300th Post Celebratory Podcast!

Just me thinking back to the beginning of this blog, all the shows I’ve covered, all the emotions I’ve gone through, and all the guests and co-hosts I’ve had!

A big thank you to everyone, past and present, who helped make this happen!

I ridiculously did not give a shout-out to my most avid commenters on this blog. This was back during the TVD days, but a huge shout-out to Kathryn and Emily!!!!



3 thoughts on “300th Post Celebratory Podcast!

  1. There was that one time you made me wait like 8 hours and then after you finished watch/reviewing the episode it was like 8 or 9 pm and you were like: LOL JK Let’s do this tomorrow.
    and I was like: hahaha okay w/e you want Alta. >_<
    that was evil.
    it took you a looooooooong time for you do get the bs for tvd. I remember the first time Bonnie got shafted in season one for a story line after her grams died or something like that. And you were waiting for a story with Emily and thought that was strange because I thought why would they go out of their way to give a story on Emily? 😦 I just wanted it to be Bonnie vs. the trio with Stefan trying to make efforts to bridge them together and Bonnie having little or nothing to do with that. I wanted her to be like how Marie Laveau is portrayed in ATS (not giving a crap and Betch you better pay me if you want something …) but alas …

    I don't even remember being on scandal … :X must've been the first season
    Yay I'm your stalker. I love you. I did teen wolf? I can't remember anything.

    I miss Mags!

    *waves* We love you!
    pa Janine cracked me up every time she sucked her teeth and with her Tyler obsession lol. I can't.

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