Scandal 2.18: Molly, you in danger, girl

Over the Top, Trifling Messes

In this episode, Olivia is unexpectedly terrified and erratic. She finds out about Jake and this leads to a physical altercation. Cyrus attempts to manipulate James into forgiving him. Fitz continues to be a bully who stalks and belittles his significant others. David could possible be in training to be the next Fitz, learning how best to pull someone in before you stomp on their hopes and dreams. Quinn is finally allowed to show that she’s got a brain and Cyrus is possibly the mole.

Quotes from the Podcast: “We’re not blaming [Olivia] for being afraid because who wouldn’t be afraid? We’ve seen her afraid before. The guy jumps into her car, she’s scared. She’s startled. The CIA guy’s at her door, she has to take a big breath to steel herself against her fear. But, at the same time, whenever she’s been afraid, she’s used her fear to put the other person in check so the other person doesn’t overstep their bounds. And yet, with Jake, she’s like completely erratic. She acts like any other woman would but Olivia has been shown not to be any other woman.” – Sabrina

“To me, it was very manipulative. Not Shonda manipulating, Cyrus manipulating and there’s a difference. I feel like what Cyrus said to James was completely out of line because he’s talking like… James had a clear choice and an easy choice. Either send Cyrus to jail, bring down the government or don’t. And also he’s talking like he left it up completely to James. He didn’t.” – Alta

“They’re always pretending and they have no happy memories. And I’m like, that’s not true. Because even if they decide to never show us a flashback with Mellie and Fitz getting along and even if Fitz continues to paint this horrible life, this horrible picture of their past, umm, you can’t have twenty years with someone and not have good moments. Day in and day out. It’s just not realistic.” – Sabrina

“I don’t even know why [Olivia] gets so bothered by Fitz and Mellie when she’s supposed to know that it’s all a charade. Why does she get so bothered? She’s the one who coached them. She made them! She’s the one who taught them how to fake it. Yet she was watching that interview – does she not know how they met? Fitz and Olivia, there’s so much about each other that they don’t know.” – Alta


20 thoughts on “Scandal 2.18: Molly, you in danger, girl

            • Hi,
              I’m new to tumblr, so I have to ask…what’s up with the “one minute” tag? I do not know about the tag and I’m quite thick so…what is it that your long-time followers should know? Is it about you shipping Olitz at some point?

              • Yes. I was reluctant but then the flashback episode got me like it got a lot of people and I’d also realized that tagging it “liv/fitz” didn’t actually work when I wanted to browse them all so I just did otp: one minute. And even though they’re awful now, I’m not going to change my tag for them b/c that would be a lot of work.

                • I feel like this tag is still a thing anyways. It is a good tag because it sums up Olitz pretty well to me, even more than “I want to see you in as much pain as I am”
                  Olitz is all about stolen moments and going back and forth in the relationship and pushing and pulling constantly. One minute I hate you, the next I’m having sex with you. One minute I trust you, the next you’re my sworn enemy. One minute, what we have is real and you’re my soulmate, the next you’re just the best fuck I ever had. One minute I want us to be a happy, regular couple, the next I want us to be raw, passionate and immature together.
                  Yeah, otp: one minute indeed. One word to define Olitz: rollercoaster. Well guess what Shonda? I’m getting altitude sickness.

                  • Yeah, at first it was like, “Aw, all they have is one minuted :(.” Now the ship is so unhealthy that it’s, “Oh, this ship happens in one minute time periods. Not good.”

                  • Wow, I never thought of it that way but you’re right! Cool, I get to stop putting a disclaimer. I was actually considering going back and changing the tags to just “liv x fitz” so I could stop doing it too. Yay 🙂

  1. I listened to the entire podcast. My favorite part was when you guys discussed Olivia’s first instincts towards dangerous situations, which is 100% accurate. I hope they explain why she panicked, but I’m not getting my hopes, might have been a way to make Jake look bad.
    It could have been because her adversaries are often political, but she’s also faced psychopaths and kept her cool. You guys are right. My headcanon is that she let her guard down around him, therefore she was showing a more vulnerable side of herself.

    Yep, Fitz is awful rn. I love how you brought up that the drinking was mostly because of Defiance. And the depression he’s going through rn is about Olivia and Defiance, not killing someone. Fitz is about Olivia. Olivia is in love with him too, but she can keep doing a good job and being a badass and save the day even if Fitz and her are not in a good place. Fitz can’t. He needs to grow the fuck up.
    Also, it’s true that they need to stop pretending Mellie and Fitz never had good times.

    If David becomes an associate – which I still think seems to be what they’re leading up to – I will flip my shit up. This dude is such a mess.

