That is all.

That is it.

My update on this blog. My suffering and ignored OTP from that damn show named The Vampire Diaries FINALLY were given a sex scene, and it was three seasons in the making.

I haven’t actually watched the scene yet, but I’m seeing gifs of it, and it looks freaking hot!

EDIT (Recap):

Bonnie’s outfit is too cute in this opening scene. Her excitement wrt this message to Abby is….strange. But okay. The writers act like they wrote their way into this stage of their relationship.

“Guys, say hi to my mom!” Okay.

THEY’RE MAKING OUT IN PUBLIC! They would tho ;____;.

“This hair, by the way. Kinda hot.”-Jeremy to Bonnie ;___;. And one of her foot’s on top of one of his.

This scene between Bonnie and the dead old lady is kind of nice.

Jeremy: “I’m gonna need you to come with me.”

Bonnie: “Where are we going?”

Jeremy: “To…register for classes.”


Not into Bonnie not being a witch anymore because that’s dumb as hell, but Jeremy’s “Step away from the candles” is hot.

Jeremy just found out Bon is the anchor and has to suffer every time a supernatural dies, so you KNOW he’s gonna make her feel good tonight! Elena and Caroline ended up sleeping in a parking lot the next two days, bet.

We didn’t get to see them without pants, but it was still perfect. Still hot. Still very Bonnie and Jeremy.



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