Scandal 3.11: Ride, Sally, Ride

Scandal’s back with the mostly satisfying Ride, Sally, Ride. Olivia is Fitz’s new campaign manager until resurfaced rumors of her possible affair with him make her change her mind. Sally announces her bid as an Independent for the next presidential race but emphasizes that she will complete her term as Vice President first. Sally’s announcement lights a fire under Fitz to find a running mate, and his choice ends up having a surprising connection to Mellie. James is partnering up with David once again in hopes of bringing justice to Daniel Douglas; Rowan vows to put Fitz six feet under for dethroning him as command, and we finally meet Adnan Salif.

I apologize for my heavy breathing in parts of the podcast. I was sick at the time and didn’t realize how loud my breathing would get.-Alta

Scandal 3.11

“Pretty much the one thing they don’t do, and probably because Shonda is Black, is racist comments. The comments that they do have [are] subtle, and [they] always leave people going ‘oh hell yeah.’ [….] Whenever something racial comes up [….], it’s always well done, even the Sally Hemmings/Thomas Jefferson, it was an exaggerated comparison, but it was like yes this could only come from the perspective of someone whose Black and at some points a Black woman. It’s always subtle and illuminating. The sexist comments, the homophobic comments, it’s gotten to the point where it’s like: what is the point? To show that some people are assholes? Okay, but why is it that so many of them are assholes but there’s not really anyone on the other side?”-Alta

“They act like serving Fitz is serving the Republic, and it’s not. Sally could be just as good of a president as Fitz. Probably better, ’cause she would actually be doing stuff. She would actually have ideas and not just be like ‘Oh oh Leo, what should I do next? Because I don’t know; I can’t even write jokes; I can’t even write a speech without you.'”-Sabrina

“The point is that Sally would be able to lead, and Fitz hasn’t been leading. They’ve even given up on the talk of him being a Rhodes Scholar and a great man. They’ve even stopped with that joke.”-Alta

“[Fitz] is so hypocritical, and I just have a huge problem with that as a person. I’m like if you expect something for yourself, you should treat other people in that same way. And he is like, ‘you do not handle me; you do not dismiss me.’ But then he’s dismissing her here. I said that’s all.”-Sabrina


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