The Flash Bulk Review: Joe West investigates, Dr. Wells starts to crack, and Barry loses it

Hella behind on all my shows, except How to Get Away With Murder, so you already know what it is. Written reviews!!!

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For those of you who don’t know, my other Flash reviews are right over here. To be honest, I don’t know about the future of those videos, y’all. Setting them up is frequently a headache because I live with people (AKA my family) who couldn’t care less about being quiet while I record.

But I’m not here to rant. These three episodes of The Flash were quite good!

First we have 1.06’s The Flash is Born:

Iris is the budding journalist, but Joe was the one searching for backstory in this episode. He’s been going over the interview that lil Barry gave to the police, and he’s been compiling a list of….possibilities.

I have to say that Joe called on his inner geek to theorize what happened all those years ago, and it was great to see. He suggested that there might have been another particle accelerator and another Barry (as in another speedster). We know that he wasn’t completely wrong, because Dr. Wells played the skeptic with regards to every suggestion that Joe made.

I still wasn’t ready for when Joe asked him exactly when he arrived to Central City. But it did give Wells the opportunity to give us, what, a little backstory. Wells revealed that he once had a wife, a fellow scientist, who died in an accident, and that’s why he moved to Central City. He wanted to start over in a place where no one knew who he was and where no one could remind him of his wife.

That makes two deadly accidents that this man has been involved in. You are the common denominator, sir. You are the problem.

Do you believe Wells’ story? Why? Why not?

I believe him, because he didn’t twirl his invisible mustache after he told Joe the story.

But the story worked to get Joe off his tail. He’s been crossed off the list. But if I was Joe, I would’ve put his ass right back on. How am I gonna talk to you and you alone about the possibility that there was a speedy mcspeedster before Barry and then like the next night I get threatened by a speedy mcspeedster who tells me to stop or else my daughter will be toast?

If it was indeed Wells, then he is dumb as hell.

How do you see it? Was it Wells or nah? If it wasn’t Wells, then who’s out there with ears big and long enough to have heard Joe asking around about them?

And do you think Wells knows who killed Barry’s mom? Because it looked like he did when Joe said that he wanted his help with the subject. I think Wells knows exactly what happened back then and why.

Anyways, we also met Tony, the Metahuman of the episode. The most useful thing Tony did was give us another glimpse into Barry’s past. Tony was the school bully. Then the high school bully. And he became the adult bully. Tony never abandoned his career path.

Tony also never abandoned his crush on Iris. He stopped by Jitters to let her know just that. Oh, and to also let her know that he knows how to read, and he’s read her blog, and he wants to know who and where the Flash is.

Shoutout to Iris’ coworker, who did her best to get Iris hurt. Seriously. How obvious could girlfriend have been? The subtle thing to do would have been to go over to Iris and tell her she needs her help with something. Instead, the girl calls Iris loud enough for Tony to hear, and then obviously points at the tv. Iris had no chance of playing that off successfully.

Barry’s lesson in this episode was patience in anger. In a heart-melting scene from the past, Joe told him that it was okay to run from danger if the opportunity presented itself. Cisco and Caitlin told him that calm, and a sonic boom punch, was the only way he was going to get the upper hand on Tony. Eddie told him to calm down and aim his punches during a punching bag session.

But I liked that Barry still held a grudge and a lot of hurt from being picked on all those years ago. Our boy learned to calm his anger, though, and he doled out a one-two punch to Tony. He was one, Iris was two.

Ms. Iris remains breathless as all get out when she talks to the Flash, and it’s the cutest thing. She’s smart and brave in the face of danger. I knew she pulled that fire alarm for more than just the chance to run.


It alerted the police station, and the Flash came a-runnin. After Barry’s sonic boom punch failed to take Tony all the way down, Iris came through with the right hook and sent him tumblin.

She and Barry made up, and together they named his alter ego. Barry’s leveled up from The Streak to The Flash. It was sweet.

In 1.07’s Power Outage, Dr. Wells started to get impatient with his progress. He’s not here for Barry’s desire to be a hero, he’s not here for people period, and he even got snappy with his computer Gideon (sp?) who snapped back, “Bitch, I know how to do my job.”

