Witches of East End 2.03: “I just think….maybe it was never about you?”

Killian said this to Freya, and I.laughed.out.loud.

Please don’t let him be under Ava’s spell, because I need that line to stay hilarious. I want Killian to really have come to the conclusion that he was pursuing Freya because he was lost. He can take it back later. He can change his mind. But I want that line to have come from him and not anything Ava did because I am CACKLING!

In The Old Man and the Key, Freya spent her life savings to fly to the Dominican Republic, only to get told that, “Maybe it was never about you?” I need that on a loop!

Not only was it never about Freya, but Killian is married. Does Ava have a plan for him, or is she going to be revealed to be obsessed like Elyse became after she died? Either way, the marriage reveal surprised me.

But Killian is back in the states because Freya told him that his momma’s dead.

And in VERY attractive fashion, Freya is back to thinking that Dash is sweet now that Killian has told her that she’s irrelevant. Dash doesn’t “scare” her anymore, nor does he have a “dark aura.” No, things didn’t work out with the badly coiffed man who was hot on her tail, so Dash has potential again. She didn’t give a damn about helping him understand his powers at the beginning of the episode when she lived in a world where Killian was mailing her music boxes. But now that she’s in a world where Ava’s the best thing that ever happened to Killian, she thinks Ingrid should help Dash.

I don’t care about her tears. This girl talks soulmate, but she’s fickle as hell. Her heart belongs to whoever wants her more, and outside of someone wanting her more, i.e. willing to disrupt her life like Killian was, then she’ll go with the one who just plain wants her, and everyone around her will think this is cute and tell her to follow her heart.

Keep her away from Dash!

Dash is a for real murderer now, so he definitely doesn’t need the complication that is Freya.

He hired a private investigator to find the extortionist. Kyle Hutton was his name, and he got the shock of his life when he dared go to Dash’s house to threaten him. LOOK AT DASH JOINING INGRID IN THE “SOMEONE TRIED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME BECAUSE I HAVE POWERS” CLUB! Wake up and smell the ship, y’all.

I have no idea why Ingrid didn’t use her powers to stop Dash. I don’t think she was worried about exposure when someone’s life was on the line. But she believes that Dash was trying to save her (did y’all believe that? I half believe), and now they’re hiding the body together. Bonding!

Elsewhere, Frederick continues to play Joanna. She almost came into the light, but Frederick kept selling his tale, and she bought it. Why did she say, “there’s something you should know,” only for her to tell him something that wasn’t so revealing? She told him that she let go of his hand when the portal was closing. Frederick wasn’t unconscious, so why would she need to tell him that? And why say that it’s her fault he stayed in Asguard when both she and Wendy have said more than once that Frederick chose to stay?

And why did the show tell us, when Wendy was under the influence of the snake, that Victor, who sported a very ugly mustache in the flashbacks, blamed Joanna for Frederick staying in Asguard only to show us Victor being the first to want to leave Frederick and save the other two children. Snake!Wendy also said that Victor blamed Joanna for the girls getting cursed? But he seemed to believe in the rebellion as much as Joanna did, per these flashbacks.

I just think that these flashbacks, other than letting me know that Joanna was the last to come through the portal, only served to contradict a couple of things that we were told before.

They should’ve named this episode after Dash’s storyline, not the flashbacks.

And now Frederick’s got Victor strung up and bleeding. Maybe it’s Tentacles, but Frederick was told that Victor was coming, not Tentacles. I heard growling in the shadows, but I’m still going with Frederick.

Part of me feels like I’m wrong, though. Kudos to this show for not being see-through!


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