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    • But what is he even expecting? That Marcel gives all this up because he is an Original and his sire?

      And now after two seasons of him hanging out in Mystic Falls we are back to Klaus wanting to rule/lead anything. He didn´t have those goals since 2×21 and maybe some parts of the first half of season 3.

      • He reminds me of someone you start a business with but the person quits before the business becomes successful. Years later they come back and see you’ve built a conglomerate, and now they wanna talk about how they were there at the beginning. They want to take over, but they put no effort, no sweat, no tears, didn’t go through the trial and errors.

        I’m pretty sure Klaus is going to throw the fact that he founded NOLA in Marcel’s face. But so? Should’ve stayed and made something of it.

    • They’re doing that tired thing where they’re showing two difference scenes with the characters speaking over one of them. Ugh.

      I’d ask if Rebekah’s finally learning about her family, but I’m sure she’ll be back to singing the old song in no time.

      I don’t know what an Elijah is. I feel like DG is playing him super wooden now.

      • I’d ask if Rebekah’s finally learning about her family, but I’m sure she’ll be back to singing the old song in no time.

        Especially if the spinoff gets picked up which is very likely.

        I don’t know what an Elijah is. I feel like DG is playing him super wooden now.

        Yeah. Also now his care for his family is coming back again. There are always those phases with his character where he cares about them and then he just disappears again. I´m so over his character.

        • I think a lot of his actions and those of the others make total sense within the dynamics of a family whose members have been dealing with abuse all their lives (the ambivalence and waffling, etc.), but I think that’s only coincidental. I don’t think these writers are good enough to be doing it on purpose.

  1. Alta did you decide what we are going to do with the spoilers/new episode summaries if we find them? Is it okay to post them in the current post? Because I found one about what the Salvatores are going to do with Elena and that´s probably what will happen in episode 20 but mostly 21.

    • I saw the stills for episode 21. I thought they were for 20, but they’re for 21. You can post them on here. I’m going to do a spoiler segment for the ep summaries they’ve put out for 21 and 22 since I didn’t post them in the comments and no one else did.

      • Okay 🙂

        So the stills for 4×21: here and they released another one yesterday Klaroline angst

        In regards to the Klaroline one, Carina is doing a weekly spoiler talk on friday and she mentioned in her last session that Caroline would meet Silas soon and that he would take the face of somebody else and I assume it is Klaus but what I don´t get is why Silas would go after Caroline. He has everything at the moment. I still don´t know what Bonnie´s plan will be but it looks like she wants to go through with the dropping the veil and killing Silas, right? Or is Bonnie´s plan just to kill Silas and therefore he goes after Caroline and uses her to get to Bonnie and to make her drop the veil.
        And the other thought I had about this is that they maybe want to pander to the Klaroline fans before Klaus leaves the show. In that confrontation Silas!Klaus could kiss Caroline and they will basically tell us that Silas looked into Caroline´s mind and therefore knows what she wants/thinks and therefore the Klaroline fans can fanwank that she is so attracted to him and wants her to kiss him and blabla. That wouldn´t help with the plot but when did Klaroline scenes were ever really relevant to the plot. But if Silas is really threatening Caroline, why isn´t there any focus on that in the next synopsis … Caroline is busy with the graduation there and has no care for Silas apparently and Bonnie is still working with Katherine.

        And then we have this:

        “The Vampire Diaries”: Elena’s not going to get free from the Salvatore dungeon any time soon. Stefan and Damon team up with Caroline, Bonnie, and Matt in an effort to torture Elena’s humanity out of her by stealing her ring and exposing her to sunlight. But there’s a problem. They’re trying to use fear to inspire emotion, but Elena’s not afraid, because she knows that while everyone else might have reached their breaking point with her, Damon still won’t ever let anything truly bad happen to her. He can’t help but save her.


        I hoped that Bonnie would be out of that plot and only dealing with Silas. I would be here for her deactivating the daylight ring but I just can´t see Caroline, Matt and Bonnie agreeing to this torture session and why does Elena think that of all those people involved only Damon would save her?

        • I saw the Klaroline one yesterday. I don’t know why he’d go after Caroline either. He went after Stefan and Damon because one suggested Bonnie leave the dance and the other suggested she stay, but I don’t know how that counts as them needing to leave her alone. It’s not like they’re trying to help her in any way. And it’s even worse in Caroline’s case. She’s not concerned about what’s going on with Bonnie. Apparently she only cared about Bonnie not completing the triangle and bringing the veil down. Now that that’s no longer a problem, she just thinks Bonnie needs nights off from mourning.

