Scandal 3.05: More Cattle, Less Bull

Olivia gets a new client and does her best, which leads to her getting fired. This inexplicably leads to her drinking on her floor as if she’s never been dealt a blow from a client before. Liv is also pulled under and back into her rollercoaster situation with Fitz because she has too many enablers in her life. This time around, it’s Mellie gasing her head up about how much Fitz needs her. The Associates head to Montana in a race with the White House to keep their new client’s past a secret from the public; Abby and David continue to have a storyline, and Huck and Jake find information that will most likely lead to Olitz taking their usual 6 steps back after taking 1 step forward.

Scandal 3.05

Quotes of the Podcast:

“[Josie] felt different as far as clients go. There was just something about her, and I think it’s because she’s gonna be recurring, but it just felt like she was more of a person, you know? ‘Cause usually the clients come and they’re like: Okay Olivia; yes Olivia, yes Olivia, yes Olivia, and even if there’s a point where they’re a little feisty with her, Olivia will jump down their throat and re-assert her dominance. […..] Olivia would give her opinion and Josie would give her opinion right back. She was a dynamic client.”-Alta

“That cheap-ass looking phone for her cheap-ass relationship.”-Alta

“Cyrus is the only one that has consistently cared about this presidency. Mellie went on national tv: my husband had an affair. So, she could’ve, with that alone, lost him the election. And now all of a sudden she cares so much. She’s running around; Fitz has to tell her it’s not your job to try to win this election […..]. She’s meeting with the fixer. [….] And Olivia is like: oh my gosh we can’t be together. There’s a reason we’re not happy; there’s a reason I’m not making jam. It’s so that you can be president. It’s so nothing can be out of your power. And yet she’s prepping his competition. It doesn’t make sense.”-Sabrina

“Josie Marcus, the congresswoman,  is the woman running for President right now. That could be Mellie. That could be Mellie. But she doesn’t want to. Instead what she wants is for Fitz to win, and I don’t understand why she wants him to, because the last four years have not been good for her.”-Sabrina


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