Scandal 3.10: A Door Marked Exit

In this episode, Olivia has OPA and Jake working to find Maya and bring her to justice. Cyrus bears the burden of Sally’s sins while James is continuously more disgusted by his husband. Mellie is unreasonably chipper over Daniel Douglas’s death; Rowan gives this year’s best read, and blessed Jake becomes Command.

Scandal 3.10

Quotes from the podcast: “The women want to get punished for what they did. ‘I need to tell the truth. I need to tell people. I deserve what’s coming to me because of what I did’ whereas Gov. Reston will manipulate things so that his wife goes to jail and he’s on the campaign trail throwing shots at Josie Marcus”. – Alta

“I love Kerry Washington. I do. She can act, but the level of over-the-top stuff that she does makes it feel like she’s a bad actress, like she’s overacting. That’s what it makes it feel like instead of being able to show her depth and her talent. Because I’ve seen her in other stuff… but it’s like you can’t always be upset.” – Sabrina

“I’m just not sure what the heck Jake is going to do. And another reason I hate is because this is completely Fitz. Yeah, okay, maybe he can sleep with his eyes open but is he going to get a chance to say that? Fitz handed him the position and now he’s in it so what’s he going to do now? What is his story going to be from now on? He just said goodbye to Olivia, so is he going to slip under the radar?” – Alta

“Is this happening so that Olitz fans will stop? Is that why I suffer this? Because in the meantime, we have Olivia going back and forth with this guy who talks about so grossly every time… It’s unnecessary because you’ve made your point. That’s the thing. From a writing standpoint, you have made your point that Fitz does not respect Olivia. He berates her. He demeans her. He degrades her. He is disgusting. And I get it. I see it. It’s there. Fine.” – Sabrina


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