Scandal 3.09: YOLO!

This episode felt different from the batch we’ve gotten before, bringing with it many enjoyable lines and moments. Quinn “Because I Can” Perkins lands under Huck’s drill (or pliers in this case) and has to strike a deal to ensure she only loses one tooth. #yoloquinn. Olivia spends the episode treating her mother more like a client than the woman she thought had been murdered for the past two or three weeks. #fixlivsgut2014. Cyrus has a very bad day, which means we have a very good time with his scenes, #freejames; Jake attempts to take Rowan out since he gets no backup from Fitz, #bitchmadepresident, and Sally commits the ultimate sin, #snapped.

Scandal 3.09

Quotes from the Podcast: “Did I feel bad for Quinn? No. I didn’t feel bad for her. I was just having a great time watching what he was doing. […..] There was still a part of my mind that was like, “But is he just trying to teach her a lesson?” Turns out he wasn’t. […] But I was having a good time with it. The only part where I was gonna be like ‘uh’ was gonna be the aftermath. If he really was gonna do all this stuff and then afterwards they’re just co-workers again, you know what I mean? Like, you know, Scandal, no relationship gets destroyed, nothing like that. So I tried not to think about how they weren’t gonna give us the appropriate consequence in the future; I just tried to live in this episode.”-Alta

“In the promo we see [Huck] saying if it wasn’t for Liv I would kill you right now. It just rubs me the wrong way, because I’m like ok why though? What exactly did she do? She got dragged into B613, willingly, yes, she was stupid, yes, and he told her to stop doing that, and she kept doing it anyway. But I still don’t think that she deserved exactly what she got. Especially since after he took the first tooth I know she was trying to be like, “Okay I’m gonna tell you everything ’cause I see that you’re legit,” but he kept going. And they’re not friends. They’re not family. I don’t know where that came from.”-Sabrina

“[Fitz] never does anything for Olivia when she needs it. Like, when she just asks for it. No, she has to yell at him before he does it. Either that or she’s at the end of her rope, sounding depressed, moving slow like Huck said. And that’s when he’ll do something. Fitz doesn’t help Olivia. He bails her out. And there’s a difference. Because if he’s just helping her, then he’d be like, “Jake, okay” just like working, even behind the scenes to try to make things easy for her so that it doesn’t get to the point where she’s like, “I have no more options.” He bails her out. And bailing her out is when she’s to the point where she’s screaming, when she’s to the point where everything’s lost, and she’s about to lose, and here comes Fitz to swoop in and bail her out.”-Alta

“It seems like making jam is the new one minute, and I’m over it. I don’t want any part of it. Not only is it stupid, your dream cannot be making jam, making something so obsolete. I’m tired. And then they have both stupid repetitive phrases in the same scene. “I just needed one minute.” You needed a minute to get your life together. That’s what you needed. You needed a minute to go talk to your mom, give her a hug, and try to figure out what’s going on. Maybe if she had spent more time actually in the room with her, she would’ve been able to figure out that not everything added up.”-Sabrina


3 thoughts on “Scandal 3.09: YOLO!

  1. The song young Olivia was listening to is Ben by MJ.
    Olivia is actually 34, because the plane was shot 22 years ago and she was 12 at the time. They said it twice. It was 22 years ago.
    The jam talks need to stop, they’re very unnecessary indeed.

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