          I really wish Bonnie and Matt wouldn’t be involved in this torture thing. The writers have kept them mostly hands-off when it comes to Elena without a switch, mostly because they’re more interested in writing about the Salvatores caring about Elena because it’s an opportunity for brother angst and brothers working together.

          Like yeah, Elena’s a menace; it would make more sense for Bonnie’s character to write her off, warn her that if she keeps going down this route she’ll kill her, and that’s it. Either that or take the spell off of her daylight ring. And Matt would just keep pleading with Elena when he gets the chance and that’s it.

          but Elena’s not afraid, because she knows that while everyone else might have reached their breaking point with her, Damon still won’t ever let anything truly bad happen to her. He can’t help but save her.

          Someone made this point on Tumblr when the 4.21 stills came out, not about Damon, but about Elena not being afraid. Elena felt without a doubt that Bonnie was going to kill her. And after everything, she knows that the Salvatores aren’t just going to let her die. So there you go. No reason for her to be afraid.

          I hope Carina’s getting something wrong, because the 4.21 synopsis says that Caroline tries to intervene in the torture session but it backfires. Yet here she says Caroline’s teaming up with the Sals.

        • Stefan and Damon team up with Caroline, Bonnie, and Matt in an effort to torture Elena’s humanity out of her by stealing her ring and exposing her to sunlight.

          Wow, this show. After everything the writers have done in the course of this series, I still didn’t expect something like this.

          I guess they specifically mention Damon because he will be at the forefront of this plan. It will be him threatening Elena and then Elena won’t believe him. And it will probably also be a ship moment. -.-

          And I just want to take one moment to appreciate the fact that when it was a male character whose ’emotions were coming back’, RAGE was his first emotion. He was allowed to lash out at the other characters without any repercussions. And when it is a female character? Fear is her first emotion and she needs to be scared and physically hurt …

          • And I just want to take one moment to appreciate the fact that when it was a male character whose ‘emotions were coming back’, RAGE was his first emotion. He was allowed to lash out at the other characters without any repercussions. And when it is a female character? Fear is her first emotion and she needs to be scared and physically hurt …


  2. The second webclip is out, and I’ve linked it in the header. It’s so short and says so little that I’m wondering why they released it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they released a third one. You know, featuring one of the original casts of TVD.

    This is going to be one weird episode.

    • I think we maybe will even get four of them. Because they want to promote the backdoor pilot as much as possible.

      But lol at Klaus always needing the help of others to get stuff done. He just can´t succeed in finding something all on his own.

  3. Spoiler about an event in this episode :

    Will Elena get her humanity back this season on The Vampire Diaries? She really sucks! — Tanya

    NATALIE: That remains to be seen, but in next week’s episode, Damon will put one of Elena’s friends in extreme (aka life-or-death) danger in order to get some emotion — maybe even tears! —out of her. But who’s the pawn in Damon’s plan? Hint: He’s a dying breed on the series.

    I think this will fail, considering what’s happening in episode 21, but what is Damon’s logic? Why would you respond to Elena trying to kill one of her friends by putting another one in danger? I already know the reasoning he’ll use: she gave her life up for Matt once, so maybe seeing him in danger again will raise her hackles.

    It’s ridiculous, and the show going this route after making sure that Elena harmed only women strangers and her female friends…..just a head-shaker.

    • I’m not a Matt hater or anything, but it’ll be kind of gross if Matt in danger does jerk her out of it after she tried to kill Caroline and Bonnie. So her boring ex is more important to her than her two best friends? Must be the peen.

    • I don´t think Matt will be in this weeks episode. I think if something happens then it will be Damon talking about his plan with Stefan but the actual plan will go down in episode 21 because didn´t JP say that we would only see the triangle and the other stuff would be about the Originals.

      but it’ll be kind of gross if Matt in danger does jerk her out of it after she tried to kill Caroline and Bonnie.

      Oh definitely.

      But I could see it working, first because the writers are gross and second because Elena knows that Damon wouldn´t hurt her and save her in the end (and all this blabla from the other spoiler) but she should know by now that Damon doesn´t care about Matt and would kill him without any hesitation.

      • I wonder about it on the podcast. The spoiler seems more in line with episode 21 (because of the line Matt and Rebekah have in there). I didn’t think he was in 20. I didn’t think any regular (from season 1) was in 20, barring the trio.

  4. There are two interviews with JoMo out there in regards to the spinoff and some talk about the actual episode:

    Interview 1 and Interview 2

    Lol he is doing more interviews than the actual protagonists of TVD, of course he has to promote the spinoff, but in general even before that spinoff idea was developed.

