The Walking Dead ep. 7: What Lies Ahead

In the season 2 premier, Sophia goes missing, and everyone’s looking at Rick like he made it happen. Andrea verbally scalps Dale in front of the whole group; Shane says he’s leaving; and Lori finally supports Rick without sounding like she’d rather be doing something else. Not the show’s most exciting season premier, but it’s cute.

Carol's last memory of Sophia is her hiding under a car, scared out of her mind.

Carol’s last memory of Sophia is her hiding under a car, scared out of her mind.

What Lies Ahead


“Rick told Sophia IF he doesn’t come back, to run straight back to the highway. No sooner does he lead the walkers away than that little girl gets out from under her hiding place. She was probably thinking, “This man is dead meat; dead in the water. Literally. Lemme go.”

“Daryl starts [cutting the walker open], straight face, like he’s cutting chicken. And Rick’s struggling not to hurl. Daryl digs in there and starts pulling internal organs out, and Rick is really trying to keep it together. Rick may be from the South, but this is some Country thing.”


One thought on “The Walking Dead ep. 7: What Lies Ahead

  1. Carol was going to blow up Ed?

    they already trying to ship it.

    what lies ahead some bs: lol

    I’m kind happy lori’s gone because I don’t have to hear this anymore. you are not a lori fan and I’m not either but you make really not enjoy her at all. it makes me tired hearing how ain’t shit lori was. *stank face*

    “and he sounds sexy when he says it.”


    Sophia and Daryl make eye contact?

    lori’s smiling lol!


    skylight in the bathroom.

    that damn ‘find sophia’ arch.

    Rick feels bad because he lost Sophia. He probs feels really shitty because that’s horrible. 😡

    I don’t like herd. they could have said hoard.

    omg carl

    yo that thing carl was trying to get was in a webisode.

    “to be fair to carl” <_<

    this is the writing though what they're doing to lori.

    Sophia was bit on she shoulder/neck.

    the gut back is probably the stomach.

    Dale is such a fuckboy. Dale took the gun to control andrea.

    if the trail went cold i guess they were going the wrong way.

    yo that's lori's husband. 😀

    "I'm sure nobody doubts that." is a way of backing rich (slightly) but also a way of keeping the group in check in case someone thinks he left sophia out there on propose or didn't look for her hard enough. Who's going to contradict shane after he says that?

    omg LORI HATE!

    I think Sophia die in the night.

    I hate dale. LOL (like cana does …)

    I didn't want your blood on my hands. if she dies then the blood's not on her hands for so long.

    I liked Andrea reading him.

    THat's why I don't like dale because he's smarmy.

    You are so mean. but I'm sure the walkers go into status* or what have you because they just stop looking for whatever they were after they just stop until something grabs their attention.

    this is bad writing for lori like why would they make her act this way? she was assaulted by this man but they are making her cling for what ~dramaz~

    "shadow of sin" lori omg.

    "Cana was right." I like the way that sounds.

    Shane does look like someone you want to survive with. I'm sayin'.

    lori and rick with the dry kiss. lol

    white jesus: that's why he don't know who you/rick are. lol

    gurl Michonne is not RIck's wife. he don't deserve her. he already cheating.

    lol gurl rick with jesus.

    they lost two babies in one episodes.

    weak like dale.

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