    I think I’ll call one of these days for Scandal but this time I’ll try to stay on point, maybe for season 3 because I’m not feeling this one 😀

    I’m positively convinced Jake had a a bad reaction to Olivia finding out about the surveillance, therefore resulting in her ending up in the hospital because Catelyn didn’t love Jon Snow.

    • I would want to think that it’s about Liv letting her guard down with Jake but I’m sure she’s let her guard down with Fitz and she didn’t react like this when he attacked her.

      Yeah, Fitz would be nothing without the people who made him which really makes me wonder why Cyrus and Liv were so convinced he would be a great president. He’s been shown not to come up with any of the solutions on his own. It’s Mellie’s, or Cyrus’s or Liv’s idea. Never his. He doesn’t bring anything to the table but his father’s name. And even that couldn’t get him the Presidency; they had to steal it for him. Smh.

      Glad to find someone who hates David as much as I do.

      Hope you do!

      “…because Catelyn didn’t love Jon Snow.” – Lol! That scene has everyone in an uproar.

    • I hope they explain why she panicked, but I’m not getting my hopes, might have been a way to make Jake look bad.

      I’m not getting my hopes up either. I think getting Olitz to talk again was part of it, too. I think it was before the podcast when we were talking that Sabrina pointed out that the last time Olitz wasn’t talking, Fitz had to get shot to bring them together. This one is bad because it included Liv responding ooc to a situation she’s been in before.

      He needs to grow the fuck up.

      He does. When things aren’t going well for him, he acts like a big baby.

      Do you dislike David for the same reasons Sabrina does?

      I think I’ll call one of these days for Scandal but this time I’ll try to stay on point, maybe for season 3 because I’m not feeling this one

      Lol. Season 1 was better than this one. Much more coherent. Early season 2 was so different from late season 2.

      I’m positively convinced Jake had a a bad reaction to Olivia finding out about the surveillance, therefore resulting in her ending up in the hospital because Catelyn didn’t love Jon Snow.


  2. I share some of Sabrina’s opinions towards David. First and foremost, he keeps blaming his professional downfall on Abby and Olivia. Man, your living situation, the fact that your granny pays your rent and you’re basically a failure as a person right now is your own fault. You need to stop this bs and admit at one point that because of your greediness and your dumbassery, you brought this on yourself. He really thought he could try to out a conspiracy to get the current President elected, “the most powerful man on the planet”, and there’d be no consequences? The way I see it he got off easy, and that is thanks to Pope and associates. People like Cyrus and Doyle could have been trying to have him killed. He could have been literally erased, destroyed. That didn’t happen. He just lost his job and good position. What is your damage David Rosen?
    I’m not here for him sleeping on the couch, wearing the same old tired outfit and blaming other people for his basicness. David Rosen is a failure as a person, and I don’t want his basic ass to become a gladiator in sweatpants with BO.
    I hope Olivia gives him one of her speeches about picking your damn self up and doing something with your life because n1curr anymore about your existential crisis or whatever. I want either Olivia or David or even Harrison (which would be great tbh) to tell him to move on and get over himself already and no one wants to see him hanging around looking like a hobo. Nobody got time for this shit, really.
    And Sabrina’s right. He’s not even pretty to look at. He’s a fucking mess. That’s what he is.

    • Omg, *crying*. This is so funny. Worse though, he really would be the stank member of the team. Like dude was brushing his teeth in the kitchen sink as if they didn’t have a bathroom and he was looking surprised that Harrison found it gross. Something is wrong with him.

      Then we have him blaming Abby and Liv for all of his problems. it’s pathetic. He did this to himself. He should’ve realized when he lost the Quinn trial that he couldn’t just go up against Liv and win. She has too many people in power backing him. And we have to add that his boss and the only witness he had didn’t want him to go forward but he refused to listen. That’s why he’s dumb. He keeps blaming Abby and Liv, forgetting that they saved his life and have been working so hard to make sure that he’s going to be safe and has a life to go back to. He’s just so ungrateful. I can’t stand him.

      • Bless everything you said.
        “Something is wrong with him.” – How do I even begin? lol
        Let’s just make a prayer circle so he doesn’t become an associate. I can’t get this foreshadowing off my mind. “Good work Rosen.” Noope. You could have done that yourself Harrison.

      • @Alta, I was dying at that one!

        @Thirteenth, right? I didn’t think he did anything special. They didn’t even get to talk to her for that long and then she ended up dead. Besides, like I said, he really won’t fit into the office. He’s got all of these wrong opinions and he’s going to be questioning Liv at every turn. I also don’t think he’d be willing to look the other way if they commit crimes, unless it’s for him of course O__O. He would just be a liability.

        And then there’s his face. I can’t.

