rick’s instinct/ideas.

Amazing scene

Amazing scene



“When you look at this versus how Rick and Michonne interact with each other: they don’t even have to use words.”-Cana

“Lori doesn’t support him, which makes it hard for him to be sure of what he wants. Which is one of the problems with Lori and Rick in terms of Rick being a leader. He could never [reach] his full potential as a leader as long as the person he trusted the most, well two of the people he trusted the most, but especially Lori, his wife, was always [….] He couldn’t trust himself as long as Lori was there. Because she would always say the opposite of what his idea was.”-Me

“[Rick] totally upgraded his life, yo. He got a new brother and a new wife.”-Cana


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead ep. 5: Wildfire

  1. I just want to say that red wine especially the fuller bodies are good for the ZA because they don’t need to be chilled.

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