    • I think that I have to make him go to a place where he shuts off his emotion. He puts up a wall around how he feels for her, as opposed to not ever feeling for her.

      Too bad the writing never has Klaus showing Rebekah the “love” part. From their first episode he’s been nothing but condescending and violent towards her.

      She’s a beautiful girl, but to me, she doesn’t look like the majority of the fans out there who watch the show, for example. They might have a slightly harder time relating to her, which is what makes her so intriguing.

      What? You’d think he was talking about someone who isn’t White. Who does he think is watching the show? Leah Pipes looks pretty standard to me.

      I don’t know why JP thinks Klaroline is so big, great, and deep. And interesting. Like, they keep reassuring people that Klaroline will not be broken, and it’s like what? It’s mind-boggling. Where did it come from and when did it blow up? She won’t let go of Klaroline until she’s wrong “everything” (scare quotes because it has nothing) out of it, and she won’t let go of Forwood for Caroline’s sake (she don’t care about no Tyler). Meanwhile in Beremy’s dusty corner *Scowls.*

      What he says about Klaus/Hayley is a mess. JP was bold to make them sleep together? It showed Klaus’ flawed nature? Having sex showed his flawed nature?

      I don’t think people get what anit-heros are anymore, so I’m sick of seeing characters referred to as such.

      • Leah Pipes looks pretty standard to me.

        Not only that, but she’s the same sort of bland pretty that the CW is known for casting, which he casts shade on in one of the articles. I’m guessing they realize that Caroline is a self-insert for many of the teens and since Camille is older and presumably more mature, she won’t fulfill that role for the younger fans? But yeah, that doesn’t make much sense.

        In Elijah fan circles, people are already all over Sophie. I’m guessing she’ll be the fan favorite on the show.

        What he says about Klaus/Hayley is a mess. JP was bold to make them sleep together?

        There’s a fan theory that Hayley got pregnant when she and Klaus had sex, and that’s why the witches will see her as leverage against Klaus and why she will be so important to him and the rest of the Originals. It’s pretty off the wall, but it would explain why she and Klaus will continue to have a “connection” even though it won’t be romantic and why Elijah will be “happy” about this connection. Also, in S2, Elijah claimed the great danger with Klaus turning into a hybrid was that he’d be able to reproduce, which he (or Tyler) would never be able to do with Caroline (though around the same time, JP also said they were thinking of having Caroline get pregnant on the show like she does in the books due to Tyler’s “hybrid magic”). Another thing is that they’ve explained in detail what everyone will be doing on the new show except for Rebekah, who came late to the party, and the teen witch Davina. The only thing I’ve read about her is that she has important, but mysterious parents or something like that (i.e. speeded-up pregnancy + speed-aged teen). Anyhow, I think that would be kind of hilarious if they did that, but by the same token, I can’t imagine them doing something because the wank among the Klaroline fans they’re so desperate to pander to would be stupendous.

        • There’s a fan theory that Hayley got pregnant

          I read that one aswell. I don´t think this will happen because of the Klaroline fanbase pandering but with this show you never know.

          Nevertheless this brought up a question for me. All we ever saw was males having the werewolf gene and giving it to their descendants, we never had a woman. And I could see it being possible if the werewolf gene hasn´t been activated but how can Hayley or any female with the werewolf gene being activated go through a pregnancy? She would turn into a werewolf and break all her bones every month and wouldn´t that kill the child?

          In the books Caroline at least was still human and Tyler was only a werewolf aswell, even though that storyline was cray-cray nevertheless.

          • I don´t think this will happen because of the Klaroline fanbase pandering but with this show you never know.

            Yeah, that’s what I think, too. Because no matter how often they say nothing more will happen between Klaus and Hayley, a lot of fans would see a baby/pregnancy with another woman as a dealbreaker for the ship (as if both of them on two different series wasn’t already). If they go in that direction, though, the wank will be glorious.

            And I could see it being possible if the werewolf gene hasn´t been activated but how can Hayley or any female with the werewolf gene being activated go through a pregnancy?

            I think they’d have to do an accelerated pregnancy for it to work. But, yeah, in most werewolf canons where the change isn’t controllable, the women are usually infertile. It’s different when the change is controllable (True Blood), but even then there are some canons where the women are still infertile (as in the Mercy Thompson books).

          • Maybe they get a break for those 9 months (or shorter, if they have an early pregnancy.). Or maybe the kid shifts too for survival reasons but the gene goes back to being dormant once they’re born. This is one of the reasons Jules should’ve stayed alive and mentored Tyler. So we would know interesting stuff like this.

