Witches of East End 1.06: How Ingrid died last time

The episode is called Potentia Noctis, and Freya’s storyline provided the cliffhanger. What the hell is that on Penelope Gardiner’s back? Is the woman corrupt, or is she possessed? As far as we know, there is only one shapeshifter running around. Right?

Okay, so I just read something that spoiled me as to who she is. Ugh. I wish that hadn’t happened.

So Dash is determined to figure out what the heck was in Mrs. Thatcher’s throat. His cute coworker Amy Matthews says that science doesn’t support the organism’s existence, even though the thing showed up in New Orleans years ago.

The bad news in all of this is that Dash, Amy, and Freya all touched the organism. It’s up to Freya to save Dash and Amy after Wendy helps her save herself.

Freya was the same as always in this episode. She was feeling empowered throughout, because she told Killian to hit the road while he was shirtless and then she made her fingers spark. I mean, girl, okay. I’ve seen the things that Ingrid has pulled and it’s sad that Freya is still at the stage where she’s only creating sparks. But she’s supposed to be a potions master, according to Wendy. Wonder how much we’ll see of that going forward -__-.

On the triangle side, because we can’t not have it, Freya weirdly gets upset when Dash makes a joke about her taking an avid interest in his work. I was in the deepest dark. I guest she wants Dash to take her seriously? She doesn’t want to be his escape. But she’s not even ready to marry the man, so I can’t engage. But speaking of engagement, a drunk Dash suggests that they get married the next day, or something, at the courthouse, with only Killian and Amy as witnesses. Freya agrees, because she’s equally drunk, and Killian looks burdened. He and Freya share a moment in the catacombs that are under Fairhaven where she brings up the weirdness of them dreaming about each other before they met. It’s all to show that Freya is getting back to her right mind, and she doesn’t want to elope.

But she ends up finding more of that organism in a section of the catacacombs. She later tells her mother about it, and they endeavor to destroy it. But not before Dash grabs one to play with, and they’ve already established that touching one of those things means death. I wonder how
he’ll be saved. I ain’t worried.

Before I move on, I would like to say that I support Dash/Amy. She obviously thought that Killian was cute, and he did look extra good in this episode, but he’s devoted to Freya, so why waste my time?

The other storyline in this episode belongs to Queen Ingrid. We finally find out how she died!

Okay so first, Penelope brings her a picture of herself (Ingrid, not Penelope) from the 1900s, and considering that damn spoiler, it is hella creepy. But Ingrid’s interest, and fear, is peaked, especially once her mother and aunt refuse to tell her about the picture. There is a little girl in it, you see, Athena, and Ingrid wants the deets.

Denied, she bakes a memory spell into a brownie so that she can remember the past. Queen! Before the spell kicks in, however, she figures out that the girl is the daughter of Archibald Browning, the ugly man who built Fairhaven, Dash’s current home. Seriously, Archibald had an unfortunate face. And yo, is that the Luthor mansion from Smallville? Someone please confirm, because one shot of Fairhaven looked a lot like the mansion. Just like the Beauchamp home reminds me of the Halliwell manor (though I know that it is not).

Anyways, she thinks that the brownie spell failed, but it turns out that she must inhale the whole pan before the spell kicks in. And as soon as it kicks in, she spends thirty-five minutes writhing on the bed while her conscious is reliving the past.

Ingrid was very in love with Archibald, the unfortunate-looking, haughty, arrogant, murderous warlock (guys are called warlocks in this universe, right? I forgot if they specified) who was the head of a cult. He believed that magical beings trump mortals, and he and Ingrid were in the business of turning old people young if said old people did indeed desire youth.

According to the past, Ingrid has a habit of feeling ho-hum about her life. Here, she knew about her powers, and she practiced them, but she felt like she was sleepwalking until she met Archibald.

Now, did Archibald love her? What do you all think? I personally think that any man who says “You’ve disappointed me” ain’t a bleeding heart. Archibald pinned Ingrid as being more powerful than him, so I believe that while he was very physically attracted to her and loved the relationship that she had with his daughter, his heart truly belonged to what they could accomplish together, and the union would go south in a couple of years. That matters because I believe that Ingrid would still be in love with him when he eventually broke it off. Let someone more powerful than Ingrid have come along. He would have left her.

Ingrid balked at Archibald’s (almost wrote Ichabod, holla Sleepy Hollow!) murderous inclinations, but she ultimately didn’t mind, which says some scary things about what she could become.

Ingrid and Archibald talked about returning to a place where they can be themselves and basically not have to deal with mortals and hiding. I wonder where this place is. Is it on earth? I’m also wondering if being away from her true home is why Ingrid has felt ho-hum about her normal life for two lives in a row now. Romance seems to wake her up (Archibald, Adam), so I wonder who the next guy will be. I’m excited. The unfortunate thing is that two in a row have ended up dead, not that I’m sad that things didn’t work out for her and Archy.

Wendy killed him and thus began the rift between her and Joanna, because Ingrid ended up biting the dust instead. I understood where Joanna was coming from. She’s been suffering her daughters’ deaths and to have one of their deaths come at the hands of her own sister this time? I think that if Wendy was less reckless in general, Joanna would have seen the mistake for what it was: a mistake.

Because I also saw how horrified Wendy was by what happened. I don’t blame her for not thinking “Okay, Wendy is prone to death as soon as she turns thirty, so let me be careful of how I pick this fight.” She was trying to save and protect her niece. Athena was gonna go down, but Ingrid jumped in front of her. That wasn’t Wendy’s fault.

And I would wonder about how present!Ingrid can’t see that, but she told her mom that she felt every emotion from the past. So she won’t be thinking about this logically. I think that the upcoming torture session won’t be executed by her. I think someone is going to cast a spell on her. Can you be possessed by your past self when you’re still the same person?

Archibald’s death was cool, as was Freya heating the pool with her toes.

On to the next one! I really wish I hadn’t accidentally spoiled myself, because that would have been a cool ass reveal where Penelope is concerned. Hashtag, regret.


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