Teen Wolf S03E18: Riddled Reaction

Lydia’s in this episode :(. Nice acknowledgment of the number of deaths at/related to that school, though.

When did she decide Aiden had repented enough to model for her? -__-.

“Stiles, why are you whispering?” “Because I think there’s someone in here with me.” Creepy!

I’ve been waiting for Kira’s powers to show up in her every day life.

“Don’t ask. It only gets more confusing when you ask.” In what way, Aiden? Ugh.

It’s great that Stiles grabbed his phone in the middle of sleep walking :/.

Oh my Lord, is that the Darach?

My God, Lydia, no one else can hear it, now stop asking!

Oh, so it’s not the Darach. I thought I’d seen its bald head, but it’s just cloth.

Poor Stiles :(.

Is there a reason why the werewolves can’t smell to see if he’s in there?

Agent Mccall actually got something done.

Poor bb Scott :(.

Is Kira going to be the one who saves Stiles? 😀

Stiles and Scott are so sweet!

How the heck could Barrow (sp?) have used Kira’s power to help a demon jump inside Stiles? This is happening backwards. Stiles left the message for Barrow, i.e. was possessed, before Barrow went after Kira. Is this revisionist history? Because Stiles wasn’t even there when Kira lit up the place, so I’m confused as to how his bat even landed on the locker.

Lydia’s refusing to get it together. Not even Kira is this damn lost.

This conversation between Scott and Derek. My loves <3. I’ve missed them truly interacting one-on-one. Btw, it seems Allison and Isaac have disappeared from the episode. I haven’t seen them in a while.

Is…..Kira still waiting outside? Because she and Derek rode in one car, and Derek’s still at the hospital.

Who the hell is talking to Stiles, though?

Is Kira’s mama here to put a stop to this?

Damn, Ms. Yukimura’s ready to kill Stiles’ ass. She runs with the fireflies! And who is this “us” the demon is referring to? Him and Stiles? Or his own crew?

Ms. Yukimura’s ready to get ish done, and I am ready for her!

I hope Kira manages to smack that live wire down instead of getting smacked down by it.

I thought they were going to save Stiles by the end of this episode, but nope! I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode, though I’m unable to watch it live anymore. My cable’s basically gone :(. But I hope Lutharia Vulpina ends up being worthy of this ending! Riddled was another very good episode. Keep it up, show!


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