        • Is Sophie slated to be Elijah’s love interest? Dries gave an interview (that I will link to after the finale because it talks about season 5) where she said that Kalijah came out of nowhere in 4.18 but that it’s “interesting.”

          That theory is completely off the wall. It would mean that the show starts off with a time jump?

          • A time jump or speed aging? *shrugs*

            I’m not sure about Sophie being Elijah’s love interest, but there seem to be hints in that direction, blah blah about her challenging him or something like that so it sounds like it if you read between the lines, I guess.

              • I know. I thought they were totally ridiculous the first time I read them, but the more I thought about everything I was reading, the more I realized it could be true.

                Now I’m worried because that same person is so convinced that Paul/Stefan is leaving that she’s posted at least twice about it and with Paul saying he has a major announcement at the end of the season, I’m wondering if he’s going to be killed off.

                • Yikes. We’ll see. Both Salvatores need to die, not just one, and I think Damon should go first because Stefan has shown that he can be a bigger and more interesting villain than him.

    • I would’ve never thought that the guy who came in and slaughtered Aunt Jenna could have his own show and people would actually be hoping he’d succeed.


      I think as long as we keep showing the cracks, the glimpses of vulnerability, we’ll root for him. He’s an anti-hero.

      As long as there is man pain…
      I don’t think that anti-hero is the correct term.

  5. I’m editing the 4.19 podcast and I’m at the part where I’m talking about the dress shop scene, and I forgot to make this point on the podcast, so I’m typing it out here. Regarding Caroline poo-pooing Bonnie setting her couch on fire:

    It kind of reminds me of how she ran away after the séance turned crazy in History Repeating. She tells Matt later in the episode that there were things she didn’t want to be a part of or something like that. What I remember is that seeing Bonnie get possessed made Caroline decide that she wanted normal, normal, normal (most likely partly influenced by what she’d gone through with Damon). But also, Bonnie’s magic is not a part of Caroline’s life. It just isn’t. They never talk about Bonnie’s powers. Ever. Before the dress shop scene, isn’t season 1, pre-Bonnie believing she’s a witch, the last time Caroline had to listen to Bonnie talk about magic? Bonnie explained to her what Abby was going through when she was distressed about not being able to feel her garden, and Caroline was there when Bonnie brought down the veil the first time in 3.07. But she was creeped out when Bonnie’s grimoire opened by itself and she told Bonnie to please tell her that the spell is a recipe for witch cookies. Then when they were in the witch house, she was creeped out.

    Yes, there were ghosts roaming about and weird noises, but I’m trying to figure out why Caroline would hear that Bonnie set her couch on fire and downplay that (“the writers are ridiculous” is the real life answer). Maybe I can make something of these reactions and the fact that Bonnie and Caroline haven’t talked at length about her magic and her being a witch since History Repeating. *Shrugs.* When Bonnie kept having those dreams in season 3, she mentioned it to Elena. Bonnie’s magic is a huge part of Elena’s life (which is why Elena’s failure as a friend is not acceptable), but Caroline was worried about Shane being creepy, and she was there for the sacrifice of the 12 witches, yet she brushes over what Bonnie’s saying; she brushes over an opportunity to talk about Shane turning out to be more creepy than she first assumed.

    I’m trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill and wondering if maaaayyybe witchcraft and sacrifices and rituals and people producing powers from their bodies is still too much for Caroline to wrap her mind around.

    • Maybe they’re gearing her up for a return to shallow!Caroline because that’s the only way I can see her and Klaus getting together.

  6. We totally should have been high to watch this. I came up with that title as a joke since the season and ep number reminded me of April 20th (4.20), a day when police officers make the highest number of marijuana-related busts (and the code is 420. Someone tell me if I’m getting it wrong since I don’t smoke). But I totally should have been high when I watched this.

    What was that? It was beyond horrible, and I CANNOT believe the speculation you read about turned out to be correct, ellensmithee. I couldn’t believe my ears.

    In the one episode in which she was present, Nandi managed to have more presence than Sophie and Jane-Anne. Gloria, my precious Gloria, had more presence than those two. And JP had Katherine stick a piece of wood in her neck.

    This episode should’ve taken place in season 3, and it should’ve been Bonnie being gifted with a trip to New Orleans by her dad (it could have been her birthday present!), and while they were there, she’d run into Lucy. She’d run into some supernatural drama where she meets Nandi and has to help her save the day. And at the end, the cliffhanger, she’d run into her mother. She’d be a little confused because she’s only seen her in pictures, but there’s a part of her that would know for sure: this is the woman who abandoned her.

