Witches of East End 1.07: So much is happening!

This episode was very entertaining, with everyone’s story moving forward. Ingrid, Joanna, and Wendy never have a problem with this. The one who benefited the most was Freya.

Dash knows! Freya felt in her stomach and in her bones that something was going to go wrong, and she pulled Killian aside to tell him this, and she of course talks about the kiss, and just guess who had the fortunate luck of overhearing. Dash! My man finally knows, and he let Killian know that he knows in the way that you’d expect.

Dash is off to London by himself, after previously inviting Freya to leave her job for two days to go with him. She agreed without fretting, because she has old money, same as he does, so she can absolutely leave her job for two days.

I remember wanting both Dash and Killian to miss an episode, mostly Killian. Dash is gone, so let’s see what Killian and Freya are made of without Dash in the middle. Except he’s still in the middle because Freya is currently in damage control mode, so she’s going to be pushing Killian away. Which just tells me that her attraction to him can only exist if Dash is also there for her to love. Ugh.

Freya wants Dash to stay, and I don’t know why. And I don’t know why she and Killian should be together, other than she’s attracted to him. They banter a lot, but what do they have in common? Dash and Freya got together when there wasn’t a third party to make the whole thing all forbidden and exciting. Can Killian and Freya exist without a third party? Because Killian hasn’t exactly been telling her to leave Dash in the dust.

And why is Killian so cool with damaging what Dash has? And Freya questioned Dash about Elyse, why hasn’t she questioned Killian about her? Just like, dude is this what you do? Go after the women that your brother is in love with?

I can ship Killian and Freya, but they have to take Dash out of the picture first. Freya and Killian do have a nice chemistry, but, like I said, it’s the kind of chemistry that hinges on there being a third person. It’s forbidden triangle chemistry.

Joanna dealt Freya’s cards, which Freya had asked Wendy to do for her. The girl is in danger. Possibly. Because one of the brothers is a Trickster, i.e. dark, and the other is an Emperor. Who is who? Dash=Dark. They both start with D. That’s the best I got, because I can just see the show going, “You think he’s good because he’s not the one trying to seduce Freya? Well, you’re wrong!”

On the other hand, Killian could be the Trickster, because the first four letters of his name spell Kill. I’m so good at this.

I’m okay with either brother being the dark one. I’ll love it if it’s Dash as long as he doesn’t get killed. He and Ingrid can go make beautiful (dark) magic together, because if these boys are Athena’s sons, then they are Archibald’s descendants, which means that they have magic within them.

Freya has prophetic dreams, which we knew, but she managed to control it in this episode. Good for her! And I think Killian became conscious in the dream, too. Just me?

So Penelope is revealed to be the shifter, which was a surprise to me. What wasn’t a surprise was her true identity, because I got spoiled last night :(. Either way, her resurrection spell was cool and my first favorite use of magic in the episode. The second is Joanna’s locator spell.

So Athena, Archibald’s daughtah resurrects the Ingrid from the 1900, and I was right! It wasn’t the present Ingrid. But now I have some questions. The younger Beauchamps sisters’ bodies do get buried, and the soul of that body gets buried, too. So then how does Joanna keep getting pregnant with these same girls? I would think that with the amount of pain she’s suffered, she wouldn’t be having unprotected sex, and I don’t think she is, so how does she keep getting pregnant? Is it some immaculate conception thing because of the curse?

And while I don’t remember if they went over the specifics of the curse in the first 5 episodes, I’m pretty sure that Joanna is the one who caused the family to be cursed. I just feel it, and I also feel that it’s why she enacted the rule of not killing their enemies.

So 1900s!Ingrid is Unburied and is tasked to get the Serpens Clavem from Wendy. Athena believes that she stole it from Archibald years ago, but nope! It is Joanna who has it! I did find it kind of odd that Joanna was so calm about the shifter being after the Clavem, but I understand her attitude now.

The Clavem is the key to the portal that Ingrid and Archibald spoke of in the last episode, and the portal is located in the catacacombs under Fairhaven!

And it is very possible that a lego-head named Mike has come to find the portal. Seriously, why is he ugly? Dash, Killian, and Adam are the cutest men that this show has offered. George was ugly, but he quickly turned creepy on Ingrid, so that’s okay. And now Mike is ugly.

1900s!Ingrid winds up killing Wendy, so the cat is now on her last life, and I am scared for her! I don’t want her to die for good. Her green necklace has turned red in warning. ;_____;

Meanwhile, present Ingrid has figured out that she and Freya always die young. Now the girl is in crisis mode, because how do you deal with that? Joanna tried to give her a pep talk, but it is Wendy who broke through to her. She told her that every life is different, she shouldn’t worry herself ragged with fears that she’ll end up corrupted like her 1900s self, and she’s her favorite Ingrid yet. The last part was so freaking sweet!

I had to shake my head when Joanna and Ingrid were waiting for Wendy to wake up and Freya walked in talking about some Dash left her. I mean just look at the difference! One woman is dead, the other is dealing with her daughters possibly dying, and the third is dealing with learning that she was corrupt, and her love just died, and she might be dying soon. And here comes Freya talking about her man leaving her because she kissed his brother. She’s just not on the same level as the other three.

Sad question: the season is almost over and how much has Freya learned about/done with her powers compared to Ingrid?

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