Teen Wolf S03E17: Silverfinger Reaction

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I reviewed an episode of this show. That’s how long it’s been since I watched an episode. A combination of no time + not feeling like watching it meant no activity on this blog. But I watched Silverfinger, and I’m about to watch Riddled, so I’m going to be all caught up.

This is less formal than a review. They’re basically my thoughts as I watched the episode. A liveblog that’s not completely live.

So ready?

Let’s go!

Kira asking to see Scott’s wolf face is hot.

I don’t know why they said Scott was going to update Stiles on what happened the night before but we of course got Stiles updating Scott on what happened the night before. That problem continues.

The prince wants some alone time with the girl he’s into. Y’all need to understand.

Ugh. Isaac grabbed Allison’s but, so he’s a man now. Allison, gurl. I have to believe that you just want to have a fling and are playing around, because if I believe you’re serious about Isaac, Isaac, then I’ll have to believe you’ve sunk low, and I’m not ready for that.

“Your boss. Do you work for a security company or something?”

“No, he’s a veterinarian.”


Oh damn. Stiles is showing the same symptoms as his mom.

THIS SCENE IS SO HOT, I DON’T WANT IT TO END! “That’s just a drawing in a children’s book.” Hot!

“You’re a gene donor. I got my hair color from you, and that’s all I got.” SCOTT! ❤

Yay Derek!

This fight scene is so damn dark, I can barely see anything.

Mmm, they’re looking for Stiles.

Oooor they’re looking for Kira. But she doesn’t seem possessed and dark. So I’m back to Stiles.

Since when does Stiles calls Melissa Melissa? Disrespectful.

I wonder what’s possessing Stiles, and I wonder what exactly his mom had that took her life away. Didn’t they say it was cancer before, or did they never specify?

This episode was actually good. Adequate Scott.

Lydia wasn’t in this episode (thank you), and I never got around to reviewing Illuminated (which if you asked me should’ve been Galvanized’s title), so I’m going to give my thoughts on her behavior here. This is about her suddenly having an awakening and realizing Aiden’s a bad guy. It did nothing for me because it was cheap. I wanted to make her to swallow her words as soon as she said Boyd’s name. Is she kidding? Boyd’s been dead how long? And it’s only now that she has a problem hanging out with his killer? I’m not even going to go into how problematic that makes her. She used his death as a light detail to make herself feel better. Or change. Or whatever it was that was about. Wasn’t it the episode before Illuminated that she was making out with Aiden in a closet? Okay.

So then Aiden’s sudden desire to help Danny out with the party is just as cheap, because it comes off like he wants Lydia pacified enough so that she’ll let him in her pants again. It was a whole lot of crap that I didn’t need from either of them but especially Lydia.

Allison and Isaac making out at the party is something I didn’t need. She suddenly takes her shirt off and asks him if he’s just going to stand there or if he’s going to paint her body. They’re trying very hard, and I need them to stop. Her kissing him in this episode was good, but what is it about them that just doesn’t work for me? It’s something beside the “makes no sense”-ness of how they began. It’s like they try too hard to have that kind-of-contentious-but-not-really-antagonistic chemistry, and they’re failing. And their banter doesn’t work. I cringed when Isaac said, “If she’s going, then I’m going.” Because what is that supposed to mean to anybody? Least of all Allison?

The girl with the girlfriend came back, and she’s bisexual. I wonder if we’ll see her again. When I first heard the news of her being back, I wondered why. If she wasn’t a (possible) love interest for Stiles, Jeff making her bi would have rolled off my shoulder. Lord knows bisexual people are severely under-represented on tv. But the Stiles of it all……

And those are pretty much my thoughts on Silverfinger and Illuminated. I’m sorry for switching up the format of how I usually review. I should be back to normal after I post my thoughts on Riddled. 

See you in 42 minutes or so!


6 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S03E17: Silverfinger Reaction

  1. I felt the same way about Lydia.

    I think Crystal isn’t into it. Maybe neither of them are because none of it’s there. The way she kissed him would have been alright if she looked moved after but she didn’t. He’s grabbing her butt and she’s like, “and now about this op.”

    Apparently Daniel has said he wouldn’t mind being killed

    • Off so maybe he’s not into his character or the show at all anymore. I don’t see the incentive to be for the supporting characters. They’re not given any meat or development. Isaac has his history of abuse but Daniel had said that he doesn’t like how he’s always sad.

      They have zero chemistry and they’re trying so hard in a way that makes me think they’re not trying at all. It’s their eyes. There’s no emotion, just big hand gestures.

      Meanwhile everything Kira and Scott do is a blessing. I liked that she called him on why she was there because that was headed toward I like you but shouldn’t you be here alone and I be safe at my house. Self-preservation is a beautiful thing.

      Scott standing up to his dad. What did you think of his this isn’t why I came here? The first thought I had was that he was trying to get to know his son before he died…

      Derek showing up. It’s crazy how a character can be so annoying when there’s too much focus on him and cool after a break. He came back ready to die for Scott, not kill him to get his alpha status (if he could even do that). I loved that line and I’m hoping he continues to do good things this half.

      • Isaac has his history of abuse but Daniel had said that he doesn’t like how he’s always sad.

        When is Isaac always sad, tho? Inquiring minds.

        Meanwhile everything Kira and Scott do is a blessing.

        Yeeesss. I was wondering while watching this episode why every attempted canon couple that doesn’t include Scott flops. Danny and that other twin are whatever, but still.

        I wondered what he wanted to tell Scott when he thought he was dying. Melissa seemed to know, but I’d like to know. It seemed to be something of an apologetic nature? But there’s his glee in wanting the Sheriff fired (which has been the only way the show has coded him as #bad), so Idk. Oh, maybe he IS dying, but of a normal sickness? Maybe that’s what Melissa knows? I loved that we actually got ONE Mccall mentioning the past while interacting with Agent Mccall. I liked hearing about how he was pretty much always drunk.

        Derek showing up. It’s crazy how a character can be so annoying when there’s too much focus on him and cool after a break.

        I loved it. His cooling down still happened in an annoying way in the first half, but he’s back to interacting with Scott and talking to Scott, so I can let it go. I don’t know how I feel about him pretty much declaring that he’d die for Scott, though. I feel like there’s a couple of steps missing. But even with those steps, him saying it out loud like that….Idk. The only person who can say out loud that they’d die for Scott and I wouldn’t be weirded out is Stiles.

        • Well he was sad last season. But anyhow point was that that’s really all they give his character in terms of depth.

          Liked that too. Yes, I thought he may be dying of a normal sickness as well.

          Everything Scott touches turns to gold.

          I didn’t mind it mostly bc I’m not interested in seeing his progression. Before he wouldn’t have died for Scott but now he will and I’m all for that.

    • He’s grabbing her butt and she’s like, “and now about this op.”

      Lol. See, I didn’t even check for her post-kiss reaction. Smh.

      Apparently Daniel has said he wouldn’t mind being killed

      Damn, that’s legit, because he’s basically saying he wouldn’t mind being out of a job (because I doubt he’s got something waiting in the wings).

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