    Sophie is making herself into a flop leader because all she cares about right now is getting her fellow white man to help her take down this Black dude. She’s not considering how the white man might be dangerous for her too, more dangerous even because Klaus lacks the discipline that Marcel has. Marcel just wants things to be his way, and once they are he’s singing in bars. Klaus wants to show every 5 seconds that he’s powerful and you should fear him.

    Hayley’s pregnant but it’s only to make Klaus more special. Isn’t she supposed to be a third of this show? Klaus and Elijah got more than her.

    Elijah: “Her pregnancy? The change that’s about to happen to her body? Yeah, it’s all about us. It’s all about our angst. Will she keep the baby? Who fucking cares? She’ll keep it because it’s about our angst. Who the hell is she? That’s not important. There’s a baby in her stomach and it can make our dreams come true, Niklaus.”

    JP has written, by herself, at least one TVD episode that was better than this. The episode wasn’t boring. It simply wasn’t anything. She didn’t giving me, “I’m trying to get a new show off the ground” type of writing. The TVD pilot did that. I think in her desire to make this show more “adult,” she made it super stiff. The only one whole talked like a person and like they’ve been living before the cameras turned on was Marcel. We didn’t learn anything personal about anyone (like when Bon talked about her magic in the TVD pilot, Elena’s parents, Matt with the breakup, Jeremy and Vicky, Tyler being a jock, etc). Everyone talked about Marcel and Marcel is talked about “just like you thought me” every other line. The only person with anything personal was Hayley, and that quickly dovetailed into being completely about Klaus.

  7. I don’t give a damn about Sophie and her failure to rock a bandana.

    In one episode I’m supposed to care about her and the shadowy witches they showed. Marcel killed her sister, and I’m supposed to get the picture. The picture’s even clearer on TVD wrt Emily, Lucy, and Bonnie, and Emily got burned alive thanks to Katherine ratting her out because she was pissed that Emily helped OG Gilbert. Elijah and his bullcrap coupled with the Salvatores and their bullshit led to Abby becoming a vampire, and all she’s gotten in terms of anger IS HAVING DAMON WAVE A TUMBLER OF BLOOD IN HER FACE!

    Emily and Lucy had to figure a way out on their own (and Emily didn’t even make it. She just worked within the societal and Katherine-imposed confines right up until she was KILLED), but Sophie gets Elijah playing captain save a white woman. I’m thinking about Elijah making sure Sophie and her ilk make it when Jonas and Luka ended up dead during their association with him. When JP never wrote Elijah doing anything for Jonas but she wrote Jonas helping Elijah out.

    Bonnie’s still struggling without even freaking realizing it, almost getting killed by the person she calls friend and gives all to, being disrespected by Damon and used by Stefan. Bonnie doesn’t get to articulate how hard her life is, instead Caroline and Katherine do it, and Bonnie.just.smiles. BONNIE JUST SMILES IN THE FACE OF HER STRUGGLE! But Sophie has meetings about her horrible life, and she got a lawyer in Elijah.

    They haven’t gotten back to Bonnie’s Black family being the true Founders of the town of Mystic Falls, but after Klaus came in and quickly claimed MF as his town, they’re now writing TO where Klaus won’t shut the fuck up about having founded NOLA, and he and Sophie are trying to “take it back” from Marcel. Where the hell is Marcel from? If he was a slave, then he’s probably from what is now NOLA, so wtf? Klaus and his flop family landed in Virginia when they came.

    I do not want to see flashbacks and shit about Sophie’s rich family ties in NOLA while Bonnie has LITERALLY never gotten anything more than NAME DROPS wrt her family’s history in MF.

  8. Lmao, this mess. Just watched it.

    So a question. If the spinoff wouldn´t be picked up, would Klaus and Hayley return to MF and we would get the pregnancy storyline on TVD? Maybe with Hayley dying in childbirth and then Caro takes over the mother role? Is this the “a glorious character story for him to tell in the world of Mystic Falls” that JP spoke about or would they have just let Hayley disappear and nobody would ever hear about this child again?

    I don´t get the witches. Why did they even have to use a spell to take out Hayley? What about the herbs Abby always uses to knock out Bonnie, they could have used those. And Sophies sister could still be alive. For witches who aren´t allowed to practice magic they are so awfully prepared for a fight. It´s ridiculous.

