Teen Wolf S03E15: Galvanize Review

I don’t have enough words to gush about the perfection that is Scott Mccall and Kira Yukimura, separately and together. But I will damn sure give it the old college try.

Scott shows up looking hella sexy after Stiles harps on him not participating in Mischief Night. Mischief Night coincides with Halloween in Beacon Hills (how random was the Halloween insert?) and is also the day before Coach’s birthday. Scott pretends he’s nowhere near the school but when Stiles starts counting down (he couldn’t have been serious because I know he didn’t expect Scott to get from his house to the school before he reached one) he appears, eyes aglow, right before he smoothly switches from sexy to adorable when he smiles. He’s so cute!

The next day Scott had to deal with two lessers who were hot to join his pack. But Scott is screening all applicants, and he’s not about it. They are too violent. When they told him they could make him powerful, I expected Scott to say, “I don’t want to be powerful.” Scott’s not power-hungry, so the promise of power isn’t the way to his heart or his pack. They should promise to help him, to look out for people, something altruistic.

Scott’s bodyguard showed up, named Stiles Stilinski, and I really didn’t understand why he was suddenly pointing out the twins beating Scott up in the last episode when in the last episode he just stood there and cheered Scott under his breath. I didn’t understand his sudden offense and annoyance.

And then there came Isaac from out of nowhere (what does he actually do in school?) to add on to it when I can clearly see a time when Scott might have to give him a serious talk or else kick him out of the pack. So instead of telling the twins why they can’t join, he needs to worry about continuing to be qualified to be in the pack. Just sayin’.

Inside the school, Scott spotted Kira and got stars in his eyes. He was literally craning his neck to see past Stiles. Stiles noticed this and proceeded to give Scott a pep talk. He’s the Alpha, the hottest girl in school (I love that he spoke of Scott’s Alpha status, something usually reserved for the boys, and then said it’s the same thing as being the hottest girl in school. Love it). And then Scott, dear Scott, doesn’t run with the Alpha thing but the hot girl thing. He’s the hot girl! And here comes Isaac (why didn’t he just walk inside with Scott and Stiles?) validating Scott’s status as the hottest girl in school. And this is all Scott needs to hear to make a move.

However Scott’s eagerness deflated a little when he overheard Kira tell her father that she wasn’t interested in boys right now, just in making friends. Can I please get a round of applause for the fact that Scott would’ve probably stayed away from Kira for the rest of the episode (and most likely will stay away from her in the romantic sense until she gives him another signal) if her father hadn’t invited him to dinner? Scott knows Kira is crushing on him. Her father outed her in front of him and he saw how embarrassed she was. But he wasn’t going to push it. She said she wasn’t interested right now (because you can crush on someone and not want to be with them/be ready to be with them), and Scott was disappointed because he heard “No.” I ‘m melting! I love him.

But Scott did get the invite to dinner, much to Kira’s surprise. She put herself together quite nicely though, and Scott sat with her family over sushi. We met Kira’s mother and learned that she has ties in California that goes back generations. Her family is a big deal, which is why Mr. Yukimura took her name when they got married. Scott is very into this, so much so that he later asks his mom why she didn’t change back to her name after she divorced his father. Melissa’s answer was sweet: because it’s Scott’s name. I mean she could’ve changed Scott’s name to hers, but we don’t need to get that deep.

Kira taught Scott how to use chopsticks and then she fed him! All while her parents watched. And Scott wasn’t embarrassed about any of this. He wasn’t throwing her parents side looks like, “Oh my God, your daughter is feeding me and this is awkward for us all.” And Kira’s parents simply watched Kira connect to another person. They seem to support it. We know her dad definitely does.

But despite living in California, Scott doesn’t know what wasabi looks like or that it’s a staple in sushi, so he gobbles the whole thing down and proceeds to sweat it out. He thought it was guacamole. Who can touch this cuteness?!

Afterwards, Kira took mercy and ordered something about which Scott knows everything: pizza and coke. They sat in her room (which I found strange. Isaac was in Allison’s room, too, and Lydia was in Stiles’. You kids just live like that? Okay), and Scott gazed at her, literally gazed, while she ate. He likes her!

At the end of all this, Scott was ready to leave but Kira stopped him with her gratefulness. He wasn’t sure what he did aside from her save her. She told him that he remembered her name. “Her name is Kira. She’s in our history class.” Stiles is in the same class, and he sure didn’t volunteer her name. See, this is the type of thing that speaks to Scott’s heart: gratitude.

Unfortunately, the moment gets interrupted when the villain of the episode knocks Scott out and kidnaps Kira.

The man recognized Kira as one of the people whose eyes glow. Right? She was on the bus? Right? How did he latch on to her?

