Teen Wolf S03E19: Lutharia Vulpina Review

This episode didn’t let me down. It was a nice follow-up from last week, though of course it wasn’t 100% perfect. This is Teen Wolf, headed by the one and only Jeff Davis. Of course there were problems.

Let’s start with Deaton. Yes, his entrance was cool. Yes, him paralyzing that one man was also cool. But where did he come from? I thought the flashbacks from last episode were happening in Japan, so when he showed up, I was like, “Deaton flew to Japan?”

Who recommended him to the gang? Since when does he make house calls? Why does he make house calls? I thought he was done with all of this except for Scott? When did he come into this storyline? The last time we saw him he was talking about doors and jars. Now he’s all about possession? Why couldn’t we have seen Scott talking to him about this? You know, at work? They could’ve worked a scene or two in last episode since Deaton was actually mentioned with regards to security.

Why can he speak Japanese? Is picking up languages part of his magical negro powers? Why did he know that that specific plant is what he needed, and how did he know it was there? How did he know that the man who died all those years ago was the head gang member’s father?

And last: how did he know Stiles would be at the….where were they again? Yeah, wherever they were, how did Deaton know they’d be there? Scott didn’t even seem to know what Deaton was up to.

There are no answers to these questions, ladies and gentleman. Deaton basically appeared in this episode to make a way. To solve the problem (or mostly solve it). He appeared with answers. He is a magical negro.

Now the episode started immediately where the other one ended. Crazyness outside of the hospital because of a live wire. It turns into chaos once people start showing up. Kira does her best to warn them, but most everyone has lost their hearing, so an EMT steps out of his truck and gets electrocuted. Allison tries to run into the water, to do what, I don’t know. Isaac, instead of pushing her with his body and falling with her like most everyone who pushes people out of danger on tv does, shoves the hell out of Allison (and says her name weirdly in the process). Now who knows why he shoved her. It obviously wasn’t to keep her away from the zappy water, because he then steps in it and gets electrocuted. I hoped he died, but I’m not lucky.

Kira realizes that everyone’s too dumb to stay away from the water, so she cartwheels over an oncoming vehicle and lands in the water. She grabs the wire, and, after shaking with it a little bit, puts a calming palm over it, and it’s lights out. Her eyes glow a muted gold (you guys watched the episode, so you know. Maybe it’s amber?). Her mom sees this and tells her no one else needs to. These Beacon Hills citizens have no sense of self-preservation or even danger, so I’m sure they don’t realize what Kira did.

So Isaac’s suffering from the shocks and Stiles decided to go missing, and this has Melissa all shaken up. She says, “If anyone can go missing for two days and turn up fine, it’s Stiles,” and I don’t understand what she means, because she just learned that part of Stiles’ brain is atrophied. Do better, Mama McCall.

She and Scott decide to go visit Isaac. They happen upon Allison, who decided to sleep in the hospital. I don’t know when she and Isaac got this serious, but okay. I mean Isaac lives with Scott and even he went home to sleep. But Allison’s not being let in to see Isaac, ’cause she’s not family. Melissa takes care of that.

I don’t know why Allison grabbed Scott’s hand when they walked into the room. 1) She’s seen worse. 2) She and Isaac are not that serious. 3) She and Scott aren’t that serious where Isaac is concerned.

Scott tries to take away some of Isaac’s pain, and it hurts him :(. Allison asks if Stiles did this, and I’m confused because I watched the wire fly apart. Sure Stiles tinkered with it, but he wasn’t looking to hurt Isaac, you know? I just find her questions strange.

So at school the twins are freaking out, because things are getting too quiet. I am again left in the dark because I thought it was only the next day. But it might have been two days later? I don’t know. Scott hears a sound and recognizes that it’s from one of Papa Argent’s gadgets, so they go to investigate.

And there’s Stiles! No, really! It’s Stiles! I cocked my head a little, because here we have this story of Stiles not being himself, literally, yet we couldn’t go an entire episode without him leading the action. They literally brought him back to his own body so that he could be a part of the rescuers. Although if the climax is taken at face value, it wasn’t Stiles at all? The fox was just doing a very good job?

Anyways, they set off looking for a bomb.

Meanwhile, coach is in this episode and is disrespecting a bunch of kids as usual. He wants them all to write get well cards for Isaac.

