Witches of East End: “We are blessed as witches, but we are cursed as women.”

The quote in the title is from Charmed’s Piper Halliwell, but it applied to Ingrid tonight.

Who else feels that the main leads should be Joanna and Ingrid? Because I feel that way. Joanna’s actually getting into supernatural fights, and Ingrid has fear-induced angst. On the other hand, Freya’s got a triangle where all everyone does is talk, and Wendy, per her words, is just here to be the fun aunt (and she is just here to be the fun aunt). This episode made me feel like Joanna and Ingrid should be the main protagonists while Freya and Wendy are supporting characters.

Ingrid suffered a lost tonight. My poll question in the last review came just in time, though no one had a chance to vote before Adam was indeed killed off. I’m so happy it was him and not the baby. From a story standpoint, it makes more sense for it to be Adam. How much mileage would Ingrid have gotten from her friend’s baby dying? See how she’s removed from that: friend’s baby. It’s not a question of whether Ingrid loved the baby or whether she would’ve been sad. The curse said that someone she loved would die. Someone she loved, not someone whom someone she loved loved. I would have absolutely hated that watch Ingrid angst over someone else’s loss. Since the show is about her and not Barb, that type of writing choice would’ve rubbed me the wrong way: having to watch Ingrid appropriate Barb’s lost as if she was the one waiting for that baby. After all, she did that spell as a joke while Barb took it very seriously because she’d gotten that desperate. And that’s the difference.

So I’m glad the show faked us out by making us think for a split second that the baby was going to die. That’s what the show promised when Wendy explained the curse to Ingrid: she saved someone she loved, so someone she loved was going to die. And years of pining made her fall for Adam.

I’m very interested in what this means for Ingrid’s story. Her fear was real; I felt it last episode and this one and now the worst has happened. What’s next? Where does she go from here? How does she respond to this? Does she get angry, bitter, resentful, dive into her powers to make sure she knows all the rules and doesn’t repeat this mistake? There are a lot of options, and I’m excited about all of them. This is an opportunity for us to watch Ingrid go through a change, an opportunity for her to grow and develop as a character, and I hope the show doesn’t let me down.

Joanna was on the trail of the Shapeshifter. She finally went to the scene of the crime to figure out the shifter’s next move, and I actually don’t know why it took her this long to do this once she got out of jail. But she did and crafted a plan to figure out who the shifter is. Because she really didn’t have a plan to kill it. She didn’t seem to. But the entire thing was a set up. She was never going to save the principal, because he was already dead. I knew there was something off about the principal. He was shifty-eyed in the first scene. I thought maybe he was nervous, but that didn’t gel with him believing that Joanna’s innocent. But it turns out its was a shifter all long! An old friend-turned-foe of Joanna’s who sold Freya and Ingrid out in 1693 and got them burned at the stake.

I love how much of a badass Joanna is. You can tell she’s a witch who’s lived through a lot of pain and with a lot of pain. She said she was rusty with her powers last episode, but she knows how to handle herself. She healed her ear like it was just another Sunday. And when she figured out that the man had turned in Freya and Wendy in the past, she immediately went for blood…..I mean his ear. I only wonder if the police are going to somehow connect her to the principal’s death.

Wendy. I didn’t understand her actions in this episode. There’s instinct and then there’s stupidity. I’m starting to understand how she could’ve gotten Ingrid killed in the past. Why in the world would she make that woman choke? She’s not a novice witch; she can control her powers at least, if not her words. Come on, now. And what was the point of the butterfly? The woman wasn’t in a coma. Dash took the obstructive object out of her throat, so why did Wendy need the butterfly. I think we’re going to find out next episode, but in this episode there was no rhyme or reason to her actions. And speaking of reason:

Freya. *Sigh.* And her triangle. She spent this episode trying to get Dash and Killian to their mother’s house so that the mother would be happy and like Freya. It doesn’t sound interesting when you read it, does it? Well, it’s not interesting when you watch it either. I mean what am I supposed to review about this storyline? I need an episode without Killian. I’d include Dash, too, but we know this angst is happening because of Killian’s presence. Okay, let’s take Dash out, too: I want an episode without Dash and without Killian and the rule is that Freya cannot talk about either one. Then we’ll see what there is to her outside of those two. Let her spend an entire episode with Joanna, or Ingrid, or Wendy. Just no mention of either of those boys.

The episode was pretty good, though I did get distracted from it from time to time. The shifter promised Joanna that there are more like him on the way, which isn’t surprising. The witches not killing any of their enemies means the writers have plenty of options. I’d still like to know why they don’t kill their enemies, though. They could’ve avoided their current problems.

See you all next Sunday!



5 thoughts on “Witches of East End: “We are blessed as witches, but we are cursed as women.”

  1. I totally agree about Freya’s love triangle being SUPER boring. When there are magical battles to be fought and people dying, getting your mother-in-law to stop scowling at you is just a waste of perfectly good screen time. Quite frankly, even Wendy’s adventures getting the butterfly was more interesting just because I was wondering what she was doing with it. I think it might be some sort of curse?

    I also like that at the beginning of the episode we see Joanna not kill the bald dude and tell her daughters that they don’t kill, but by the end of it we realize that that precept is not as iron clad as we were led to think because she kills baldy with the poker. Honestly, those characters who ruthlessly adhere to this “don’t kill” idea and then have the same people come after them again and again and again can make for a boring show. Joanna’s too much of a badass to fall into that trap, apparently, and I respect her for that.

    • When there are magical battles to be fought and people dying, getting your mother-in-law to stop scowling at you is just a waste of perfectly good screen time.

      Exactly! It’s strange, too, because Freya’s the one who always believed there was more to her life than meets the eye. And now she knows the truth, and she’s stuck putting together family dinners. Smh.

      I didn’t realize that she broke the rule by killing the guy, lol. It was obvious that it was a self-imposed rule, and I wonder why. And I wonder why Wendy seems to follow it. It doesn’t seem like she would, from everything we know about her. But maybe, unlike Joanna, Wendy doesn’t make enemies easily.

      • I’m not sure Wendy’s always followed it. I think she generally tries to stay on Joanna’s good side, but judging from the bug-vision in the preview, I think Wendy’s going to be straying from Joanna’s rules a bit more to protect her. I really hope we get more of the backstory between those two.

        • I hope so, too, just because it’ll mean more Joanna, lol. I kind of feel like Wendy’s going overboard, if she’s doing this to protect Joanna. The woman is a threat, sure, but so far it’s still her word against Joanna’s. Wendy’s over her using magic on the lady, and I feel like that’s overkill.

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