He was going to kill her so that people would open their eyes. I don’t know how that would work considering everyone would be focusing on the fact that she was dead. Did he think her eyes were going to glow while she was dead?

Scott got there in time to save her, but he was incapacitated by the electricity. Good thing Stiles was on his way with what seemed to be a metal bat!

But nah, Kira took care of it. The man put the electricity in her face, and her face sucked that thing in. I think it’s awkward that she went from sitting, bound, to standing with her arms out, but this is Teen Wolf.

Kira sucked in the electricity from the whole town. I’m curious as to how this will serve her life. I want to know that more than I want to know what she is now. If she can take in the electricity can she give it out? Can she conduct it? Does it affect her body in any way? Does Jeff Davis know? I hope he does.

I think that was the last we saw of Scott. He slayed, along with Kira. No one else came close. But they tried. They tried, and it was sad. Let’s start with Stiles and Lydia:

Where’s the chemistry? Did Kira unconsciously suck it into herself the way she did the electricity? After they failed in catching the villain, Lydia was lounging on Stiles’ bed and she had a moment of self doubt that wasn’t well acted. She’s still doing that thing where she’s on the verge of tears. And so Stiles did his best to reassure her, but I still didn’t see chemistry. It just made me wonder where Lydia’s personality went. Oh, and sidebar:

Lydia made out with one of the twins. There was no chemistry there either. The moment leading up to it was badly acted, and I need them to stop giving Lydia close-ups if they’re going to keep that shade of lipstick on her. I also need her to stop pursing her lips. Because it makes me look at the lipstick. Now back to the regular review:

They had a bit of “banter” when they got to the plant (?) and Stiles told her to stay in the car. She of course protested, and I wonder what stops her from just getting out of the car anyway. Stiles’ logic was that his bat would help him. Which means he was actually as helpless as Lydia and should’ve stayed in the car, too. Lydia’s smart, but watch she’ll be told to stay behind a third time and she’ll just huff because she won’t have figured out that she needs to start carrying a weapon.

Next we had Allison and Isaac, and I will actually say they’re worse off than Stiles and Lydia. At least Stiles has a personality. Neither Allison nor Isaac stand out when they’re together. They both kind of disappear. And I realized that Scott is into Kira the same way he was into Allison (in terms of the same mannerisms, the same gazing, the goofy smile), I see zero commonality between the Allison that was into Scott and the one that’s into Isaac. None of her reactions match. And maybe this is because they’re not playing her attraction to Isaac as straight as they played her attraction to Scott, but still….nothing?

Crystal Reed forgot how to act as soon as Allison got off the bed. Allison’s supposed to not want to admit she’s into Isaac, but I just cringed through the whole thing. Isaac’s response to her denial, of course, was to take off his shirt. Of course. So then she took off her shirt. And I need to know where Jeff Davis saw this before, what inspired him to write this scene? What did them taking their shirts off mean? Were they going to crash into each other shirtless and start making out? Or were they going to continue playing strip poker without the poker part and continue until they were naked? And then what they would do?

We never found out because Chris Argent opened the door without knocking and saw them. This is why I’m still into him.

Isaac can’t handle Chris the way Scott can, I know it. And I’d bet money he’d be actively antagonistic towards the man, which would eventually put him at odds with Allison. Scott stands up to Chris at times, especially post season 1, but he always respected that the man is Allison’s father, and their drama isn’t his, and it’s why Allison always frowned at her dad when he got on to Scott  and even told him where he could sit and spin at times. But Isaac would be confrontational, and it wouldn’t work at the end of it all.

That’s pretty much the episode, as far as I’m telling it. But I want to complain about some things before I end:

I want everyone to join me in waiting for the episode where we see Scott before we see Stiles. For three episodes in a row, he’s appeared before Scott.

I want everyone to notice that we no longer see Scott at work or at lacrosse practice. And I need everyone to realize that this is why we don’t see Deaton anymore. Scott doesn’t work. We only see Scott when it’s time for him to 1)hear information and 2)do something physical. So then we only see Deaton when what? That’s right, when Scott needs information that Stiles can’t find out.

I need an episode or eleven where Scott does the investigating. That’s what used to be the case in season 1. Because as great as the Scott/Kira stuff was, it didn’t escape my attention that they pretty much had him to the side, in the side plot, while Stiles was in the thick of the A plot. And that’s been happening for a very long time. Instead of watching Stiles and Lydia bumble around, I want to watch Scott and Kira investigating.

