The Walking Dead ep. 1: Days Gone Bye

Summer project! I’m rewatching all of the TWD episodes and sharing my reviews. First up is Days Gone Bye, where Rick gets shot, and Shane brings him a bouquet of flowers from Publix Supermarkets. When Rick loses it inside his empty house and starts hitting himself, I wonder if there’s something in his family history.

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Days Gone Bye


“A gun fight ensues, and Rick gets shot, but he’s okay because he’s got his vest on. And then because he so enjoys the closed line of communication between him and Lori, he tells Shane not to tell her that he got shot, ever.”

“He gets home and first thing you see in the hallway is an American flag. They have, Rick and Lori, an American flag in their house, because they’re White people who live in the South.”


4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead ep. 1: Days Gone Bye

  1. Dead blog but now it’s undead. 😉

    Yes thank you Sabrina you are the best. Cana who? -_- Sabrina is magick. 😉

    undead works are never about the undead it’s always about the people. I mean really good like romero type media is always about how the undead effect the living. so I tired tell you that when we were watching wackass tvd but …

    Your frined who? Sabrina no doubt. Love you Sabrina sorry I’m so bitter. smh

    You were sucked into TWD.

    Alta I told you to go back to the first episodes before you watched ‘Clear’.

    Shane: Flop from day one. 😉

    Aye. Shane loved rick it was just fucked up kinda love. 😛

    Alta: That’s not the difference between men and women. That’s the differences between you and Lori. OOP!

    OMG! ALTA NO YOU DIDN’T. THAT WAS SO TRASH! OMG! “I wish you were black with dreds!” OMG! I can’t.

    Well, he doesn’t want to needlessly worry his wife which becomes moot because he it then wounded.

    But you right now with this shane stuff and his lip. WHY!

    maybe ‘everybody’ is 2 people lol

    OMG you need me on this podcast to help reign you in on your intense feelings for shane tho. All that passion Alta … sayin’ that rick is beautiful … where?!

    gurl *dry joke*

    *stiff* Oh I’m done with yoooou!

    I wonder if he was hooked up to an IV.

    Well rick is a white man so he’s about smells on a different level than us. but damnit that was the south in the summer and all that rotting flesh. I woulda passed out.

    You don’t know how to ride a bike? Awwww

    Surprised it wasn’t a confederate flag. I’m sure it’s probs in their bedroom over the bed. 😉

    Maybe rick has messed up dreams and PTSD from being a cop. Who knows. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t talk to Lori.

    smh there could have been an “The Walking Dead” but with Dwayne and Morgan instead of rick and coral. ;P

    ugh gurl. the bed scene was not sexy. get your life and a glass of water for your thirst. smh

    Rick didn’t really know/hang out with Black people.

    MOC insured rick’s survival.

    SEE ‘Walker’ is Morgan’s word.

    lol Rick shaving.

    ‘Jenny’ Thank you.

    There was a webisode about how that walker got there on the ground.

    basic instinct. to feed and consume.

    Jenny in her nightgown. Moran loved Jenny. ;(

    I guess this is why Moran is a fan fave.

    Your head canon about Lori. :X lol

    how old is Coarl suppose to be.


    Rick is not a rookie, unless you mean rookie in ‘the new world’.

    I suppose, survival to preserve yourself.

    I know some people are like: ZA? Nope and will just take themselves out.

    But like rick said maybe the people who go on after the Apocalypse are the walking dead.

    A horse finds him … kay.

    oh he got that horse killed.

    I hated rick for that shit. smh

    Give it to God. lol

    It must be so damn hot in that tank.

    Rick is alive and that walker is dead, plus that horse killed.

    voice of a savior.

    I remember what happened in guts. :\

  2. I wrote a long response and then my internet clocked out.

    I did give you a shout out -__-.

    sayin’ that rick is beautiful … where?!

    Right there on the screen!

    Surprised it wasn’t a confederate flag. I’m sure it’s probs in their bedroom over the bed.

    Don’t do Rick like that, Lord.

    I think Carl was Chandler’s age when the show started. 9 or 10.

    Rick is not a rookie, unless you mean rookie in ‘the new world’.

    Yeah, I meant rookie in the new world. He’d never announce himself like that now.

    I hated rick for that shit. smh

    For the horse dying?

  3. nae naw naw naw naw naw naw get yo eyes checked. you probably have insurance. get yo eyes checked.
    Yas yas for the horse dying. The horse didn’t want to go but rick had to chase the sky. his simple ass

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