Scandal 3.08: Vermont is for Lovers, too

Congratulations to Quinn on her first day in B613! In other news, Maya gnaws her way out of her cell and to Olivia’s side. Olivia does what Olivia does, dramatically breaking away and running back to Fitz. Cyrus and Mellie plot to reveal Daniel Douglas’s sexuality with lovely consequences. Josie Marcus makes the worst decision of her career, but at least we still have Jake.

Scandal 3.08

Quotes from the podcast: “The show is doing nothing to excite me and to interest me in these characters. They’re either doing lackluster things or the same repetitive things that they’ve been doing since season 1.” – Sabrina

“He doesn’t even raise his own kids right now. He shipped them off to boarding school. And we don’t see him with Teddy anymore. We don’t see him being a father. He told the press he had an affair; we don’t see him explaining anything to his children who are old enough to understand this but we’re supposed to be excited for the prospect, for the dream, of him and Olivia having kids at his age.” – Sabrina

“When Olivia gets upset, [Fitz is] not going to be there. He’s going to be at the White House. He’s not going to be there. He’s not going to know. He’ll call her; he won’t notice that she’s upset. No. Who’s going to be there? Probably Jake or Huck and the Pope & Associations. In terms of comfort, it’ll be Jake or Huck. In terms of seeing her, it’ll be the associates. Fitz is not going to be there.” – Alta

“They need to be on even keel first of all because Charlie has something over Quinn. He’s threatening her. He’s threatened to kill her and then he has the nerve to say, ‘Oh, I like you and you like me too even though you don’t want to admit it.’ Why would she want to admit it?” – Alta


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