Also, I’m still waiting for someone to tell me why Scott’s dad is here. He’s been more of a foil to the Sheriff than to Scott. Melissa and Scott haven’t talked about him; he hasn’t talked to Scott, and Stiles hasn’t asked Scott how he feels about his old man constantly being around. And I say the last point about Stiles not to blame Stiles in any way, but to point out that it’s just one in many ways that they could develop something about Scott’s (past) relationship with his father.

Next week, Scott is hopeful that Kira might be just like him, but Stiles is quickly inserted into the affair to tell him Kira’s not like him, as if he’s an expert and owns a Bestiary. Can Scott at least be the one to figure out what Kira is (if she doesn’t do it herself)?  Geez.

See you all next week!




2 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S03E15: Galvanize Review

  1. Two lessers – lol

    Man, the part about Isaac needing to worry about his own qualifications made me laugh too. He really was all about beating people up and needing to be reeled in by Scott in 3A but he suddenly feels like he can be a judge of who can and cannot be in the pack. It’s funny in itself bc Scott and him aren’t on the best terms right now what with him taking a simple protection detail and turning it into stalking Scott’s ex. So he really does need to focus on himself.

    I love that Scott has always been about consent. Even when he and Allison were going to have sex, he made sure she was about it too. And I do think that he would’ve let Kira be – probably befriend her but only if he knew he’d be able to keep his own feelings in check.

    Kira’s dad taking her mum’s name, swoon. It was so lovely. I love Kira’s dad. He seems genuinely sweet and considerate. I also think that the Yukimura history lesson was bc Kira’s magic comes from her mum’s side of the family. There’s also the fact that while liars dad was uber sweet and wanting to impress Scott, her mum seemed more considering and serious. I wonder if she can tell that Scott is different.

    The dinner was the cutest and you could really see Scott’s admiration for Kira as she ate. The cutest thing in the world.

    And the gratitude, that was a really nice touch. It also gave their relationship depth (that the other couples don’t have). She likes him because he remembered her. Yes, he’s cute but he’s also the type to not look at her like a freak when she’s trying to make friends by inserting some info. And he likes her for her. He’s been able to see who she is a bit in his eavesdropping – they’re perfect.

    It was an awkward transition – her going from sutton to standing like that. But *shrug* at least she got to save herself.

    Lydia and Stiles are so gross. Side note: doesn’t she have a built in weapon with that scream of hers? It distracts werewolves and didn’t they used to be like oh ow my ears – it should burst the eardrums of a non-supernatural. But I’m sure neither she or JD have thought of that. I wonder why -__-

    I feel like Crystal’s bad acting comes from the lack of material and the fact that this guy actually did break her heart irl. It’s probably very hard for her.

    The taking the shirts off and then crashing together is where I think they would’ve went because that I’ve seen a million times before.

    I miss seeing Scott at work and with Denton. Now they’re not allowed to have a relationship bc it’s all about stiles and his flop dad “figuring” things out that essentially don’t matter. Like last ep, he spent a lot of time “figuring” out where Malia was going to take that doll but it didn’t matter bc Scott followed her scent and chased her down. This ep? All Stiles maneuvering was unnecessary bc all Lydia had to do was get her scream on.

    It’s funny bc aren’t banshees supposed to be evil? But Stiles is cool with that and wary of Kira -__-

    Great review!

    • It’s funny in itself bc Scott and him aren’t on the best terms right now what with him taking a simple protection detail and turning it into stalking Scott’s ex. So he really does need to focus on himself.

      Yep, exactly.

      I also think that the Yukimura history lesson was bc Kira’s magic comes from her mum’s side of the family.

      I didn’t think about this specifically, but I did think they went into Kira’s mom’s background (a little) for a reason. If you’re right, I hope it means one on one scenes between Kira and her mom.

      “The dinner was the cutest and you could really see Scott’s admiration for Kira as she ate. The cutest thing in the world.”

      It was so cute. That scene plus the bedroom one later had me going, “Yeah, why should Scott have to deal with his girlfriend’s father hating him?” and I suddenly didn’t care about him and Allison getting back together. I mean Chris has been better towards Scott, but he was still raised a certain way and making minimal efforts, so.

      Yes, he’s cute but he’s also the type to not look at her like a freak when she’s trying to make friends by inserting some info

      Yes! Unlike how Stiles looked at Lydia all last season when she was freaking out -_-.

      It distracts werewolves and didn’t they used to be like oh ow my ears – it should burst the eardrums of a non-supernatural.

      Seriously, especially since Stiles is always standing so close. He’s so close to the supernaturals, I feel like it should have an (negative) effect on him.

      It’s funny bc aren’t banshees supposed to be evil?

      Who knows. No one elaborated on that Jennifer told the audience, and Lydia doesn’t seem to care to research despite liking to read.

      Thank you!

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