“Dear Isaac,

Please leave? I don’t enjoy you anymore.


And he wants them to run. Kira and Danny are in this class, and they’re running their butts off. Kira is the best, because she’s just a little bit supernatural. The wind settles beneath her wings, and she takes off, only to go flying when Scott catches up with her and stops her. Favorite scene from the episode!!!! And then Scott says he felt her running! What does that mean?! Because it’s not like she’s part of his pack. I feel like he meant he supernaturally felt her running, and I’d like to know how that works, because I like it a lot.

There’s a booby trap in the forest, Stiles figured, and that’s why Scott and crew are there. Ethan tackled Danny down from his run and they took a break to makeout on the ground.

Stiles uncovers a large chain that…is attached to nothing. The coach of course gets obnoxious about the error, which earns him an arrow in the chest. Whoops. It didn’t surprise me. I saw a picture of the actor with an arrow in his chest two hours before I watched the episode, and then I was watching the episode with my friend, and her episode was a little ahead of mine, and she typed out her reaction.

Coach was beyond hysterical. I don’t know how he could flail like that with an arrow protruding from his chest, but he needed not fear for Scott was with him. Scott took in some of his pain. I want there to be a consequence, either emotional or physical for Scott taking all of these people’s pain. Derek sure suffered when he overdid it with Cora.

While all of this is going on, Derek and Chris got arrested for the murder of Silverfinger. Would Derek really have gotten arrested with Chris in real life? He was just in the house. The dirty money was in Chris’ safe. When did Stiles have time to go kill Silverfinger, and how did he even know about the man? Because they’re saying Stiles did it, but the timeline is telling me not to believe them.

So they’re down at the Sheriff’s station. Derek wants to break out, but Chris thinks there’s more to life it than this.

Back in the woods, everyone figures out there’s a bomb on a bus. So at the school all of the kids are being evacuated from all of the buses. All of the kids, except one. He’s white, so he decided to pick up the present that wasn’t even addressed to him and got a bomb for his troubles. Maybe.

Another white guy goes in to find out if it really is a bomb, and he lets his bitterness shine when he goes on a little rant about looking young. You’re supposed to look young at 24. He doesn’t know. Smh.

But the bomb isn’t on the bus. No, friends, it’s in the sheriff’s station! And Chris Argent would’ve died had it not been for Derek’s body.

Scott and Stiles get there in the aftermath. Stiles asks Scott to suffer for his mistake and heal a hurt man of the law, but it’s too late. And the look on Scott’s face. Baby!

So Kira shows up (I think) to tell Scott that the fireflies are coming, and they’re coming for Stiles. All three cram into Stiles’ jeep, and they figure they need to get to *insert location here* for the relative safety of the mountain ash. No sooner do they arrive than the fireflies attack. Scott goes on the defense, and Stiles calls Kira to safety, but hell nah. Kira is a burgeoning Kitsune; she belongs where the action is. She comes into her own and holds her own, especially once Scott gets hurt. Scott is awed by this.

They defeat the fireflies and get to safety. Or do they?

They don’t, because heeeere’s the Nogitsune! And its got a bone to pick with Scott. Things get a little confusing here. See, Kira told us earlier that Kitsune’s don’t care about good or bad. If it’s good for the trickin’, then they’re up for it. Until you offend them that is. You don’t want to see a Kitsune when they’re angry. I kind of don’t know why they’re trying to apply Kitsune rules to the Nogitsune, but I’m guessing Kira’s right. So the Nogitsune has been offended, so that’s why it’s been doing all of this. And the person who offended it is Scott. Only it names the things Scott did in this episode. This doesn’t tell me why it possessed Stiles prior to this episode or why it’s been copying Barrow’s method of killing people. There’s a lot missing.

So it steals back all the pain Scott took away. You see? The fact that it stole the pain means that Scott holds the pain that he takes away inside of him. There has to be a consequence for that, right? Right? How does he purge himself of the pain he takes?

And will Kira eventually learn how to take pain away, too, because if the Nogitsune can navigate the taking of pain, shouldn’t Kira be able to do something similar, less dark, as a Kitsune?

Anyways the Nogitsune stabs Scott, but it doesn’t get to kill him because who shows up? Deaton! Yeah.