    And they are waiting for Klaus to help them and then why is everything so complicated. Klaus could kill Marcel or even Elijah could do it (he even agreed) and with the king of the city gone it´s for sure that his group would fall apart and maybe one of the Originals could take over who knows.
    It just looks like JP needed to drag out that storyline but just doesn´t know until now how and she wasn´t bothered to think about it because this is just the pilot and it was unsure if it gets picked up so she just wanted to wait for the final decision of the CW and used this as a lame explanation to just leave it there.

    They also must have cut some scenes because for example the young witch Davina wasn´t in it (and somebody said the actress on twitter even assumed that she would be in it) and also the Camille scenes … because JoMo said that he did his best work in that scene with Camille. But he didn´t do anything at all. Or I must have missed it.

    Also that pregnancy revealing scene was so awfully acted. And unless Klaus can hear the actual cell division in Hayleys body, he shouldn´t hear anything at all because I can´t see it being more than five weeks since Klaus and Hayley hooked up because that´s the week in which the childs heart starts to beat. So either JP forgot about that for dramatic reasons or we now know for sure that Hayley is free of transformations during her pregnancy. Because if it is really five weeks since 4×16 there was already one full moon since they hooked up.

    • That sounds like they decided Davina sucked so they cut her out. Poor kid.

      If she’s not the speed-aged kid, all they have to do is cast a young, hot mini-Klaus, and everyone will forgive JP immediately.

        • Yeah, I heard that too. The actress apparently had no idea until the ep was shown. They also apparently cut out a lot of that scene with Klaus and Camille where they “had a connection” and Jomo said it was the most intense scene he’s ever played.

          I’m guessing the phone call at the end was tacked on later to placate the Klaroline fans, so maybe they needed to cut scenes for that. 😉 Though I’m guessing it was just their usual problem where they filmed more than they could use and had to cut stuff down to the bare bones of the plot.

          I’m even more convinced now that the kid will be a hot, speed-aged mini Klaus to ship with her and everyone will have forgotten that he was ever a fan-unwanted baby within a few eps.

    • I’m not 100% confident that Hayley will get to carry that baby to term. Imagine all the angst JP wring out of Klaus if Hayley miscarried.

      What about the herbs Abby always uses to knock out Bonnie, they could have used those.

      I’m glad they didn’t. The witches’ spells and powers being universal and the same across the board is one of my TVD pet peeves. I still hate when Bonnie looked at Abby’s grimoire and said, “I’ve seen most of these spells before.” Why does every witch on TVD practice magic the same way? I really wish Abby had come in doing the type of magic that Jane-Ann did.

      Seriously, apparently Marcel is younger than Katherine. Why not just have Elijah kill him? JP doesn’t make sure her writing is fail-proof, she just has Sophie say “No” and that’s supposed to work for the audience.

      The pregnancy reveal was so bad. It’s like JoMo forgot how to act. And yep, the baby is entirely too young to have a heartbeat. A quick google search would’ve helped JP out. What the heck is her writing process like?

      • A quick google search would’ve helped JP out. What the heck is her writing process like?

        I’m pretty sure she’s never heard of Google. I remember in the eps at the beginning of S3 when they kept driving back and forth between Memphis and Mystic Falls, which lies halfway between Charlottesville and Lynchburg (according to the ep where Elijah kidnapped Elena in S2), it was driving me NUTS because they were driving back and forth several times within a day, and according to Google Maps, it’s a 12 hour trip. KW is from the South – how can he be unaware of distances just a few states over, with or without Google?

    • “No one knew anything. Even when Joseph and I were filming one of the other episodes — the episode where they conceive the baby — we didn’t know that we were conceiving a baby! So when Joseph and I were filming, we were like, ‘Maybe this happens, or maybe this happens,’ plotting out our spinoff ideas. We were way off base.”

      Smh. I wonder how long it’ll take her to develop the disdain for JP’s ideas and priorities that most of the TVD cast has. Why didn’t JP write this ep with Narducci? Did he have input? He’s supposed to go on to be EP on TO with JP. I’m trying to figure out if he’s secretly as terrible as she is.

      Also she mentioned on twitter, that she got death threats after the episode aired.


  9. Lmao, “The Orginals” has been picked up by the CW:

    “As soon as we saw last night’s episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ we knew we wanted more of ‘The Originals’ – Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson have done a fantastic job with ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ which is as fast-paced and well-written as ever, and Julie has created an equally compelling world for ‘The Originals,'” says CW President Mark Pedowitz.
    Source. http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/04/the-originals-picked-up-to-series-vampire-diaries-spinoff-gets-a-full-green-light-at-the-cw.html

  10. One question about the pilot: From what I’ve gathered the witches want Klaus to save them from Marcel, right? What makes them think that Klaus is the lesser of two evils – or, maybe, not an evil at all (I don’t know how they view Klaus. I haven’t watched the pilot and I don’t plan to, tbh.)? TVD has always made such a big deal about Klaus’s reputation as a powerful, evil vampire. So why would going to Klaus for help be a good idea?

