Scandal 3.12: We Do Not Touch the First Ladies

In this episode, Fitz and Sally’s teams prepare their candidates for the debate. Sally is having hallucinations, so Leo has taken over her storyline. Liv and Jake both stand their ground with the people they love. Adnan makes her move, and we discover how Andrew lost Mellie so many years ago.

Scandal 3.12

Quotes From the Podcast:

“I didn’t like it because it’s much ado about nothing. [Olivia]’s screaming her damn head off but we all know there’s a scene coming up in some episode very soon where they’re going to make up.” – Alta

“I need [Sally] to snap out of it. Because you know what it’s doing? It’s taking this story that is supposed to be led by Sally and it’s being led by Leo instead because Sally can’t function.” – Alta

“Can this be about Mellie and not Mellie and Andrew’s connection? I’d like that….this wasn’t about mellie. This scene, it would not have happened if it weren’t for Andrew. We wouldn’t have gotten this. We got this in order to make them have a better connection, to explain their past instead of to explain anything about Mellie’s characterization.” – Sabrina

“What’s great for Liv to see is that even with Jake doing her this favor of playing her beard, he’s still like I’m not going to lose myself in this. I’m doing you a favor and I’m never going to let you forget this, and I’m also not going to let you think that just because I’m doing you THIS favor that it gives you… you know, take a mile and ask me for a million more and keep me from doing my job. No. Moderation.” – Alta


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