He poisons the Nogitsune. Throw Scott against a wall, and he’s down for 11 minutes, but run him through with a pipe, and he snaps back in no time. Okay.

The Nogitsune’s down but not for the count. Stiles is still possessed. And Ms. Yukimura’s got stronger fireflies out to get him.

Elsewhere in the episode, completely unconnected to the A plot, B plot, C plot, etc, a paternity drama is brewing. Yeah. Peter has a kid. Why? I don’t know. But he’s not just  a father; he’s an uncle, and the girl Scott saved a couple of episodes ago, the one who’d been missing all those years, is his daughter. Who in the audience needs this storyline?

The best parts of this cockamamie plotline were Lydia and Allison. Specifically Allison protecting Lydia and calling Peter out on the crap he did to Lydia. I also liked the moment when Peter told Lydia that she’s tuned in to a level of sound in the universe that no one else is tuned into. Pretty cool. I just wish Lydia’s storyline wasn’t damn passive! If Isaac packed his bags and left, she’d be the character I want to go. I just can’t take it. Why do we need Peter for this? Lydia reads, but she can’t dust off some books about banshees? She can quiz Kira on East and Southeast Asian mythology, but she can’t find something on Irish mythology? Okay.

The next episode is Echo House, and I’ve refrained from watching previews for the episodes pretty much this entire second half, so I don’t know what it’s going to be about. I just hope it has a lot of Scott and a lot of Kira.

Let’s all hope Allison and Isaac’s reunion scene is short.

And by the way, what would your letter to Isaac read like?

See you next week!


3 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S03E19: Lutharia Vulpina Review

  1. Hey so I guess you got some things mixed up here, let me help:

    The Nogitsune is a kind of Kitsune which is why the rules apply to it, also known as void. It’s a ‘dark’ spirit. It feeds off suffering and strife, so it’s not like its beef was with Scott per se, just that Scott had a lot of pain he could feed off of. Which is sad in its own way. Also he was stabbed with a sword and not a pipe. 🙂 Kira’s mother also appears to be one, and she seems to be using her ‘tails’ to power the Oni (older kitsunes have 9 tails).

    Scott, Kira and Stiles went to the Vet’s, which might probably explain why he was there. Probably. It’s still a bit of a long shot that Deaton found out about Stiles’ demon thing, got a Japanese visa, flew to Japan, poison the wolf, got an appointment to see the Yakuza, who conveniently had a a sick animal and flew back in 2/3 days but cool I guess.

    The beginning scenes with the water and Isaac was stupid. I’m just glad Allison was freed to resume being awesome.

    I want to see consequences for the pain sucking thing too, There’s probably a reason why werewolves aren’t doing it willy nilly. And I like to headcanon that Scott felt something even worse when that guy died. I just really want that and Scott’s emotions dealt with you know?

    “He’s white, so he decided to pick up the present that wasn’t even addressed to him and got a bomb for his troubles.”
    I lol’d.

    • Hi!

      I just rewatched the scene to be sure. This is why I feel they were saying Scott is the one who offended it:

      Kira: “If you somehow offend a Nogitsune, it can react really badly.”
      Scott: “How do you offend a Nogitsune?”
      Kira: “I don’t know. But if it’s doing something like this, someone must’ve really, really offended it.”

      It made me think we were going to find out why the Nogitsune possessed Stiles, why it was doing all of this. So we get to the end and the Nogitsune only talks about Scott trying to save the people he put in danger that day. Now the story’s not over, based on Deaton’s words, but I’m skeptical if we’ll be told of the reason for this storyline, especially since they had the continuity error last week about when exactly Stiles got possessed. Smh.

      Also he was stabbed with a sword and not a pipe. 🙂 Kira’s mother also appears to be one, and she seems to be using her ‘tails’ to power the Oni (older kitsunes have 9 tails).

      Thanks, re: sword not pipe! But I don’t understand the tail thing. I really didn’t know what she was breaking, because I didn’t hear what Mr. Yukimura said (or why he looked uncomfortable). Do you know/remember why the tails look like that? Have we been told? I do remember Kira saying that really powerful Kitsunes can have nine tails.

      Scott, Kira and Stiles went to the Vet’s,

      Ah, thanks.

      I just really want that and Scott’s emotions dealt with you know?

      Yeah, I know :(.

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