Scandal 3.04: Say Hello to My Little Friend

Blessed be. In this episode, Jake fights for Liv, not for his place in her life but for her happiness which is even better. Quinn continues to be an enigma who is randomly enthralled with torture, while Huck shifts the blame. The two who must not be named share several cringe-worthy scenes. We also meet Lisa Kudrow’s character, Fitz’s competition in the re-election.

Scandal 3.04 

Quotes From the Podcast:

“The only thing I liked about Olivia’s plan in regards to going the slut shaming route is that – and we saw this when she was doing the interview on TV – she kept trying to focus it on trying to finding another suspect, not tarnishing the girl’s image to save the Senator. She was trying to find another suspect. So she tarnished her reputation to basically, kind of, still get justice for her even though the guy was her client.” – Alta

“‘Put your head right here’ and she laughs at it because it’s so, like, he’s not offering her sex. I feel like she laughs at it because she thinks it’s so silly. Because love – and she’s not in love with him but – that type of comfort where someone thinks that just putting your head on their chest will make you feel better, Olivia hasn’t had that. Not with Fitz. I mean, they have “one minute” but those one minutes are always so angsty and tense. It’s always about what they cannot have. So here’s Jake who’s like you can have this, right here, right on the chest. ‘Put your head right here’ and she laughs at it.” – Alta

“There were at least four different scenes where [Abby and David] were interacting and I just feel so downtrodden about it, so harassed.” – Sabrina

“To me, Jake is an indicator of the fact that Liv is allowed to have people in her life that do not revolve around Fitz, people, real friendships… Her only friend right now, I would say, is Jake. Huck’s not her person. But even Huck and Harrison, I have stepped away from calling them her friends because they’re too much like minions.” – Sabrina


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