Scandal 3.07: Everything’s Coming up Mellie

Scandal 3.07

Quotes from the podcast: “If that is why they did it: really? To get people to like this character, first of all why do you even need that? If you’re proud of the character and the way you’ve written her why do you need people to like her? If she’s exactly what she’s supposed to be as a character, then just let it go. But if the only way you can think of to really hit people, to bring sympathy out of them for this character, is to have her go through this trauma? There’s so many things wrong with that. [….] This is the best you can do; this is the way for you to elicit a cheap emotional response, like to punch people in the gut, this is what you think of?”-Alta

“The thing with subjects like this, what pisses me off, is that people act like it happens to somebody else: ‘nobody in my family, nobody that I know,’ except one in four women or I think one in three, either or, have been sexually assaulted in their life. So when you’re putting this kind of thing on tv, guaranteed in your audience there are people who have experienced it or know someone who has experienced it. And yet the way that they depicted this is just ‘oh yeah this thing happens to Mellie, and it’s awful and it’s horrible, but she just wraps it all up and stands by her man….like she always does.’ The writers just think that this is okay and not only to do that but to then throw in the paternity issue? It just completely trivializes it. And I hate Shonda for that. I think it’s just so, so disgusting.”-Sabrina

“And you know what? I’m betting that they’re gonna say Jerry actually is Fitz’s kid. Which makes this worse. I mean why, I’m asking why as if they didn’t just do something amazingly stupid, but what is gonna be the point of saying the kid is Big Jerry’s? What’s that gonna do for Mellie’s character?!”-Alta

“How a person reacts to something that has happened to them like that is up to them. If they decide that they don’t want to tell anyone in their entire world, that’s up to them. If they decide they wanna go to the hospital and get checked out, that’s up to them. If they wanna go to the police but then decide they wanna drop it, that’s up to them. If they wanna go and they wanna get this person in prison, that is up to them. People don’t get to decide how people react tragedies in their lives.”-Sabrina


One thought on “Scandal 3.07: Everything’s Coming up Mellie

  1. I’ve yet to comment so I’ve never told you that the Scandal theme makes me feel like I’m in a juke joint.

    People are saying “she’s ride or die”? That’s gross. That’s a problem.

    The paternity question does trivialize it and opens up the storyline for the show to shame her and maybe it wouldn’t be specifically deliberate, like to give the sense that she deserves it, i don’t think that would happen, but i do think there’ll be a period before the truth comes out where Fitz is betrayed and cruel and I don’t want to see that at all. And the paternity issue opens that sl to that possibility in a way that just is gross. I hope I’m explaining it well.

    They could have made it an aid or a former friend or anyone really who was associated but not related to Fitz or Mellie. Making it Big Jerry was just a horrible decision since there’s not real chance of exploring it and it makes it so Fitz’s angst will get priority because his “daddy issues” situation is still a thing the show cares about.

    People wondering why Mellie didn’t say anything boggles to me. Like it’s incredibly foolish and almost glib.

    I hadn’t considered that the speech frames the rape as something that she gave up instead of being something that was done to her and that took things, important things, from her. That just makes it so much worse.

    I think the writers just don’t want to take the time to give Mellie something to do within her role as First Lady. She could be given things. She could be given interests. But the writers aren’t interested in that.

    I agree. I think this show is really bad/inefficient when it comes to emotional fallout. Spoken or otherwise. Reflective or otherwise.

    My problem with Fitz stepping up is that, like you said, Fitz has attacked Mellie and he’s not regularly standing up for her either, and that he needed to do that. He needed to come forward and say some shit about how it was his fault. I hate that it’s supposed to be something to think well of him for, when he’s doing the absolute minimum as a husband/partner/begrudging ally.

    I don’t think Charlie was trying to be passionate, outside of how the scene was shot, I thought he was fucking with her, because sex was a part of it? Like Quinn is clearly turned on by all of this.

    Charlie said, “You belong to B613 now. Congratulations.” Mostly a giant “fuck you” to her curiosity.

    Um, Charlie? Is the best crazy. He’s unattractive but dude would straight up eat apples while torturing someone and update his fantasy football league scores. I mean that’s just hilarious to me. He’s like Huck but resigned to his trauma/situation. But no one needs to make out with him.

    I hope Mya put the bomb on the plane. That would actually be the only legitimate excuse for her being on lockdown. The only other way that the situation could have gone would not have involved Rowan walking through all those hallways. He’d have hopped on a plan to Switzerland or something and knocked on her door or let her in or something. If she was in protective custody (though I imagine if she was going to use a dirty bomb that would have started a war than there probably is something protective about her custody).

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