Scandal 3.06: Icarus

In this episode, Olivia deals with the idea that her father and Fitz killed her mother while she assists Josie in her presidential campaign. While Olivia remembers her mother and muses on her inability to be normal, Jake continues to be the ever supportive eye candy we all adore. Rowan shows more compassion for Olivia when she begs than the supposed love of her life does. Huck has not a second for Quinn who then decides to risk her life by befriending the next assassin she sees. She very well may die. On another bright note, Harrison finally has a storyline of his own.

Scandal 3.06

Quotes from the Podcast: “Operation Remington, it’s a top secret thing but wasn’t the 57 lives a top secret thing when he blew that secret open? It’s because it’s about him. It’s because it’s something he doesn’t want to talk about.” – Sabrina

“[Josie’s speech] kind of addresses something that people have talked about on Tumblr which is this idea, this false idea, that gay men can’t be sexist, or misogynistic even. And here James was as a gay man… it’s his idea to do it in her home. It’s his news channel that put together that little introductory ad on Josie. It was his idea or his producer’s idea, whichever, to do the tea. And I’m pretty sure the questions he had for her aren’t the same questions he would have asked, let’s say, Governor Reston. Her coming for him and criticizing him, I feel like touched on that.” – Alta

“Unfortunately, I think [Olivia’s strongest attachment is] Huck… She said it, ‘Me and you, we’re on the dark side of the moon together.’ Fitz isn’t on the dark side with her. And I think as people even though we can love somebody really intensely, the person who is a mirror of ourselves is going to be somewhat more important… in just that validation of my existence.” – Sabrina

“Olivia’s pain means nothing to [Fitz]. He’s immune to Olivia being in pain. He’s immune to Olivia crying. Someone tell me I’m lying. This man has a heart of stone when it comes to Olivia’s emotions. He has such a high tolerance for Olivia crying and being in pain and just being down in general… Contrast that with Jake, two episodes ago where Olivia just puts her head down into her hands and sobs once. And Jake reacts, like, physically reacts. He jerks forward and touches her and his voice changes and everything… It’s that he cares about her. He cares about her. He cares about how she’s feeling.” – Alta


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