    • They haven’t said a word about Klaus aside from he can help them. And that’s one of the sketchy things about it for me. The narrative keeps going on and on about how Marcel needs to be brought down, he’s out of control, thinking he can run things, thinking he can do things, and after they’ve spent 3 seasons trying to portray Klaus as bad news on TVD, they’re not acknowledging the fact that Klaus might be worse than Marcel. Marcel just runs the town. Klaus wants people to FEAR him and he wants to remind him of how powerful he is. Klaus lacks the discipline that Marcel has. The witches overthrow Marcel and they’ll have a worse oppressor in Klaus. But I’m sure it won’t get to that because this is supposed to be his redemption. Still. It’s frustrating and sketchy that the conversation isn’t being had by anyone.

      • The whole thing kind of reminded me of the Mikael SL on TVD. You know, that one time when Katherine and the ToD were so eager to wake Mikael up in order to get rid of Klaus without ever wondering if Mikael could end up a bigger danger than Klaus, despite having been warned by Rebekah.

        And just like the TVD regulars were right about never worrying about that, the TO witches will also be right. The writing will take care of that. -.-

  11. Well that episode was bad. The only good thing was Marcel, and as he is certain to be dead by the end of the season I have no intention of investing my time in this show.
    The rest of it was just terrible. Klaus seemed to get more whinnier every time he came on screen. Elijah was pointless, Hayley was pointless and Sophie and the witches didn’t interest me at all.
    This whole pregnancy storyline is ridiculous. Considering Hayley is supposed to be the third lead she didn’t get much focus on the episode. We have no idea what her reaction is to finding out she’s pregnant or how she feels about it?
    Also, Marcel has the whole town under his control right, so how was Hayley able to go around questioning people about her family and not draw Marcel’s attention. He said himself that he had run the werewolves out, so surely one of his people would have noticed this new werewolf in town and informed him about it?

    • Also, Marcel has the whole town under his control right, so how was Hayley able to go around questioning people about her family and not draw Marcel’s attention.

      Yeah, this. I mean Hayley wasn’t causing trouble, and Marcel didn’t zero in on Camille as a newbie until he actually saw her. Maybe he’s not that concerned with people coming in and out. It’s once they’re in the quarter that they need to behave.

  12. Haha, I watched it. Since you all were saying that it was hot mess, I thought it might be worth it to watch it for the lolz. But it ended up just being boring-bad.

    I agree with you – the writers didn’t seem to be very interested in introducing the new characters. Everything was very focused on Klaus and Elijah and their reactions to what was going on. I wonder if that’s how the show is going to be.

    I’m still confused that there are people out there who think that Klaus can carry a show. And wow, his ~road to redemption already bored me to death in this episode. “The baby, Klaus, think of the baby” “Kill her and the baby!!!” “But the baby!! Family!!! Niklaus!!!” “Kill them!!!!1” My goodness. Are they serious?

    Elijah is a mess. Being the champion for Klaus’ redemption is not a good look for him.The writing is really failing him. And… I don’t know about him being a regular on a show.. I’ve always felt that Elijah is a character that works best in small doses. Too much screentime/dialogue and he loses his magic. But what do I know. Apparently he is the most popular character on TO so far, much more popular than Klaus himself. So I guess it makes sense to have him as a regular?! Plus, from what I’ve seen his stans are still happy with the way he’s written.

    I’m surprised that Hayley got so little. I thought the Phoebe Tonkin factor would guarantee her more screentime/better writing (lol). If that’s how she going to be written, she won’t become a fan favourite again. And given how she’s now positioned in the show, I highly doubt she’ll receive much more attention from the writers. I mean, I could be wrong but judging from what I know about JP and her priorities…

    So, is Klaus/Camille going to be the flagship of the show? Klamille, lol? Their scene was so bland.

    I don’t really see how they will fit Rebekah into the show.

    • My impression has always been that Elijah is somewhat more popular than Klaus, at least on LJ, and despite Klaroline, so I’m not surprised. And after 4×19, there was a huge Elijah vs. Klaus wank on tumblr that was mainly Elijah fans dogpiling Klaus fans and ended in a lot of butthurt and unfollowings. I think when push comes to shove, a lot of people prefer Elijah to Klaus. If they want to guarantee the show stays on the air, they should focus on building up Elijah and not on pandering to fans of a ship that won’t be happening anyway.

