Witches of East End 2.02: The Son Also Rises

Wendy is the odd one out, but she will persevere!

At least I hope so.

Frederick is bad to the bone. The show isn’t hiding that from anyone except Joanna, Freya and Ingrid. The only thing to discover is why he came back to the family.

It’ll be great if Victor falls on Wendy’s side when he comes back, because someone needs to be alert enough to notice the curse that Frederick has put on her.

It’s not gonna be Freya, who is thrilled to find out that the reason that she’s always wanted a twin is because she has one. Fredrick and Freya are twins, and magic feels more potent for her when she does it with him. I kind of rolled my eyes when Frederick said that he didn’t go see sunsets with Ingrid (this was before the twin reveal). I thought, “Of course Freya has the unique relationship with the guy.” It was the same with Victor, wasn’t it? He and Freya have seen each other over the centuries. Nothing on Ingrid. If Freya is going to learn anything about herself and her past lives, trust that a guy will be giving her the info. It’s not a problem, per se, but it is a fact of what the writers do with Freya.

So the spell that she and Frederick loved to do was a mind-body/astral projection spell. And they do it in this episode when Frederick helps Freya locate Killian. Now Freya has booked a flight to Santo Domingo.

She’s in for a surprise because Ava has already spit her (Freya’s) lines at Killian. She told him that they’re meant to be, because they are both witches. She said that perhaps meeting another witch is what awoke Killian’s powers. We know that’s not true. And I know that if Freya was around for Killian discovering his powers, he would be telling her that they’re destined because they’re both witches. This is the type of thing that he buys into, completely ignoring that there are other witches in the world.

He has amnesia here, but even of he didn’t, he would believe that he and Freya both having powers is another plus for them.

Ingrid is not going to discover that Wendy is under the spell, because not only is she having an illicit affair with Tentacles, she is busy coming cross things that relate to her powers, and she is going to move out of the house.

I don’t believe she’s going anywhere yet. Something will happen that will make her change her mind. Season 2 is way too early to separate the core family. Phoebe Halliwell didn’t move out of the manor in Charmed until season 4, and that was part of a storyline. She was back with her sisters before the season was over. She moved out for real in season EIGHT, but that was the last season. So I will be surprised if they bring in another set to serve as Ingrid’s apartment.

Ingrid found the family in a book about the history of witchcraft in France. All four women had a title: Joanna is the Dagger, Wendy is something that I didn’t I hear even though I rewound three times (and I’m afraid of looking online because that is how I ended up being spoiled about Penelope’s true identity), Freya is the Traveler, and Queen Ingrid is the Key. She also has four arcane abilities. I wonder if she’s the only one in the family who has specific abilities.

Anywho, the stiff named Dr. Foster is now, well, a stiff. So did Frederick kill him or did Tentacles commit the act? Frederick has the same symbol carved into the man’s chest on his shoulder, so it’s easy to say that it’s him. So I’ll say that it’s him!

I don’t see Tentacles bending over someone to carve a symbol, although I do want to say it’s him just because I think Frederick is too much the obvious suspect. But Tentacles hasn’t done anything besides Ingrid so far, while Frederick has been acting suspicious since he showed up.

I’m so happy that bb Dash was there to see Foster’s body. I wonder what he will do next! Well, I wonder what he’ll do about having seen the symbol once before. As for what he is going to do next with his life, I believe that he is going to have the extortionist’s head.

Shouldn’t have been greedy, extortionist.

But you know what I just considered? “Killian” isn’t a manifestation of Dash’s guilt at all. I think it’s Athena. Or it’s someone. Because they went from teasing Dash about having killed his brother to pretty much encouraging him to do more harm. Someone is trying to pull Dash’s strings. Besides the extortionist, I mean.

Meanwhile, Hotter Than Leo, aka Tommy Cole, has a situation. Namely a daughter. He’s separated, which I call a red flag in real life. Wait for that divorce before doing anything with him! But this is scripted tv. I honestly don’t know what the future holds for Wendy and Leo, but I did laugh when he told her to call him at his number: 911.

This episode wasn’t as popping as the premier, but it was still enjoyable. Dash and Ingrid got a scene! And she was more sincere to him than Wendy and Joanna, who were just fishing when they extended their condolences and apologies to him.

And I’ll leave you with a shipper comment: I love that Ingrid was touching Dash during her shock at Foster’s death. That’s all they’re giving me right now, and I am receiving it with both hands.


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