That is what Lucy Hale tells us at the end of every Pretty Little Liars intro. Shhh. Don’t spill the beans, don’t speak the secrets.

Weeell, I failed a couple of months ago when I accidentally spoiled my sister by telling her that Ezra Fitz is/was A.

And I hope I didn’t just ruin it for someone who’s far behind on the show with this post.

Everyone who’s spent at least five minutes on this blog knows that I have way too many television shows on my plate. The ones that I review here are just a slice. So I know the importance of the element of surprise, i.e. the importance of NOT being spoiled. Especially since I am months behind on most of the shows that I watch, including all of the ones that I review here (see my attempt to catch up with Witches of East End?).

I don’t want to know what’s going to happen! I don’t care how long it’s been since the season ended. And even if I get spoiled regarding the big plots, which I accept as a risk of being an avid tv watcher with an active presence online, I still don’t want to know how the show/characters GET to the big plot or cliffhanger, because there can still be surprise in the details.

But yes, I, the person with a big phobia of spoilers, spoiled my sister. I gasped so loud as soon as the words left my mouth. She gave me the heaviest of side-eyes. And then she got over it because she’s accepted that she’ll never catch up on PLL. But don’t spoiler her about anything regarding Grey’s Anatomy, though! She’s been obsessed with that show for a solid two months now.

Me? Had someone spoiled me about Ezra, I would have been pissed off for weeks. That’s just how I roll.

And yes, Grey’s Anatomy is one of the shows on my tv platter. I’m still in season 2. In my defense, I only picked it up on Netflix in late 2012!


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