Teen wolf S03E13: Anchors Review

And we’re back!

If an episode ever lived up to its name, I guess this would be it? The premier of Teen Wolf’s second half was all about the consequence of Scott, Stiles, and Allison’s decisions to become near dead in order to save their parents last we saw them.

No one actually talked about the events from Lunar Ellipse, let alone most of last season (neither the Alpha pack plot, nor the Darach plot was talked about. Only the Nemeton, literally the stump, got a shout out). Scott, Stiles, and Allison spent the episode in various stages of breathlessness (Stiles more so than any of them) because of the hallucinations and nightmares they were having. This episode was literally “This is what’s happening with our characters.” And I don’t know how I feel about it.

We opened the episode with Stiles. Of course. His hallucinations, nightmares, and discomfort were all over the episode. Literally weaved throughout. When Scott made himself bleed so that he’d hurt himself into remembering his humanity, we had Stiles going, “Yeah, I feel like that too,” even though we’d just been inside his head one scene ago.

We got the most details about Stiles’ nightmares (and what happens during them). His body is paralyzed when he’s having these dreams. He literally has to scream himself awake. Sometimes he doesn’t know if he’s awake. Near the end of the episode, he was frantically writing “wake up!” in a desperate attempt to snap himself out of it. We also figured out why this is happening and how to stop all of this through one of Stiles’ hallucinations: it’s happening because they opened a door in their minds when they were near death, and they must shut it in order to end the sleeping and waking nightmares.

There’s also the matter of the backwards letters that appeared in Stiles’ dreams, something I’m sure will mean more as the season goes on.

We also learned about the season’s second plot, the murdered family, through Stiles. Well, Stiles and his father. I mean Scott’s dad is here now. He’s FBI, in the business of investigating; this case could’ve come about through him, but instead we have the Sheriff making it his personal mission to figure out what happened to the murdered family (all women, lol. -_-). The flaw in this is that Sheriff Stilinski can angst about the tragedy of this family all he wants, but it’s Scott that’s going to deal with what’s at the top of the tree up which he’s barking.

Allison got the second most play in this nightmare business. Kate Argent isn’t resting in peace anymore. She’s all up in Allison’s dreams, creepy-crawling towards her, running in the woods and making Allison almost shoot an arrow right between Lydia’s eyes,

(and Lydia was apparently just going to stand there and get killed, by the way. Reminds me of when Jeremy Gilbert apparently just stood there and let Elena plant a knife in his neck on The Vampire Diaries)

and suggesting she and Allison kill Isaac together. Stiles’ dream is the most transparent to me. Maybe because of how much we saw of it. Stiles is dealing with PTSD from almost dying. But why is Allison seeing Kate? Not Victoria. Not relieving something with Gerard or Scott or even Peter. Or even something generic like is happening to Stiles. But she’s seeing Kate. Is it because Kate was the one who first gave her answers, thereby opening the door into the supernatural world for her? Or is it just that Jeff Davis felt like having Kate’s actress back? I hope it’s not the latter.

Scott’s suffering more from hallucinations than nightmares. Actually, what is it called when what you’re seeing is literally happening to you? Scott’s problem is the most physical, the most literal. No one else saw his wolf shadow, so that part was (most likely) in his head, but his eyes literally turn red, his claws literally come out, he literally cannot control when he shifts, and did it seem to anyone else like he was running out of breath and was going to stop when he was running after the werewolf in the woods?

It never occurred to me that Scott could be using Allison to control his transition. I just went along with him not having any control. But the scene with Melissa shed some light. Allison is no longer Scott’s anchor, probably meaning the wound is no longer open (Scott being mad at Isaac doesn’t necessarily mean the wound is open).

I loved Melissa’s pep talk. “Be your own anchor.” Until you find the person (or the next person or just someone) with whom you share that connection, be your own anchor. Be there for yourself. Keep yourself sane. Lean on yourself. It’s not the end of the world. And we saw that there was a small change in Scott after that pep talk. He busted Stiles’ door open because he had another way of digging into the Sheriff’s mystery.

And can I talk about that scene for a bit? Not the one where he bursts into Stiles’ room but the one where they go traipsing in the woods. Tell me why it was Scott’s idea to go into the woods, it was Scott being the sturdy one while Stiles jumped at every leaf crunch, yet as soon as Scott’s phone dropped into the water the perspective of the scene changed from Scott to Stiles. It did. Suddenly it was Stiles holding the flashlight, Stiles noticing the marks, Stiles suggesting what might’ve happened, and Stiles deducing. We went from Scott leading the scene (starting with it being his idea) to him literally standing behind Stiles and listening until it was time for an action scene .

