TVD Spoiler Chat!!!!

Isn’t it cruel to make you guys wait to talk about the spoilers until next week when I upload the podcast? Cruel. The season’s almost over anyways. The 3.22 synopsis is out as well as one still, and we just got stills for 3.21. Feel free to discuss!

Let me know if you guys want me to put the links on the post for reference purposes, but I was actually planning on leaving that for when I talk about them in the spoiler chat segment. Let me know!


37 thoughts on “TVD Spoiler Chat!!!!

  1. I legit started to fret when I saw those stills. Why is she leaning so completely on Damon? Where is the grudge in her body language? Why is Stefan acting like he’s trying to protect her? Why did the possibility for fuckery shoot up so high?

    But I feel marginally better now. Still. I wish I could go back to the time when the possibility of Jeremy not remembering his compulsion was my biggest worry. Speaking of which, he looks hot. I was fille with so much dread that I completely forgot this is the episode where he and Bonnie work together.

    I really can’t believe we got stills, and Bonnie’s the only girl featured. Woah. That never happens.

    Rebekah’s still around in the finale. *Sigh.* It’s ridiculous to me that JP will freakout over a kiss being in the promo. I consider knowing we don’t have to worry about Rebekah’s fate for the next 3 episodes a bigger spoiler than a freaking kiss.

  2. I have the feeling that Rebekah will become part of the regular cast next year .. and I´m afraid that this means even less Bonnie. Because look at this season with her being only a guest star.

    And like you I can´t believe that they released a pic of Rebekah for the final. These promo teams are such a fail, except for that one in Canada lol.

    My wildest guess about who bit Bonnie or attacked her is Kol. And I can see it before my eyes. JP after a hard day of working in the writing room comes home (she watched the last cut for the Decade Dance episode – Jamie is killed by Kol and Bonnie is attacked by him) – she logs into twitter and sees a message about Jamie and why he is Bonnie´s love interest. JP of course is totally tired but wants to connect to her fans and lurks on the twitter or tumblr page of that girl. And perhaps finds a picture this girl reblogged weeks ago and it´s a Kennett art/graphic. JP immediately remembers what Kol, who is now a “murderous vampire” after killing Jamie, did to Bonnie and tweets about that. In her rage she forgot that the audience didn´t see that episode until now. Shortly after tweeting her comments about that pairing she realizes her great mistake and immediately deletes them. But of course the damage is already done.

    Don´t really know what I should think of the final synopsis because an interview with Candice was released hours before that and it confused me. In it she speaks about the group being paired up with the Originals and them trying to kill them … or something like that.
    But Nina was talking about teaming up together to go against this new pseudo-villain. Are they as confused as we are about that season? Have to think about these stills some more.
    Can´t comment on the Salvatores/Bonnie interactions in them because I only see it end in a big mess.

    • I have the feeling that Rebekah will become part of the regular cast next year .. and I´m afraid that this means even less Bonnie. Because look at this season with her being only a guest star.

      That is such a horrible thought.

      The Canadian promo team kicks butt.

      Lmao! I’ll laugh my head off if that happens. I hope Bonnie kills Kol, whether he’s the one who bit her or not.

      The only Original I can see working with them is Rebekah. And Elijah too, I guess, since he’s trying to be really noble now.

  3. The preview with TVD and TSC show Bonnie in the woods with Damon right and she is giving him a aneurysm. It’s dark and probably after the dance maybe her and Damon are attacked. I think Damon and Bonnie are together all night I don’t think he finds her.He has on the same clothes from the night before it looks like he does. he doesn’t go to the dance he shows up to get Bonnie. What were her and Damon doing all night were they passed out all night and why wouldn’t the person just kill them?

    I don’t know what I’m saying but I do think she and Damon will have been together from the previous episode.

    • It makes a certain amount of sense that Damon and Bonnie have been with each other since the night before. The only questions would be, since Damon most likely didn’t attack Bonnie, why did it take them so long to get back to people, why are they still alive, why is Bonnie in a weaker state than Damon? and so on.

      • Damon has a healing ability and Bonnie didn’t suck his blood. I’m happy she didn’t do that. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

        • But why would he be left uninjured enough to recover that well? I get Bonnie not taking his blood to heal her wounds, but I guess what I’m wondering is, in what condition was their attacker willing to leave them that Damon is pretty much okay and Bonnie needs him to support her?

          Since we know that a vampire can be hurt to the point of needing support (that one time Stefan was tortured in s1, Caroline’s torture in s2, and presumably Damon’s torture in the last two episodes)…so why is Damon okay?

