Witches of East End 1.10: Oh, What a World!

Give it up to me for finishing the season in less than a year! Whoop, woop!

Oh, it would’ve been a beautiful wedding. Freya looked absolutely gorgeous, and Joanna and Wendy were stunning. Ingrid was there. I mean, I accept that they don’t dress her up as a looker. It’s okay. I’m okay.

So everyone on the writing team decided that this was the episode where Freya would suddenly have a problem with the way Dash lives his life. Oh, this sapphire necklace is way too much and just not me. Oh, I’m gonna live in this big ‘ole mansion as if I haven’t spent nights upon nights there before. Oh, I just want to marry the man I love, bringing up imagery of the simple life, meanwhile she jumped at the chance to go to London for two days when Dash invited her. And oh yeah, her big ass diamond ring, as Ingrid pointed out.

All I’m saying is, the writers pulled a 180 with Freya’s feelings for Dash. They used anvilicious (shoutout, Smallville fandom) key phrases for Dash like, “I knew I couldn’t get you here unless I TRICKED you” and “You’ll finally be MINE.”

And here comes Victor to drop knowledge on this girl when he’s been absent her whole life. Was that uncalled for or was that uncalled for? Seriously. He comes out of nowhere with a box of memories to let us know where Freya was in 1906. She was working in a Tavern in San Francisco. At no point did she utter a single line to let us know what her personality was like back then, so we’re all supposed to guess that she was the same. What I’m getting at is that it was about her love life and her love storyline.

In 1906, she met….I don’t remember his name, but he looked like Killian. Let’s all realize that Freya made her decision based on Victor’s theory. Everything he said was a theory! Oh, there’s a word in Sanskrit for why Killian looks like that guy. Oh, it’s possible that 1906 wasn’t the first time you two met. Oh, it’s possible that he CHOSE to be reincarnated now.

Why was Victor so quick to ship Freya with a guy that he doesn’t even know? Yeah, he cares about Freya’s happiness, but he was pretty much adamant that she not marry Dash.

Now, I’m guessing that everything Victor said was indeed true. I’m guessing that it all felt ~right to Freya, which is why she cancelled the wedding. It makes her previous panic about Dash breaking up with her completely useless and empty. So her mind is made up, right? Victor cleared it up, so the triangle should be over. She needs to let Dash go and be with Killian. Right?!

Oh and by the way, I understand why Freya is easy on Victor where Ingrid isn’t. She’s spent time with him in past lives, so, in a way, he’s been in her life, as far as her spirit/energy is concerned.

The love story between Freya and past Killian was romantic. The whole notion is romantic. I just wonder what’s beyond the romance. Because it’s very romantic and sweet. But then what? Because not getting the girl actually gives Dash a story. Meanwhile Killian is knocked out.

Do Dash’s powers allow him to know that someone is dead without checking for a pulse? He didn’t even check to see if Killian was alive. He just set him on the high seas.

Listen, I don’t hold Dash’s actions against him (the getting angry, not the putting Killian out to sea). He is a groom spurned. Killian doesn’t give a shit about breaking up the relationship, so why should Dash give a damn about beating him up? He didn’t understand what was going on with his powers.

And also, dear readers, I no longer view Dash and Killian as brothers. Why bother? The show doesn’t. They’re just two guys who know each other and who talk to Freya. What is brotherly about them? What have they done together? The sibling relationship that the show gets most right is Joanna/Wendy. Lex Luthor, Fairhaven’s ex occupant from Smallville, and Clark Kent were more brotherly in seasons 1-7 (yep, even when the friendship went south) than these two are here.

So, they are strangers. Killian doesn’t care about anything related to Dash, and Dash doesn’t care that he just killed his so-called brother. I mean, damn.

Just get Dash with Ingrid, please. I saw a gifset of them on Tumblr, so I know that something is going to happen. Based on Archibald and, to a lesser extent, Adam, we know that Ingrid likes the guys with power. And it seems to me that Dash will be more about his powers than Killian will. Killian just wants Freya and the ocean. And Dash is curious like Ingrid! Put them together!

Speaking of curious like Ingrid, Victor copied me and listed all of the ways that he and Ingrid are similar. It made her thaw towards him a little bit. She asked him about Asguard, wanting to suss out if she should open it, and he basically said no. But crazy ass Mike forced her to open it.

“I know you’re not gonna hurt me, ’cause you’re too sweet.” What in the world? I literally grimaced. And I was happy when Ingrid stopped his ass and made him bow down. But then he shot her later on :(.

Athena finally got close to having her revenge, but considering the amount of time she spent smirking, she went pretty quickly. She didn’t realize that she was messing with a Queen, and the Queen has a badass sister. Wendy broke that circle and freed Joanna, who then freed Wendy. Team older Beauchamps!

So the portal opened, and Mike got incinerated. Good riddance. You can tell your pappi that you found Asguard.

And someone is coming out of the portal! Who, though?!

I’m going to watch the premier of season 2 to find out. And I can’t forget to shout out my favorite uses of magic: Athena conjuring the crows, the blessing for the wedding, and the triangle getting their powers back. I also liked Freya turning the car on.


4 thoughts on “Witches of East End 1.10: Oh, What a World!

  1. This show is so terrible in a way, but I have a ridiculous love for it. It totally fills the spot True Blood left empty for over-the-top ridiculosity. I can’t wait till I can get a hold of S2 (or for the apparent Dash/Ingrid).

    • Heeey! Long time. I know it’s entirely my fault.

      The show is definitely filling the void that Charmed left in my soul.

      They’ve gotten better with the special effects, too.

  2. I really love that this show shows a lot of magic, unlike The Secret Circle. And the mythology is pretty unique.

    I can’t with Frillian, though. The way the ship is written feels so paint by numbers to me, with very little awareness of how these two, esp. Killian, hurt other people in the process. It’s just “OMG THE PASSION”. Also, Killian’s backstory with Dash’s first fiancee really creeped me out.

    • Hi, Emily!

      I love the use of magic on the show. Something about it makes you feel like it really is a part of these womens’ lives, especially where Joanna and Wendy are concerned. They aren’t burdened by the “no magic for personal gain” rule that the Halliwells had on Charmed, where something as simple as magically throwing away a diaper could get them in trouble. So, the blessing for the wedding ceremony as well as Freya turning on the car were great.

      Going into season 2, I have low hopes that they will address the thing with Elyse. Very low hopes. I don’t know how Freya isn’t interested in why Killian went after Elyse and then DUMPED her.

      Now that Freya and Dash are over *prays it stays that way,* there is even less to Frillian. So can Freya get in on the non-triangle plots now?

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