There’s another point in the episode where this happened. Sheriff Stilinski needs Scott’s help to solve the mystery. Scott’s help. They go to the man’s house so that Scott can figure something out. Number 1: Stiles is the one who opens the door to the girl’s room. More important than that, though, after Scott’s sniffing yields nothing, the perspective literally changes and Stiles moves to the foreground (again literally) and spots the picture, and, you guessed it, has the realization.

I couldn’t help but notice these two scenes. I couldn’t help but notice that the idea was for Scott to be leading (it even happened for a bit in the first example I gave) but by the end, he ended up standing there and listening to/watching Stiles.

I was actually surprised that the camera followed Scott as he chased the werewolf. I thought we were going to cut to Stiles looking exasperated and waiting for an explanation as Scott walked back, huffing.

Scott had a smaller story aside from the hallucinations. It was the one point in the episode where there was humor, and it honestly felt disconnected from everything else. This could’ve come later in the season. Maybe next week. Why was Isaac in this episode? Why did he tell Scott he wants to kiss Allison? So that Scott would hit him (like he “knows” Scott wants to) and he’d get it out of his system? Because it came across as insensitive and a douche move.

So Scott is dealing with seeing Isaac be Allison’s anchor in the mid-season finale (don’t worry, Scott, it made no sense. Lydia should’ve been Allison’s anchor if not you). And every time (a total of two) he heard something about Isaac wanting Allison, he shoved the dude right out of his room. And there was Melissa to further add humor. Like….honestly, aside from Isaac awkwardly asking Scott if he was going to school, the attempt failed. It wasn’t funny. It tried too hard.

And why was Isaac in the woods to catch that arrow? Because Allison was there with Lydia; she wasn’t expecting him, wasn’t looking for him. Does he peep on the girl? Ew. Does he stalk her because he knows she practices there every day? Did he follow her from school? What the hell?

We met Kira, and everyone except Scott and Allison decided to be a rude bitch to her. Like…first Lydia, then Isaac and Stiles. Can y’all bring it down a notch? Why the rudeness? Number 1 she’s being nice, and second she’s trying to help because you guys don’t know anything everything. And so help me if they expand Lydia’s “smarts” to knowing everything there is to know about other cultures……How about Jeff Davis expand Lydia into more than just a “fact.” Lydia’s a walking “fact.” Is she a character anymore? She’s smart. Okay. “I read.” Okay. I don’t care. And Holland needs to tone it down with her face. She’s starting to make me think of a cartoon when Lydia reacts to something.

I also need the actors to remember that just because a line is funny doesn’t mean you need to ham it up when you’re delivering. Because then it’ll make me feel like the show’s trying too hard. Hope was lost for the actor who plays Peter a long time ago, so I won’t bother mentioning him as an example. But Holland, Dylan, and Daniel need to check themselves. Jeff Davis needs to check himself and his writers when it comes to inserting comedic moments and scenes. I remember he failed multiple times last season with inappropriately inserted comedic moments and scenes.

Plot-wise, we learned that the missing girl is now a werewolf. Welp. I wonder what she looks like today (the actress, I mean). I don’t know why Scott texted Derek about it. Just so we could insert two more unnecessary people into the episode? The first two being Isaac and Lydia. Though I guess I’m being a little unfair to Lydia. After all, Allison needed a sounding board for her storyline in the episode. But anyways, someone is torturing Peter and Derek, and it’s Peter’s fault. Why we needed to know this in this exact episode is more a mystery to me than the backwards letters in Stiles’ nightmares.

See you all next week! Sound off on how you feel about the premier. After 1,712 words, I still don’t know how I feel about it. But man did I use “literal” and “literally” a lot.




4 thoughts on “Teen wolf S03E13: Anchors Review

  1. I think Isaac was in the episode to show that Scott’s hallucinations/darkness/near death whatever is actually manifesting itself on a level beyond the physical. Like he’s having physical and psychological reactions (being chased by his shadow, his claws coming out, his eyes changing; which are all actually happening but also sometimes only happening in his head) but his behavior is being affected as well. That’s not really the same thing that’s happening with Stiles and Allison. Allison was hallucinating when she almost killed Lydia. Stiles always thinks he’s hallucinating. Scott hitting Isaac because Isaac has feelings for Allison doesn’t fit with his character.