      The hatred of Hayley is really creepy and really surprising after how popular she was on TSC. I guess it’s still possible that they can rehabilitate her if they give her an interesting plot and find a non-Klaus love interest for her quickly (not Elijah, since that will make people hate her even more), but I doubt that will happen. She’s pretty much only there as a uterus for hire, without any agency.

      Camille had way more chemistry with Marcel. I’m not sure what the point of Klaus being in this show is.

      • Yeah, I’ve always figured that Elijah is more popular than Klaus.

        TSC wasn’t prioritizing dudes over the girls. The show was written in a way where you had four girls to be interested in. PT came in playing a character who was a “threat” to Forwood (with that stupid cheating fake-out) and then a “threat” to Klaroline.

    • “The baby, Klaus, think of the baby” “Kill her and the baby!!!” “But the baby!! Family!!! Niklaus!!!” “Kill them!!!!1″

      LOL! Elijah’s monologue in the street about family was a snore and DG did horrible with it.

      Their scene was so bland.

      It was. And did you notice that JP has repeated something wrt Klaus three times now? The thing where a woman/possible-future love interest is looking at his painting and they suddenly see something in it that has to do with him and how he’s feeling at the time? She did it with Caroline, then Hayley, and now Camille.

      Klamille is one step away from chlamydia. Lol.

  13. I voted! 🙂
    Most responsible for deaths => Elena: She killed millions of faceless vamps. I will never forget. Do not like this thinking that Bonnie’s responsible because she wasn’t saving everyone. I wish she was allowed selfishness in the right areas, so even if she’s sired to her ugly friends, I still do not vote Bonnie.
    Best hair => Caroline: As much as I do not like her very much (euphemisms :D), they spend a lot of time making her curls look pretty and bouncy. I’m a curly-haired girl. I love curls and waves.
    Most changed => Tyler freakin’ Lockwood is to me the one that went through the most character development. Remember this jerkass jock with lots of daddy issues who didn’t think very highly of himself? I do not like him very much but I have to say the changes in him are impressive.

    • Seriously! As much as a lot of people seem to hate Tyler, they never seem to credit his development over the seasons. I wish they’d given more of the characters his character development. It’s so weird when they occasionally get it right.

      • They got lucky with him and despite not being his biggest fan, I enjoyed watching him evolve and trying to break free from his issues and the bond. What they did with him is what I wish they did for Bonnie and Elena.
        I loved this scene when he reacted to the death of his hybrid friend. I was like “Go Tyler.” He never questioned the Elena thing before and this awareness that he got was brought onto the scene in a good way. Any person’s life VS Elena. I think it was the first time a character did that (Rebekah doesn’t count because she wasn’t comparing her with this life vs life thinking. She was just mad because she wanted the same kind of attention)

    • so even if she’s sired to her ugly friends

      I lol’ed.

      I’d vote Elena for best hair. Her hair is a flat mess more than half the time but when they change it up (especially when they put it in ponytails) it looks amazing.

      I’d vote Bonnie most responsible for the deaths because I’m freaking bitter at the downturn her character has taken.

      Remember this jerkass jock with lots of daddy issues who didn’t think very highly of himself?

      Tyler thought highly of himself when he was in front of a crowd. He had a huge facade. I just wish some of it would’ve stayed. All of his arrogance disappeared -__-. I honestly don’t know why people hate Tyler. There’s nothing there to hate. For a full season, things happened to him and we got zero scenes of him dealing with it.

      People talk about Tyler’s view wrt the group’s inner workings and while it was nice in season 4, a lot of them forget how it was in season 3. Tyler was always outside of the group, yes, and we can insert that it’s because he didn’t care for Elena, but canonically-speaking, he was just left out, plain and simple. When he wasn’t left out? Let’s see: he accepted the blame for Stefan leaving with Klaus, even though it made no sense to me. Then Elena told him that Klaus was looking for werewolves because Stefan and Klaus might be looking for them, he told her their location and the only question he had, after he heard that Klaus and Stefan were on their way to find people who were just like him, was whether or not Elena had seen Caroline.

      But people talk about it like he’s always been like that, and I’m like, “No. For the longest time he wasn’t anything. He didn’t have a stance, because he was ignored by the writing.”

      Most changed I’d give to Elena. They’re just throwing everything at her.

  14. Or at least a Silas!Klaus/Caroline kiss? Or maybe somehow she says something about being attracted to him. Who knows … still don´t know why Silas would care for anything in regards to Caroline. Or maybe he is repaying the favor for Klaus helping him with the cure?

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