Prelude to a Breakup?

Hi all Scandal fans,

We haven’t watched the latest episode yet, but we’re up to date about what happened between Jake and Olivia. For that reason, we’ve decided to take a break from Scandal until the season closes. Keeping up with the week-to-week roller coaster is exhausting. It’s not because of Jake, and it is because of Jake. Jake is an example. Before him it was Maya, before her it was Rowan, before him it was Huck, before him it was Fitz. Point: there’s no positivity in Olivia’s life and thus no positivity on the show. Neither of us signed up to watch ‘Po Little Olivia who can’t get her life together and can’t have anyone positive in her life. That’s not how the show was promoted, and that’s not why we tuned in. We will revisit it in the summer and perhaps continue to podcast it (we’ll make another announcement whichever way), because right now the week to week thing is not working, and catching up with missed episodes on one of our parts is a chore, and that feeling didn’t exist last season and especially the first season. Both of us are too busy with real life to be dedicating not just an hour to watching a show filled with a miserable lead character, but then another hour to take notes on it, and another two hours to talk about it, and then another couple of hours to edit the podcast. Olivia Pope’s world isn’t an escape anymore; it’s a headache.

-Alta and Sabrina

2 thoughts on “Prelude to a Breakup?

  1. Haha, i stuck it out longer than y’all!
    i made it somewhere into season 4 and they nearly killed Jake but didn’t, then they had a fitz moment and olivia was being sold or bought by someone and all i could do was roll my eyes and give up. And that was it. Scandal lost me in that moment when it was this weird love-triangle/ rhombus – brian white whattup guy! – and absolutely no progress on olivia growing or being someone I would either want to emulate or even support. She wasn’t a gladiator, and her father was the only real highlight but I couldn’t deal with him being the prop to keep up this madness.

    What was your final decision about it though…or should the silence speak enough?! I can’t say you missed out on anything, tbh.

    I kinda find Shonda starts strong, then just dies like all her storytelling and charm were a mere spark, not a consistent fire. I’m fervently praying HTGAWM doesn’t go that route. Oh the tears I will shed to see that die a graceless death 😥

    • Hi and welcome!

      I came back earlier this year and caught up. And after the recent season finale, I’m wondering why the heck I did. These two Tumblr posts still sum up my feelings on the matter. I don’t know how Shonda doesn’t care that she’s going in a circle with Olivia and Fitz.

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