    He might be upset about it, but Scott’s not a violent “back off my girl” kind of guy. So that to me was why Isaac was present in the episode. Also, Isaac is the only person who would make a request like that. He’s used to that being the solution when someone is angry at him (“If he hits me, if he gets it out of the way, we’ll be okay”). He’s not reading Scott’s desire to hit him. He’s just reading a hit as a solution to the “wrong” he’s done.

    I don’t like it because the show is playing it for laughs when it could be actually idk, taking it seriously that Scott is reacting more violently to Isaac expressing an interest (something that Scott already knows about and already just stepped back from, even if he was not explicitly okay with it) than he reacted to his mother being kidnapped and a variety of other things and that Isaac is not “lol jokes about being locked in a freezer” OKAY just because his father is dead.

    I’m not sure the show is able to tackle that kind of story. It’s too busy drilling it into viewers’ heads that Stiles is LOSING HIS MIND.

    • Like he’s having physical and psychological reactions (being chased by his shadow, his claws coming out, his eyes changing; which are all actually happening but also sometimes only happening in his head) but his behavior is being affected as well.

      See the way the show played it, I question if it was a part of the consequence of his actions from the mid-season finale. Because it really seemed unconnected to Scott’s other problems. They might connect it, probably will. But I don’t even think Scott wolfed out before he pushed Isaac, unlike what was going to happen with Agent McCall, you know what I mean?

      I like your explanation for why Isaac would ask Scott to hit him; I just really feel like it’s disconnected from how he was when his father was alive. We never saw his father gain relief from abusing him, never saw Isaac connect that as a way to solve problems. And this actually has to do with the lack of exploration we got for his character after he turned into a werewolf (even though he had the richest backstory, more than Erica and especially more than Boyd).

      Most things that come out of Isaac’s mouth now is supposed to bring on the laughs or the smiles, and it’s ridiculous. It’s why I can’t participate in the debates about him being pushed (and him asking for it) ’cause more and more I’m like, “What’s a Isaac?”

  2. I feel like if we’d only had Stiles’ classroom nightmare that would have been enough. It captured everything that was going on with him, was freakier than his dream before, and was less try-hard.

    “We also figured out why this is happening and how to stop all of this through one of Stiles’ hallucinations…”

    What’s weird is didn’t we already know why this is happening? We were told that they’d be putting a shadow/darkness/whatever around themselves to save their parents, like, Dr. Deaton even warned them about it so why we had the “you opened a door” thing, I didn’t understand. That part had already been clear. All we needed was to find out how they were going to close it which is why as much as I love Kira and her parts, I wondered why they didn’t go straight to Dr. Deaton.

    “The flaw in this is that Sheriff Stilinski can angst about the tragedy of this family all he wants, but it’s Scott that’s going to deal with what’s at the top of the tree up which he’s barking.”

    So true. This is why I was annoyed Sheriff was even involving Scott. Yes, he’s a werewolf but that doesn’t stop him from being just a teenager. Stop.

    “But why is Allison seeing Kate? Not Victoria.”

    I wondered the same thing.

    Loved Melissa’s line too! But I hope that Scott continues to be his own anchor even after he gets with someone else. That will be true growth and maturity.

    I don’t like the idea of Isaac stalking Allison either. And it’s weird how they’re trying to make this into something cute, ship-worthy when last season, Matt was doing the same thing and was deemed a sociopath. Like yes he had the kanima but photographing Allison was his extra squick factor. (I backspaced by accident and almost lost my life smh) But Isaac does it and it’s cute?? How?

    That’s a YA issue anyway but still. They’ve put it in this show as eww, why is Matt following Allison and even let the audience know that Stiles is being extra with his love for Lydia sometimes so what is this now?

    “How about Jeff Davis expand Lydia into more than just a “fact.’

    Amen. They really didn’t need to be rude to her. And I didn’t get it from either Isaac or Lydia. Like don’t.

    I liked everything about Melissa, Scott and Kira. Everyone else was just why.

    • We did already know why it was happening, which is why I was like “this is wasting time and dialogue” whenever Scott and Stiles talked to each other about what was happening because a lot of it was, “maybe it’s happening….” “What if….” And it’s like: you don’t need to guess; Deaton already explained it. It’s why Lydia’s comment that they were going crazy deserved an extra eye-roll, because they’re not going crazy in the sense that they don’t know what’s wrong with them. So we got Kira saying what Deaton said but in another way and then they went to Deaton to double check when he was the first one to say it. Smh.

      That’s so true about Matt! I had forgotten about that.


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