The Walking Dead ep. 9: Bloodletting

Check out the Richonne deleted scene if you haven’t already!

Bloodletting shines a light on one of Lori’s issues with Rick as Carl’s life hangs in the balance; Hershel plays games; T-Dog gets the worst chunk of dialogue in the episode, and I continue to analyze Rick and Lori’s relationship.



“There’s a THING going on here [….] where Shane cares about Carl, too. This is freaking him out, too. He’s scared, too. This is breaking his heart, too, because he loves Carl so much. And although he FEELS like Carl’s father, he’s NOT Carl’s father, so he kind of has to hold it back a little bit and watch Rick be the father, and remind himself that he can’t possibly be hurting as much as Rick is hurting. There’s all of that going on during this whole Shane is comforting Rick. It’s there.”

“The producers decide that they want to point out that T-Dog’s the Black guy, okay, and the segway makes NO sense. I don’t understand T-Dog’s reasoning, and I don’t know what he’s talking about. Lynched? Lynched because of what? […] What does T-Dog think he did lately? He wasn’t afraid of being lynched after he dropped the key, but now he’s contemplating his Blackness? [….] They basically tell us the reason why he’s talking like this is because he’s burning up, so he’s delirious, but I’m like noooo, the dialogue is just bad. It’s JUST bad.”


One thought on “The Walking Dead ep. 9: Bloodletting

  1. you think it’s the same argument rick was telling shane about in the season/series opener

    lmao wrt lori and baby carl.

    lol @ rick holding on like that.

    omg alta i don’t wanna think about rick hitting it from the back. D;

    >_> lori hate again. omg so much hate for these characters

    no we shouldn’t focus anymore time on dale because he’s trash. he’s so patronizing and condescending and worthless and annoying. And the actor’s (who I don’t mind in other things I’ve seen him in) beady eyes -his eyes are actually beady in some scenes- add to this effect. Dale is terrible.

    yes, rick was alway leaving just like carl was always wondering off. WHen rick found his family he left them to go back for the guns and get merl rme. it did seem like he was always leaving and sometimes he was more about his duty to others before his family. He’s not like that now tho, lol his learned his lesson.

    lmao at the pile carl was in and hersel’s run down.

    wait you feeling how bad rick is looking, like you were attracted- ima stop.

    I don’t think Glenn plays … it’s cute though. :\ don’t fic it though.

    dale is 64 but you know how yt ppl age.

    he must be delirious if he’s talking about this to another white man.

    I don’t know tdog feels othered but this is also bad writing.

    I can’t remember them talking about race anymore not from tdog ever again. like Merl being gross towards glenn and michonne but *shrugs* IDK where are the black groups, the latin groups the asain groups the non white groups …

    yo andrea is in the habit of getting rescued the same way. crawling on her back and some woman coming in to save her.

    I don’t know if the answer to your question is in the comics because they are still going on rick’s timeline from what I remember (i quit reading because the show is better imo), but there’s a book called World War Z and it kinda answers the question where humanity started to organize and bounce back and how they had to teach later generations to not walk in the high grass or stay clear around lakes and stuff like that and how some people had ptsd and all they knew was killing zombies so they never went back to a ‘normal life’ even when it was an option again. stuff like that.

    I feel like hersel know’s he has a problem there are people in his house, on his property. he doesn’t want this and he’s not trying to make it comfortable for them but maybe he’s also trying to distance himself from the situation so it doesn’t become a distraction. Maybe he’s having flashbacks off asshole pet owners or whatever and he’s dealing with lori in the same way?

    snort* about meryls face

    shouldn’t their have been something for him in ambulance they were hiding behind? they shouldn’t have needed to go in there.

    Rick is wrong. his place is with his baby. rick shouldn’t be the one to go. Lori didn’t want him to leave he’s always leaving. And probs lori knows she’s not enough or she feels she’s not enough so she doesn’t want him to leave her alone with carl.

    ugh I’m tired of this triangle please 😦 no more rick/lori/shane because i care not.

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