Wells is only interested in Barry as a science project, and a little bit of that was exposed to Barry in this episode. Unfortunately, Wells saved himself by being able to name the people who were affected by his experiment gone right horribly wrong.

I did appreciate Barry calling him out on playing chess. It tells me that Barry’s been lowkey paying attention to everything he’s been doing.

Guys, the Flash will vanish ten years from now. I did do my wikipedia thing when this show first started, and if you did too, or if you plain just read the comics, is it what I think it is? Is it….you know. You know. Is it?

The Metahuman of the episode was Farooq. Farooq was similar to Plastique. That is to say, his powers made his life extremely difficult. Unlike Plastique though, Farooq needed to use his powers at all times. For him, electricity was the most important meal of the day, and he needed that thing at all hours of the day.

Barry felt for Farooq. Again, a great thing to see. The particle accelerator ruined his life and killed his friends, and he just needed the kind of help that Barry received at Star Labs. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

Sidenote: Barry did nothing but make those people in that coffee shop late to work. He either gave them empty cups of coffee, or he got their orders wrong, because how could you know what they wanted, Barry? How? And since when did you know how to make coffee and multiple kinds of coffee at that?

Mr. Allen lost his powers because of Farooq, and he got to reflect on what being the Flash means to him. The Flash is the best version of Barry Allen. The anonymity given to him by the mask allows him to be as confident as he can be. The costume isn’t burdened by all of those horrible experiences that Barry went through. In a way, the costume allows him to walk, talk, and behave in all of the ways that I’m sure he has in his head when he thinks back to what he could have done differently in this or that situation. We all do it.

The Flash is Barry Allen at his best. So all of the people who say that Iris is wrong for being into the Flash and not Barry? Stop. Once more, The best.

The Flash……is Barry Allen.

Moving on.

Wait. Was Caitlin going to kiss Barry in that one scene? Is that what y’all are going with? Cause…’s what I’m going with.

Next, we had another bad guy in this episode. The Timekeeper. My name is Cisco, and that’s what I’m calling him. The Timekeeper was waiting to be transferred to another prison when Farooq unknowingly gave him a boost by taking out the lights in the city. It gave The Timekeeper the perfect opportunity to hold the entire police station hostage. Within the police station were our usual suspects: Joe, Iris, and Eddie, who took a bullet to the shoulder.

Let me move on before I start thinking about the stupidity that was a certain character’s death on The Walking Dead. All of that because of a shoulder wound? Really? Let me not.


Eddie got shot, but he managed to give Iris a leg up by telling her about the gun that was strapped to his…..leg. See, The Timekeeper took Iris as his personal hostage which was hell on Joe’s nerves, because remember speedy mcspeedster already has him thinking about Iris’ demise.

But our girl is a good shot, and she took The Timekeeper down. For Iris, Mr. Flash was like the cops who come at the end of the movie in this episode, but hey a girl’s gotta be her own hero sometimes. But Mr. Flash did once again leave her out of breath when he told her that she’s worth being on on time for. Go on, Barry!

Finally, we had 1.08’s Flash vs Arrow:

Flash vs. Arrow - Promotional Photos

Given more to say, Oliver was actually pleasant. And funny. His “cool” in that other episode left a lot to be desired. It was one word, and he didn’t do much with it.

Here, he was stuffy, yes, but he was also an experienced hero, and he gave Barry some sound advice. Advice that Barry was too tweaked to ponder at first. If Barry Allen was Clark Kent, this would’ve been his Red K episode. The Meta of the week put some anger in Barry, and he went off on everyone. He went off on the Captain (who is gay!) for always questioning his ability to do his job; he went off on Joe for always cautioning him, and he even went off on Iris for not noticing him. But the most violent part of his ire was saved for Eddie and Oliver. He yanked Eddie right out of that moving car, because Eddie wants to put together a task force so that they can collectively hate on the Flash.

See, Eddie doesn’t think the milk is all the way clean when it comes to the Flash. Why is he at so many crime scenes? Why don’t we know who he is? Why is he connected to that known vigilante Arrow? Why is Eddie hatin?