        Instead of trying to make David and Pope & Associates happen, they should be working on a backstory and present storlyine for Harrison. I haven’t failed to notice that we know next to nothing about the past of the two black characters on the show. I know Abby was in a political, abusive marriage. I know Huck did his CIA thing and tortured a bunch of people. We got to see a lot about that along with his stalking, addiction, Becky storyline. And we get Abby doing her slut-shaming but loves porn thing and she had David. Liv, we don’t know about her past… why? And Harrison hasn’t gotten a past or a present besides being Liv’s gladiator. David got a grandmother before Harrison got a family member!

        • “I didn’t think he did anything special.” – See? I find it suspicious that they’re trying to make him relevant research-wise when he’s not as efficient as Harrison and Abby. Back to season 1, there’s a reason why they were always two steps ahead of him.
          ” He’s got all of these wrong opinions and he’s going to be questioning Liv at every turn.” – Well, Quinn sort of did at the beginning too. I don’t think that’d stop them from making it happen. Now, look at her. She started off as the one with the strong morals and principles who had a hard time “standing next to Olivia while she destroyed a girl”, now she’s sort of a stalker idk and she’s capable of helping Huck out. Considering all the dirty tricks that have been played on him (cause he’s such an idiot), maybe he’d have less problems with operating outside the laws. His white hat is a paper boat at this point. If he were proposed a position, I know he’d act all cocky about it at first and refuse, but eventually he’ll realise that they are not all bad, and accept. I still don’t want it but I’m just no as delusional as to think it’s impossible.

          “And then there’s his face. I can’t.” – I get you. His muppet face needs to go. I don’t see what Abby sees in him, especially now that he is basically a jackass who can barely afford his own food.

          “I haven’t failed to notice that we know next to nothing about the past of the two black characters on the show.” – I believe Alta or you pointed it out in the previous podcast. I don’t understand why Harrison’s relationship haven’t gotten any focus at all. Isn’t he supposed to be a ladies’ man? Since this fashion scene, I’m starting to think that maybe he’s gay and him coming out will be a topic in the next season…
          I agree with you. I’m sure he’s well-built and I want to get some eye-candy from him. Fitz’s hairy torso…no thanks. Let’s not talk about Cyrus lol.
          I want to see more of how he handles his relationships. In Suits, Harvey doesn’t get attached, he has plenty of one night stands but we still get to see how it goes.
          As for Olivia, I already said they better quickly tell us more about her or else I’ll be really pissed. When it comes to Fitz, I’ve already reached the TMI limit. The audience doesn’t need to know all these stuff about Fitz, yet we do.
          What about Olivia? Where did she go to school? Why did she choose this career? How did she meet Cyrus? What kind of child was she? Was she quiet, loud, spoiled, wise? Did her parents get along well? Were they an all-around overachieving successful Obama kind of family or is she from a more average family or is she from a broken home? Is she an only child? If not, what relationships does she have with her siblings? What does Olivia like to do except drinking wine and wearing white? What are her political opinions? Was she at the top of her class at university? I can assume she was, because she’s Olivia Pope but I don’t freakin know. Is there someone that personnally care about Olivia’s whereabouts other than Fitz? (and her colleagues)
          Did everyone in Olivia’s life died in a car crash? Do we not know about it yet because the plot twist is that Olivia is an orphan. I don’t freakin know.
          They better have a family dinner or Olivia’s parents showing up at her office before mid-season 3, or I will seriously start doubting Shonda.
          You know what? Even if she was an orphan (she’s not), I’d still want to see people she knew from the orphanage or the family that raised her or something. I’d still want to see people she knew from college to tell us if our suspicions are correct and Olivia was the type of undergrad to spend more time studying than partying, etc.
          I want some background, she’s the fucking protagonist and I don’t know shit about her except she rocks white, she makes grand speeches and she loves red wine.
          Shonda, you better know what you’re doing…

        • And then there’s his face. I can’t.

          Lmao! But yeah, David questioning Liv would be even more annoying than when Quinn started to do it.

          who had a hard time “standing next to Olivia while she destroyed a girl”, now she’s sort of a stalker idk and she’s capable of helping Huck out.

          I forgot about the first part. See? No idea when that changed so much that she’s cool with stalking now. Next thing you know she’ll be helping Huck kidnap a girl and put her on a plane to another city.

          Where did she go to school?

          We sure know where Quinn went to school (though I don’t remember) -__-.

          I wonder if the reason why they haven’t introduced a family member for Olivia is because her family would not be here for Fitz, as Liv’s love interest or as president. Olivia’s “apolitical” but her family probably isn’t, and Fitz is a Republican. It’s a stupid reason not to introduce her family, but now I’m thinking about how the Olitz fans would react if we met even one member of Olivia’s family and they thought Olitz was wrong/unhealthy/have no future, etc.

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