Scandal 3.13: No Sun on the Horizon

In this terrible episode, Olivia speaks of darkness and sunlight only to choose the former at the last minute. Sally wants to confess her sin to the whole world in the presidential debate and this has Cyrus sweating about finally going to jail. Quinn has to pay her dues in B613 and  complains all the way until she realizes the world doesn’t bend to her ego. David gets cold feet about Publius and then James gets cold feet about Publius, so Jake decides to end their unproductive partnership by shooting one of them. In spite of most of this and because of the last event, Sabrina remains satisfied with Scandal’s return so far.

Scandal 3.13  *I’m currently unable to upload the podcast directly to the blog because of internet issues. This link takes you to Mediafire where you can listen and download.

“This episode is called No Sun on the Horizon, and there’s about to be a no me on the horizon where this show is concerned. They think that this is cute, and it’s a game, and it’s drama. And I’m sure their ratings are doing fine and that they’re still getting talked about in all the entertainment articles and blogs, but over here in this little corner of Just Another Judicious Podcast I am sick and tired of what happens on this show. I am sick and tired of the fact that nothing ever changes. I’m sick and tired of being sucked in at the beginning only to be let down at the end and then ask myself why I even thought anything was going to change. [….] I’m sick and tired of watching Cyrus come out on top; I’m sick and tired of his stupid and over the top speeches about the Republic and the government and how it’s going to fall and all that crap working on dumbasses like Olivia and apparently Jake.”-Alta

“Somebody please tell me what happened that [Jake] changed his mind after rightly saying to Cyrus [he doesn’t understand how the world really works]. What the hell happened, and I can guess what happened which I think is completely stupid, but what happened from that that led us to the end of the damn episode and the whole crap with that scene? I can’t take it anymore, and I’m seriously about to take a hiatus from watching this dumb ass show. I’m sick of them acting like they care about the Republic and the White House when really they just think the White House is a beautiful, historic background to their  petty, repititive, toxic, over the top drama. I’m sick and tired of James being a dumbass coward who can’t stand up to Cyrus because that wouldn’t work for the formula of the show. Because this show is formulaic.”-Alta

“With ‘we could run; we could disappear’; I just felt like yeah it could work, but I didn’t like the timing of it. They’re not having a real conversation like okay there’s a reason why me and you should run away together. Because she’s stuck on pretending, and I think he knows her well enough to know that she won’t ever run. So the whole ‘run away with me, save me, Liv,’ for what? I liked you better when you were sitting there, and you looked her dead in her eyes and you were like, ‘I loved you, I loved you; I love you, goodbye.’ Because yeah, your feelings have no bearing on how she’s going to act and how she’s going to treat you and the things she’s going to do. Because she doesn’t care about you like that. Like, I love you, Jake, but she don’t love you like I love you.”-Sabrina

“David has his job. I don’t even understand why he would really want to pursue this, even with the tape, ’cause he knows he’s going to lose. Like, let’s just be real. You probably ‘gon lose and not just lose your job and have to be a school teacher again, you probably ‘gon lose your life. ‘Cause they realize that they gave you a second chance, and you didn’t really take it. ‘Cause you’ve been in the office now for like three months? And you’re back trying to take them under.”-Sabrina


2 thoughts on “Scandal 3.13: No Sun on the Horizon

  1. Please please please don’t quit on Scandal just yet! I know this season’s been extra tedious but I’d really love to hear your thoughts on the last 2 latest episodes, especially 3×15! This is the only Scandal-related podcast/review I enjoy listening to. I’ll pray that God gives you the strength/patience to endure the monotonous writing:)

    • Hi! Thank you for commenting :). I plan on watching the latest 2 episodes, I just need to find time. Yeah, the monotonous writing doesn’t help in me sitting down to watch it, but I should watch 3.14 this week. I’ve calmed down a lot from my 3.13 anger. Hopefully it doesn’t come back in 3.14.

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