Witches of East End 1.08: Joanna is full of secrets!

Let me list what I learned:

  • Witches come from Asguard
  • Joanna and Wendy’s father, Ingrid and Freya’s grandfather, rules there
  • The Serpens Claven corrupted the father
  • He banished his daughters from Asguard and has threatened to kill them if they ever return
  • Joanna has a son named Frederick who chose his grandfather’s side. I wonder if he’s the oldest, then
  • Joanna is the reason that the women are cursed (which I guessed in the last review)
  • Joanna’s husband is still alive, and he’s close by!

Is that it? I think that’s it. At first I thought Frederick was Joanna’s husband or great lover, but nope. He’s her son. This woman is full of secrets, and I love it. I love her. I love her voice (yes, I remember raising my eyebrow at her accent in the beginning, but the show seems to have accepted it and they’re letting her use the accent); I love her inflection; I love her acting; I just love everything about her.

The one thing I didn’t get about her in the episode was her ire at Wendy for putting the bracelet on. Wendy told her that the thing is seductive! Does that exclude wanting to wear the snake? Even Joanna’s point about Wendy looking at the Snake Eyes fell on my deaf ears. The thing was calling out to the woman. She is blameless.

But kudos to Julia Ormond (Joanna) for her acting in this episode. Poor Joanna had to destroy the key to save Wendy. My favorite scene has got to be the one between Joanna and Wendy just before Ingrid walked in.

I cracked up when Ingrid came home and asked about Asguard, and Joanna said that she was going to throw up.

I wonder why the door to the portal is under Fairhaven. Did Archibald know this and that’s why he built the mansion there?

Over at the East End Library, Ingrid entertained Mike, who actually didn’t look so ugly in this episode. I laughed when Barb told him that Ingrid got her pregnant.

But Mike wants to prove that Asguard, and therefore witches, are real. It was his father’s life’s work, you see, and the man went insane, in Mike’s words, trying to prove his theory. Mike has picked up the ball and has come to East End for proof. The crazy thing is that the previews tell me that he knows Wendy! What in the world?

At the Bent Elbow, Freya received evil flowers from Athena (no, I’m no longer calling her Penelope). Now this was after that idiot named Killian lied on Amy and said that he broke up with her. How dare he? Amy is too cute for him to be lying on her. And is this the same Aimee from TVD? Looks like it to me.

Anyways, like I predicted, Freya wants nothing to do with Killian now that Dash is out of the picture. I mean she displays the unwillingness to talk to him here that she should’ve been displaying from the very beginning. Eff that “we can be friends” ish.

So she gets some flowers that she thinks are from Dash, and she gets pricked by one of the thorns. Her health starts failing and here comes Athena to take her home and steal her powers. Yep. She stole Freya’s powers. And she’s already using them on a bigger scale than Freya has. I know that Freya has saved lives, helped a ghost, and helped a couple stop bickering in this very episode, but still. You know what I mean.

So Freya is without her powers, and I’m guessing that she won’t get them back until Athena is dead. I’m also guessing that now that she and Dash are back on, she and Killian will also be back on. Sigh. I was so happy when he told her that he no longer wanted to marry her. But her near death experience scared him enough that the wedding is back on :(.

Like I said in the last review: I can love Freya/Killian if Dash/Freya ends. But I like Dash, so I can’t support Killian, Freya, or Killian/Freya while he’s still being strung along. Ugh.

I’m finishing this season tonight!


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