The People Behind the Opinions


My name is Alta, and I’m your permanent host. I’m a college student who has a love/hate relationship with The Vampire Diaries. To say Bonnie Bennett is merely my favorite character would be a gross understatement, because I spend far too much time thinking about her. My past obsessions are Charmed and Smallville.

You can find me on Twitter: (I’m not on there much though)

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You can find my fics here and on my lj.

Sabrina (Scandal co-host)

Hello! I’m Sabrina. I’m interested in women – women who want to hurt, save, rule. I’m also a sucker for guys who want good things for my lady faves. I listen to anything that moves me. I read mostly speculative fiction, but I’ve also got a lot of romance books on my shelves. And sometimes I make videos which you can find at

Cana (TVD co-host for season 4)

An old genre fan of past shows like Heroes, Angel and The X-Files. She was sucked into TVD because the fandom would not let her go (but she’s found a way to wrench herself free). She watched it mostly for Kat Graham, but Paul Wesley was a close second. “I just love his classy Jersey ass.”

Trivia about Cana: She has the complete series of TXF, Angel and season 1 of Heroes. She enjoys secondary characters, because she likes discovering them. She also likes well thought out primary characters with onion layers (“the deeper you go the more it makes you cry”).

She also loves Zombies and is a fan of Michonne on The Walking Dead (GENRE)!

Olu (TVD co-host for season 4)

She got into the Vampire Diaries a long time ago, back when her sister first read the books and then left them lying about the place. She never expected Stefan Salvatore to become her favorite. She once enjoyed bemoaning the tragedy of his narrative, but bemoaning turned to hate as Stefan’s became insufferable due to his narrative being ignored in favor of pigeon-holing him as the “good” brother.

Trivia about Olu: She also enjoys Game of Thrones, Parks and Rec, and New Girl, but her television watching is something of “if I remember to watch it” avalanche waiting to happen. Her favorite show ever is probably Angel: the Series and it has one of her favorite characters ever: Cordelia Chase.

Just Another Judicious Podcast: where the characters, the plot, and the situations are judged and many common sense questions are asked.


6 thoughts on “The People Behind the Opinions

  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to say that I came across your website/podcast whilst looking for Vampire Diaries podcasts. Clearly you are close friends and are passionate about your love & hate for the show.

    The sound quality is good, just 1 minor thing, you might want to turn off the tv in the background/other room.

    I look forward to next season and your podcasts

  2. hi,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have watched Season 2 episode 1 at least 3 times now and still love it!

    VampireBitchQueen Katherine caused so much havoc without even trying it was so much fun. Looking forward to learning mroe about Katherine’s backstory and the reason she has retuned to Mystic Falls.

    Tyler Lockwood, looking forward to learning about the family curse.

    Bonnie needs to get a bag of new tricks as Emily must have tried to use all of her spells on her already so this season is goingt o be interesting for her. Also she needs to try and protect her friend babyvamp!Caroline from herself/her mother?/the town.

    I usually don’t like 22 episode shows but I think Vampire Diaires can cover so many possible storylines a am really looking forward to the new season.

    looking forward to you ladies podcastsing about each episode as well.

    • Hi! I don’t know if you’ve listened to the finale podcast, but we made an announcement that the podcast will be on hiatus until the summer. We’re keeping it a summer thing for now.


  3. What are your tumblr’s i want to follow you, this is like my favourite blog, i just wished you guys were in the UK so we would see each other in conventions and stuff.

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