I suppose his mistrust has merit. The thing is, every crime scene in which the Flash is involved always turns out good. But I’m thinking that Eddie is going to think that the Flash probably sets up the crimes and then comes along to play hero. I think Clark Kent dealt with the same thing on Smallville.

Unfortunately, pounding Eddie has landed Flash in the dog house with Iris. She can handle random Metas targeting her because she blogs about the Flash, but she won’t stand for the Flash himself targeting her or those that she loves.

I feel like she should’ve given him a break. He said it wasn’t his fault, and she herself said that someone who does so much good can’t possibly just turn on a dime.

Do you guys think that her anger was just a little too….smooth? It was too easy. Maybe if she hadn’t said that the Flash wouldn’t just start picking on people out of the blue, but she did, and the final scene happened as if she….hadn’t said it. When she told Eddie that she believes in him or whatever that line was, I actually thought she was lying. I was waiting for the camera to pan around and show me that she only agreed because she ain’t trying to drag out a fight with Eddie right now.

I thought that Eddie getting his task force was what was going to sound the death knell for WestxThawne, but no. And that….feels a little shallow to me.

What do y’all think? Does Iris’ freezing out of the Flash and complacency with Eddie’s task force feel a little forced by the story?

Elsewhere, the Flash and Arrow threw down, and it ended in a tie. I loved it! I loved the fight scene; I loved watching a well done superpowers vs superskills fight. And Diggle and Cisco cheering for Ollie and Barry respectively was cute. Cute!

So the lesson that Barry learned was….there are always lessons to be learned. You do not know everything. Speed isn’t everything. Case out a place before rushing in (which I noticed immediately that he didn’t do when he went to see the Meta. He got an infection for his oversight).

The emphasis of this episode wasn’t on catching the bad guy but on Barry learning, and I appreciated that. Especially considering we had three extra guests this go-around.

Finally? Who was the woman that Oliver ran into?

i don't know her

The final episode for Fall will air this Tuesday, and then it’s break time! As soon as I review the last two episodes of Sleepy Hollow, I’ll be able to start the journey of catching up on Scandal.

See ya!


3 thoughts on “The Flash Bulk Review: Joe West investigates, Dr. Wells starts to crack, and Barry loses it

  1. “I feel like she should’ve given him a break. He said it wasn’t his fault, and she herself said that someone who does so much good can’t possibly just turn on a dime.”

    Actually I think her fight with the Flash was entirely justified. Iris doesn’t know who he is, she’s never seen his face and I doubt she even believes for one second that that’s his real voice, SHE DOESN’T KNOW HIM. For all she knows he could have anger management issues and be a second Tony. Sure, he helps people but that doesn’t always make someone a good person and he was very violent like in that movie with Jennifer Lopez where she married this guy that she thought was good person but he turned out to be an abusive monster.

    • SHE DOESN’T KNOW HIM. For all she knows he could have anger management issues and be a second Tony.

      This leaves out the fact that Iris herself said that someone who helps people the way that he does couldn’t just flip a switch and turn deadly.

      Then The Flash came to her and basically said, “You were right. Something happened to me.”

      And then she’s written to act like she never said what she said.

      The writing doesn’t gel with how she’s been written wrt the Flash in the episodes prior, heck even the beating scene itself.

      At the very least, they could’ve written her to say, “Oh good, I was right. But you know what? This has me rethinking how gung-ho I am about you and the stuff you do.”

      But the way it was written….it’s like from where she’s standing The Flash isn’t allowed to be overpowered ever. She ignored what he said and put all the blame on him.

      The scene would’ve been fine if Iris HADN’T correctly guessed that The Flash wasn’t being himself.

    • Maybe it’s also a matter of Iris assuming before all of this that Flash was invincible. That would work for me. She saw him get winded from fighting Tony, but maybe there was still a part of her that assumed that he’s above most things, including being influenced by others.

      Maybe it’s a matter of her realizing that he has a lot of vulnerabilities, more than she thought.

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