Witches of East End 1.09: Ingrid is the key!

This episode was easy breezy, but I know it’s because things are going to pop all the way off in the finale.

It’s the day of Freya’s engagement party, but she can’t be excited about it because her powers are still gone. She says that she feels empty, like a part of her is missing. I don’t even know why Ingrid tried that “At least you don’t have to lie to Dash anymore” as a means of making her feel better. Freya’s powers haven’t intruded on her relationship with Dash. Her attraction to Killian has. Freya hasn’t had to run off to go save anyone or fix anything, so lying to Dash about her powers hasn’t been an issue.

Lo and behold, the younger Beauchamps’ father is introduced to retrieve Freya’s powers. I don’t know what the heck was wrong with my eyes that I thought it was Mike that Wendy was talking to when she said “We had a deal” in the trailer for this episode.

The witches tried a ritual at the beginning of the episode (fave use of magic in the episode), but it didn’t work. Wendy and Joanna exhausted all possibilities. Except the magical blood transfusion that only Victor can perform.

How cute was it when Joanna partially hid behind the wall when Victor came down the stairs? Predictably, Freya has the type of daddy issues where she wants to get to know her father. She’s not angry with him at all. Her heart is completely open, and she’s not even considering that he might disappoint her. She is a romantic, after all. She doesn’t hold Victor’s absence against anyone.

But Ingrid does. She holds his absence against him, and she’s closed off to everything that he might want to say. And really, considering Victor’s immortality, I cannot imagine what he could say that would make me go, “Okay, I get you not being there.” He was content being a professor at Columbia. The dick must be hella bomb for Joanna to put all of that absence aside in order to so much as kiss him.

I have to note that Ingrid takes after Victor. Completely. Cause she looks nothing like Joanna, Freya, or Wendy. Freya has Vic’s eyes. Ingrid shares Vic’s love of history and academia, and Freya is engaged to a man who’s in the same profession in which Victor used to be.

The blood transfusion failed, because Joanna panicked when Freya started to suffer immense pain. I didn’t have time for Freya stomping off all upset. You were screaming for the process to stop. I don’t even know why she didn’t remember immediately after.

The unnecessary moment in the episode of course belongs to Freya and Killian. He walks in on her in her wedding dress, and she starts sputtering, stuttering, and rambling. Like I predicted in the last review, now that she’s in the clear with Dash, she kind of wants to give Killian the time of day. She’s bummed that he’s leaving.

Killian confessed his love for her, saying that he loved her before he ever met her. It’s not that romantic when you really think about it. Think about the fact that Freya will change, provided that she lives long enough. She will grow and change. Considering they weren’t having real conversations in those dreams, what exactly did Killian fall for? Her aesthetics, that’s what.

He told Freya that Dash only wants her so that he can make her another one of his possessions, but we haven’t seen Dash be possessive in any way. What is the basis for what he is saying?

I’m not interested in what Freya is going to do with Killian’s love confession.

Meanwhile, my beautiful Amy is dead! She had the unfortunate luck of running into Athena in the catacombs. I wonder when Dash will find out. I wonder if he will.

Athena’s double-edged speech at the engagement party had me grinning like a fool.

Now, for the reveal that inspired the title of this review: Ingrid is the key! A Parching Imbued. Ingrid can open the door to Asguard, and crazy ass Mike figured it out. I was so happy when she slapped him. She did it right after I thought to myself, “I would slap the hell out of him” for that trick he pulled. Entitled, bully-ass, jackass.

I wonder why Ingrid is the key. I wonder if the door will be opened and how far. And what will come out?! Because I know that something is going to come out. And will Dash find out that his mother is a vengeful witch? I don’t care about Killian finding out. What is his story aside from wanting Freya? He doesn’t give a damn about Dash.

And will Wendy die?!

Please throw Mike’s ass in Asguard, Ingrid. He wants it.


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