Witches of East End 1.05: Ingrid tries to hold on

What a wonderfully emotional episode!

It’s called Electric Avenue, presumably because of the ghost that Freya had to deal with, but Ingrid’s story was the meat of the episode for me.

Baby girl tries to hold on to the recently deceased Adam, and in the beginning I asked myself whether it was sad or creepy. When she started to explain herself once she was discovered, I decided that it was just sad. I worried that the show might make too light of the situation during Adam’s funeral, but it turned out to simply be Ingrid and Adam sharing a little joke.

Their story was so sweet, full of love, sadness, and regret. My bottom lip was pretty much sticking out when Ingrid was releasing him to the other side. It was somberly romantic, with the flowers and their entwined hands. And Adam hurrying to kiss her? His slightly trembling voice when he asked if she would summon him from time to time? When she told him that he was only allowed one visit and they’d used it up?

And how about the previous scene that took place in her bedroom, when they both aired their selfishness, her for wanting him to stay and him for wanting to stay?

Just perfect! Adam said that death brings an intrinsic wisdom, and that’s a personal belief of mine. I do believe in ghosts and spirits, and I don’t think you die and have no idea what to do next or where to go next. Just like we’re guided when we come into this world, I believe that we’re guided when we go out.

We got wonderful character development for Ingrid. Her telling Wendy that she’s always in her room anyways, only this time she’s not alone touched my heart. When she told her mother that she’s never been in love before and that she was in fact starting to believe that it would never happen, my heart broke. Joanna’s response, that she’s known her her whole life and across centuries, and she has loved before, and she will love again, melted me down into a puddle of gooey emotions.

Ingrid was a star in this episode, and I’m excited to see her in episode 6. That scene of her walking by her headstone (1876-1906) was creepy as hell. Imagine living in a town where you’re able to visit your own grave! 

Thanks to Ingrid’s spell, Freya dealt with a ghost of her own, only this one lacked everything that Ingrid’s had. Well, except for the romance. Elyse, Dash’s ex fiance crossed to the side of the living. I didn’t realize that she was dead until Killian asked Freya who she was talking to. It turns out that after Dash broke up with Elyse, she committed suicide by swallowing pills. Dash was the one that found her. 

The real story is that Elyse killed herself because she was in love with Killian for a long time, and he finally slept with her, and then he….didn’t want her. After Freya’s strange display with Dash, Elyse revealed that she was here to drag Killian’s disloyal ass back to the other side with her.

Seriously, what was the purpose of Freya having that conversation with Dash in front of Elyse? I’m not even sure what her goal was when she entered the room. 

She didn’t spare a single worried glance toward Elyse once Dash started to tell the truth about his feelings for her. Freya spared no thought to Elyse becoming angry, pissed off, nothing. It was bizarre, and it came off like she just wanted to hurt Elyse’s feelings.

And I must mention the unnecessary-ness of Freya saying that she couldn’t help but think that if Elyse had never slept with Killian, then she and Dash would still be together, because Dash wouldn’t have broken up with her. Well….duh! I mean this was before she knew that Elyse was dead and before Dash confessed that he had never loved Elyse, but barring all of those….no duh he would’ve remained with her if she’d never cheated on him and with his brother of all people. I mean why would Freya even ask this question? It’s ridiculous.

Shout out to Dash, though, for telling Killian that he was just doing his job when the latter thanked him for saving his life. I laughed out loud. Dash was oddly detached when he was working on Killian. The camera focused more on Freya’s worry, and then once Killian was in the clear (ha), Dash nodded to her like the man was her loved one and not his. But I can’t say that I care about Dash’s lack of investment in Killian. I feel the same.

I also don’t feel anything about Dash keeping Elyse and everything about her a secret from Freya. I don’t know why he would do that, but I’m not going to fret about it. The show barely frets about the Dash/Freya relationship. I’m not going to put in the work for them. I just want Dash to be free, so that Freya can go be with Killian if she so chooses and continue to ignore practicing magic.

My favorite of Freya’s scenes in this episode is the one where Wendy magically rips the wedding dress off of her and sets it on fire. Awesome. The dress once belonged to Ingrid, and she died in it. It has bad karma, according to Wendy.

And the third story in the episode belonged to Joanna. Her court date for the murder of Mr. Thatcher is here, and Mrs. Thatcher can’t testify against Joanna to save her life. Or her sanity, as it turns out. It’s all thanks to the butterfly spell that Wendy cast in the last episode. Turns out that it was a memory spell, one that is dangerous, due to it’s unpredictability, and completely irreversible.

Mrs. Thatcher is seeing worms, and dirt, and bugs all over the place, and Wendy justifies this when called out by saying that Joanna killed a man in the previous episode. And I couldn’t believe that Joanna ended up conceding her point. Wendy has no point! Not only did Joanna act in self-defense, the man she killed was a shifter! That man wanted to murder her! Mrs. Thatcher just wants to send her to jail for the murder of her husband.

The situations aren’t the same at all, and I know that they have that rule about not killing, but still: one wanted to murder Joanna, and the other just has the wrong information about her. Wendy went completely overboard. It’s fine for her to have the perspective of “My sister over some woman.” It’s not completely admirable, but I can say, hey that’s just Wendy. But trying to put Joanna in the same boat as her is where she loses me.

But they alleviated Mrs. Thatcher’s condition somewhat by basically locking her mind in a scenario where her husband is still alive. Better than seeing bugs.

Joanna totally slept with Harrison. She could’ve picked someone cuter, but apparently he has a big penis. The recount with Wendy was freaking cute. I was smiling the whole time. Joanna seems to have intimacy issues, and I believe it. The woman keeps losing her daughters, every time, without fail. Her guard is always up. Hopefully she’ll find someone who’ll help her relax in this lifetime, someone who will have enough power to be able to help her protect the girls.


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