Witches of East End Cancelled!

Don't take them away!

Don’t take them away!

Why, Jesus?!

Was it the ratings? I bet it was the ratings.

It’s a show on Lifetime. How high do the numbers really need to be?

I don’t actually know the numbers for the show, but do y’all agree with the cancellation? Because I don’t!

I’m behind, my next episode will be episode 4 of season 2, but I love the show. I love the family, love their relationship, and I love the writing. The show is strong enough, imo.

When The Secret Circle was cancelled, I agreed. It was too bad, but I agreed, because that show took too long to focus on its own main plot. It deviated for no reason and by the time it wanted to correct itself, it was too late.

Witches of East End didn’t have this problem, so what’s up? Why aren’t the tv honchos letting witches live?

Wendy, make them change their mind!


I’m disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Witches of East End Cancelled!

  1. Yeah, I’m disappointed too. 😦 I don’t know what Lifetime was expecting ratings-wise. I felt like the show did okayish? The ratings were a bit lower than in S1 bit I felt that was a given, since summer shows don’t get the same ratings as shows airing during fall/winter.

    I was getting a bit worried because I saw Lifetime ordering several pilots to series but still I wasn’t expecting the show to be canceled. By the way, these new shows sound like they could fail like The Lottery, so I don’t know why Lifetime wouldn’t keep WOEE just in case.

    • I felt it was doing just fine for what it was. It’s a Lifetime show, so it never needed to be written like it was gonna get the title, “Summer/Fall’s best new drama!”


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