          • To explain Bonnie, maybe she’s hurt worse because she had to do most of the defending. Only I don’t see the writers letting that happen with Damon in the scene. And for that to work, their attacker would basically have to be a witch. Otherwise Damon should be useful, and he should be hurt. Not even a tear in his clothes? Hmm.

            • It’s weird. Maybe Damon doesn’t get to go home or anything, but they get separated? Or something happens that makes it so they are primarily defending themselves and not each other, so their degree of injury would be different. Yet, that still wouldn’t explain Damon looking like he got a chance to shower.

              • I really don’t get it. At the same time though, Bonnie only looks worse for wear because of the bite mark on her neck. So it could be that they defend themselves relatively quickly, but then Bonnie gets bit, refuses Damon’s blood (good), and so gets progressively worse because she’s getting dizzy?

                She better refuse Stefan’s damn blood too.

                • Would she still be losing blood though? I guess that is a possibility, depending on the wound. If she doesn’t refuse Stefan’s blood, (though I can’t imagine a reason she would accept it as her interactions with Stefan this season have been limited to 1) him distracting her while her mother was murdered and 2) a text message) I would want the deepest most expository explanation known to man. With maps and charts and like fifteen journal entries with similar situations. But I don’t think Stefan’s good is going to enter into things. I hope not.

                  • I wanted to mention that. That wound looks hella clean if she’s supposed to be losing blood this whole time. But this is TVD. *Sigh.*

                    Lmao. That’s the only way it would be marginally acceptable.

          • ugh. I just got a nasty feeling that Damon bit Bonnie to heal himself. Hope not. Most likely not … Maybe it was Ester in the woods and she hurt Damon … *shrugs*

            Bonnie deserves to hurt Damon though. 😡 I get what you’re saying.

            Damon should be more ruffled at least.

    • I didn’t even think about that. He looks more put together than Bonnie, so it didn’t occur to me that he was with her. That’s interesting. Maybe the person who attacks them is the one who attacks the Salvatore house in 3.21.

  4. When I first saw the photo my immediate thought was that Damon bite her. I just connected the promo with her attacking him and the still together. Damon and Bonnie have a knock down drag out fight. That wouldn’t happen so I figured someone else did it. But I still have no explanation as to why it took all night, whether they are fighting each other or someone else.

    • My mind didn’t automatically go to him biting her. My first thought was to wonder why she’s leaning on him so completely. I won’t be able to take the Salvatores coming to Bonnie’s rescue. That’s a cheap move, writers.

  5. I’m digging the stills because a) Bonnie is IN them and b) the Salvatore bros are all over HER as opposed to the other and c) whatever’s going down, she’s pivotal to it. At least, in my overactive imagination. I like the idea of Kol offing Jamie. (Sorry Robert Ri’chard). I don’t want Bonnie with her pseudo-bro. I’m still holding out for a Beremy reunion with some Damon conflict thrown in for good measure. However with Julie Plec at the pen, it will be a cold day in hell before Bamon comes onscreen.

    But back to the stills…I don’t think Damon bit her. I’m guessing it was one of the Originals or maybe Klaus forced Tyler to do it. At this point, Tyler thinks he’s not Klaus’s bitch anymore. It hasn’t been proven. Either that or Bonnie has done battle against Esther and it has drained her. I can’t imagine why Stefan is protecting her, but I’m happy to see it. I’ve always enjoyed their dynamic.

    Now about Jeremy giving Bonnie an orgasm in the shower… *g*

    • I really don’t want Esther to have power in Rebekah’s body. Why didn’t she possess Elena? Or Matt? Why is she going to Alaric when there’s a witch that could help her? Is that supposed to be a sign of respect? Because it comes off as opportunistic. I guess she wants someone who wouldn’t mind killing all vamps in existence.

  6. I saw a speculation about that “secret deal” Bonnie is making … and it involved her letting Esther possess her, please reassure me that this won´t happen on the show. Because I would die.

    We don´t know what happens with Esther but in the still for episode 22 it looks like Rebekah is Rebekah again. Do you think she is dead or that she possessed the next body?

    • I would die right after you. I do not want that at all.

      It does seem like Rebekah is back to herself. How can Esther die again? She’s already dead. What should happen is that she gets sent back to the other side. I guess her body can be destroyed. Actually, if Rebekah gets dispossessed, then Esther will have nowhere to go (unless she posses someone else), because they’ve buried her body or burned it (knowing Klaus).

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