I’m still alive! + Flailings About The Walking Dead

How DEAD is this blog? 😦

My main excuse is that I have a full time job now. Along with that, I drive an hour to get to it and an hour back, so when I get home, I am sleepy.

I’ve fallen behind on every show that I’m supposed to be reviewing. Clearly, I have not watched Scandal over the summer like I said I was going to. INSTEAD, I’ve been watching The Walking Dead! And it didn’t even take me that long, really. I started it over the 4th of July weekend, and finished season 4 about two weeks after.

The zombies kept me away (not because I’m scared or creeped out, but because I’m not interested in zombies or apocalypse stories). My mom and sister watching it during the 4th of July weekend brought me into it, because I am the tv show junkie in our house, and I don’t like to be left out when they’re interested in a show, and I don’t know about it. Makes no sense.

But I love this show! It’s so freaking amazing, and well-written and has great characters who experience incredible growth. And the continuity! If you’ve read/listened to two or more reviews on this blog, then you know how important continuity is to me, and this show, this show gets it. *Wipes tear*

Where do I even start?!

  • Rick Grimes is my husband, and we can fight about it.
  • The Governor was the devil incarnate.
  • I HATED Shane and legit hollered when he died.
  • “Ooooh noooo.” Is there a more potent piece of film on this planet than Rick crying over Lori’s death? If you want to make me laugh/smile, link me to a gif of that moment or even just mention it. I will break apart. I laughed when he cried. I love this man, but that moment? Oh my God.
  • Andrea steadily and consistently got on my damn nerves with her stupid choices. She was such a follower, but she had a type. Shane and Phillip? Alpha-types who easily stop caring about the people they say they want to lead.
  • I liked Milton by the time he died.
  • By the time Lori died, I was ready, because the writing started to seriously let her down.
  • All hail the Ringleader, the Archer, and the Samurai. Praised be to my dynamic OT3!
  • I love Carl. CarlxMichonnexRick lifestyle!
  • I fell for Michonne and Rick when they were talking about him allowing her into the prison, and she said he could’ve just taken the formula, and he said, “Maybe it was something else.” I melted! More of them, please!
  • On the other side of it, please keep DarylxBeth. I love Daryl, and I appreciate Beth, but I see nothing between them. I won’t riot if they happen, but I also won’t become invested like with GlennxMaggie. I’d rather they just not happen.
  • Maggie shouldn’t have ripped up the picture. Her logic made no sense and was uselessly romantic. But I like her as a person. And Glenn is a prince, though he got major side-eyes from me when he was being OTT about Maggie’s experience with the Governor.
  • I’ll never stop missing Hershel :(.
  • Carol….hmm. She sure changed. And it makes sense. But she sure changed.
  • How CRAZY did Lizzie get?! So damn unexpected, I was SHOCKED when she killed her sister. So damn sad.
  • May Sasha stay around forever.

And I think I’m going to stop it here! If you watch TWD, and want me to elaborate on or touch on anything more, then please comment and ask! I’m not going to review the show, per se, when it comes back; I know that I can’t make that commitment right now, especially since I’ve got like 4 shows that I’m officially reviewing and am behind on, but I will talk about TWD from time to time on here when it gets back.

My next three-day weekend is Labor Day weekend. My plan is to marathon the rest of Sleepy Hollow and do one big review. Maybe two. It’ll be a miracle if I do the season before that holiday weekend, but I’m shooting for when I have three whole days off. When it comes to Witches of East End, Teen Wolf, and Scandal, I don’t know. I don’t like to leave things unfinished, so I WILL do them at some point, the question is just when.

To end, y’all who watch TWD (if anybody even reads this post) know that every season one or two people from the group dies. Who do you NOT mind giving up, and you HAVE to name someone from the main group. Here’s my list:

  • Everyone from the Washington D.C. crew (we can learn about how to end the apocalypse some other way; it ain’t that pertinent to my viewing pleasure)
  • The girl who helped Glenn (she’s fine, but if I have to spare someone, there are others that I’ve known longer and would rather keep)
  • Bob (and I like what the show’s done with him)
  • Tyreese (I like him just fine, but I can spare him)



7 thoughts on “I’m still alive! + Flailings About The Walking Dead

  1. Don’t no body want Rick Grimes.

    I’m not getting this: ‘Maybe it was something else’. I think I’m missing it. :\

    -I’d say Carol more came into herself than ‘changed’. Her thinking/logic is something though.
    -But Lizzie didn’t hurt the brain. 😉 I saw it coming though, probably because the comic. Though in the comic it was two twin boys and the writing was bad.

    OMG if they kill Sasha I don’t know. That’s my home girl.

    I’d give up Bob (kinda done with him for leaving Sasha to go keep Maggie company), Beth (it’s not like Maggie even cares tbh), … I’m curious to see what Rick would be like without Carl (muahahaha).

    I don’t want any WoC to go.

    I mean if you like continuity then BtVS is where it’s at. Joss Whedon can be a fuck boy sometimes but at least he knows how to tell a story, work a trope, develop a character.

    • Giiirl, you better watch your words in this here space! 😛

      You don’t remember when Rick said that to Michonne? I think the correct line is, “Must’ve been something else [that made him let her stay].”

      But Lizzie didn’t hurt the brain.


      Re, twin boys: Well look at the writers being subversive. Good for them!

      Nooooo, not Carl! That would DESTROY Rick! And it wouldn’t be the worse if Beth went, though it might be too soon after Hershel.

      Eh, Buffy goes through to much pain, and her friends suck. And her love interests don’t compare to Angel.

      • 😉
        I just remember Rick being a dick to Michonne mostly and her being better than him.

        Maggie has no feels for Beth, LBR. She was more worried about Glenn.

        Okay but you watched TVD and so you should be prepared for badness that’s done better.

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