Teen Wolf S03E14: More Bad Than Good Review

This episode was actually more good than bad. It certainly had a couple of lines that made me chuckle.

We opened right where we left off, unfortunately: with Derek and Peter. They’re being tortured because someone wants to know where the she-wolf is. How many people think the she-wolf is Kira? I know she was running scared from the were-coyote, but maybe she doesn’t know what she is yet. I want her to be supernatural (I only know the bare bones about spoilers for this show), and I hoped she would have already known what she was. To that end, who thinks her dad’s bumbling is simply a cover, that he’ll sober up and be serious as soon as Kira discovers what she is?

I squealed when Braeden was revealed. Like, literally squeaked and said, “Oh my God!” Her appearance was the second most exciting thing that happened in this episode. But the more I think about her return, the more I wonder if it’s necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I was incensed when it seemed like she died. It’s right there in my review of the episode. But for one thing, her attitude now is completely different from her attitude in the first half. Which actually tells me Jeff Davis really did not have anything planned for her in the first half. When we met Braeden, we got the sense that she was serious about her mission, her goals. Now? In just one episode she gave me the opposite impression. Now we have someone who seems shiftless and is willing to work for anyone, anyone, as long as the pay is good enough. Deucalion almost killed her (why didn’t he kill her, Jeff? You know good and well you had that girl dead), but she’s working for him now because “a girl’s gotta eat.” Which automatically makes her someone who has no dignity for me, because since we didn’t see how  or how long it took Deucalion to convince her (did he even have to convince her?), it just comes across like she doesn’t care about what someone does to her, including someone trying to kill her? This is the girl who felt it so pertinent to get to Scott? She’s who Marin trusted with this?

And what was with that smirk? Thanks for winking at me, Jeff. “You thought she died, but here she is! Wink, wink, smirk!” But in the Teen Wolf universe it just came this close to giving me secondhand embarrassment. Why did she smirk at Derek and Peter? They weren’t waiting for her and didn’t know her. As a matter of fact, Peter guessing who she is seemed like a stretch.

Who believes Jeff actually has something concrete planned for Braeden? I don’t. The time for a surprise resurrection was 3A. We already have an unknown girl: Kira. And right now I’d rather learn about her than Braeden. Braeden’s time passed, unless she goes back to her 3A demeanor.

Scott got Malia (?) back with a lot of help from Stiles and a little help from the others. Yet for some reason Scott didn’t get to watch Malia reunite with her dad. He didn’t get to watch the result of his labor. Stiles got that payoff by himself. I didn’t understand. I doubt Scott had anything pressing to do that he had to miss this. Why didn’t he get a follow up?

Anyways, Scott accepted his Alpha status in this episode. He embraced it, and his fierce roar was the most exciting part of the episode. It gave Isaac the strength to free himself from the trap, it made Stiles proud, and it forced Malia (?) to shift. Best of all, Scott’s embracing of his Alpha status didn’t come from violence like everyone else assumed was necessary. Scott embraced his Alpha status because of the same reason he’s a True Alpha in the first place: he desires to help people. Violence didn’t work (I hated the scene of the twins beating him up, and I didn’t understand why Stiles and Lydia were so calm about it. Lydia turned away about three minutes into it). It was his desperation to help Malia (?) that motivated him to roar. He didn’t assert his dominance in order to punish her or force her to help him achieve his own goal or make her fear him (Peter was guilty of the last two in season 1). He did it to save her, because her father was out there with a gun, intent on killing her, and he did it to help her remember a part of who she is.

Sidenote: we don’t know how Malia (?) became a were-coyote. Stiles has the theory that she was always that way, but then how did a little girl hide this from her family? She just never felt the need to shift until that night? What? The story is all tied up, but there are still questions.

Another story that seems to be over is “the door is open.” That didn’t last long. It took all of two episodes, and now we’re moving on to the she-wolf story, presumably. All three of the teens are cure. Scott is cured because he accepted his Alpha status. Stiles is cured because Lydia gave him an ego-boosting pep talk (that was unnecessary). And Allison is cured because Isaac gave her a confidence-boosting pep talk. The door could be closed with a pep talk? I don’t understand. Stiles kept seeing letters shift, and the cure for that was for Lydia to tell him that he’s too smart to follow directions? What? I feel like this story could’ve been stretched for a couple more episodes. At first I thought only Stiles was cured, and I was excited because it meant space was freed for them to focus on Scott’s open door. Then I realized that Scott resolved his problem, too, and then I realized that Allison did the same.

I mentioned earlier that a couple of lines made me chuckle. The one that stands out the most is Stiles asking Isaac what his purpose is. What is Isaac’s purpose? He said he was here to say what no one else was willing to say, but he just came across as unhelpful and more than a little sociopathic. I think this was a problem last year, too, but Isaac never once seemed to care about the person they were trying to help. At no point did it seem like his hear connected to the tragedy and risk of the situation. The only part he seemed connected to was helping Allison aim, and that is just not attractive. That’s why I don’t even hope they put Braeden with him anymore. I wanted it badly in 3A, but I’m over Isaac, which means I’m over the possibility of the pairing.

I also laughed at Scott’s “So I’m an Alpha with….performance issues.” And while the next one is not a line, I did laugh at Scott’s reaction after Stiles said, “We need a real Alpha.” He just looked so shock, like it was the last thing he expected to come out of Stiles’ mouth. He cut his eyes to Stiles so quick! I loved it.

I really do believe the “door” plot line is done, because Peter and Derek have discovered a new gadget and they’re going to take it back to Beacon Hills with them. What’s in it? I can’t even begin to guess. Also, the fireflies have made a return and now they’re morphing into people. Who set them free and what other surprises does the Nemeton have down it’s roots?

And since this review is full of questions, I’ll end it with one more: when are going to get substance between Scott and his dad, Jeff Davis?


2 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S03E14: More Bad Than Good Review

  1. I didn’t even realize that they had completely changed Braeden’s character. I knew I disliked this mercenary version but had forgotten that when she was first brought on, she was actually about something. She had been so intent on finding Scott even after she was hurt and in mortal danger – it was important to her to warn the Alpha about the threat. (And saving Isaac, I’m assuming, was a byproduct of that need to protect the true alpha by helping his pack member?) But now she is working for that threat bc… She has to eat?

    Well, where are her parents bc as far as I know she is Isaac and Scott’s age. Why doesn’t she have anyone willing to help her? Or why can’t she get a regular job where she won’t be forced to risk her life and the chance to spend that money she’s making? It doesn’t vibe.

    I was pissed that while Scott did all the work – finding Malia and getting her to shift back – Stiles, who did nothing in this episode, was the one who got to watch the reunion. The reunion, btw, is a bit ridiculous. We’re a week ahead so we’ve seem that they haven’t stayed with the story and explained to her father why Maila was gone for so long if she wasn’t eaten by animals? Are we to assume that she told her father what she is? And HAD she killed her family or was she turned that night?

    I would think she was turned if not for Stiles saying the opposite and it not being contradicted.

    • The reunion was a but ridiculous. I didn’t feel Malia crying upon seeing her dad. She’s been living in the wild by herself for years. It should take some time for her to acclimate to this man, even though she knows he’s her father. It was too quick.

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