The Walking Dead ep. 6: TS-19

It’s season finale time! Cana joins me once more to recap TS-19, where Shane is salty as all get out that Rick’s idea panned out. For a night. And it takes everyone way too long to figure out what happens when the clock gets to 00:00:00.

He saltyyyy!

He saltyyyy!



“The thing that bugs me the most about Lori, and this is so petty, is her hair. It’s like, it’s the zombie apocalypse: why do you have long ass hair and bangs? Like, you need to keep it short. Like Carol, at least, or at least like Andrea. It could get caught on a branch or a zombie could snatch it.”-Cana

“T-Dog swears he still made [the eggs] taste good. Why do I feel like T-Dog might’ve worked at IHOP?”-Me

“I wouldn’t have tried to save [Dale]. I would’ve been like okay we dyin’ together.”-Cana


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