Witches of East End: Today, I am a Witch

I went with the episode’s title for the title of this review, because that’s basically what the episode was about. It was about Ingrid and Freya dealing with being witches and Joanna accepting that her daughters now know. To be honest, the only satisfying stories in regards to that were Freya and, especially, Joanna.

Ingrid wants to stay away from magic because of the curse she unleashed when she saved Wendy, but at the beginning of the episode she was eager to help find the Shapeshifter, which I didn’t get. She was also into practicing her powers with Wendy. None of that aligns with staying away from magic, so her storyline for the episode lacked because of that.

She tried to solve the curse by freeing herself from it. I think that’s what that spell was about, but it ended up almost taking her life. Does that mean her prophetic dream at the beginning episode played out, or is she still the one who’s going to end up dead from the curse?

Ingrid went out with Adam, and it was all going fine until he brought them back to reality by saying her mom could go to jail. Wendy was upset about the insinuation, so she went home. At least that’s what she told Adam, so I don’t know how he ended up finding her in the library. Maybe the library wasn’t his first stop? But considering what was happening at the house, I doubt he stopped by there.

The two shared their first kiss, and it was nice. Just nice. Like I said before, they have chemistry, the type of chemistry where I’m not looking at them and thinking they have NO chemistry, but it’s nothing to write home about. They don’t pop. I also felt that Ingrid asking him to stay away from her because her life’s little crazy at the moment was rushed, especially since she wants a break from magic, which means she’s not embracing the crazyness, but now I’m considering she told him that because she realizes that he might be a victim of the curse.

Freya is all about being a witch. In this episode, we learned that a witches’ powers is based on their personality. Wendy’s all about instinct, so her powers come from her gut. Freya’s all about her emotions, so her powers come from her heart, so this means she’s great with love potions and spells, and once she gets on her A game, she’ll be able to read people’s feelings (the auras she mentioned in the premier). Ingrid’s powers come from her brain and she was, and presumably will be, a great spell writer. Joanna’s the total package; she’s equally balanced, and we’ve seen this. She’s logical, but also emotional (see: her denial about her daughters being in danger). It seems she’s the most powerful of all of them and Ingrid is in second place. I’m guessing Freya’s in fourth place.

Freya’s attempt with the rock at the lake failed, but she went on to break a couple of glasses at work. Killian’s her new co-worker, and she’s not feeling it, but she also kind of is. That’s the thing with Freya: her mouth says she feels bad about her attraction to Killian, but she’s not taking any real steps to put a stop to it. Killian also has yet to take her seriously when she says she wants nothing to do with him. He thinks he knows better, and she gets all choked, and…..sigh.

Freya learned about some of Killian’s past, namely that he has a habit of going after Dash’s girlfriends. He even slept with one of his past fiance’s. Upon learning this, Freya looked hurt, which is frustrating to me. Why the heck is she invested about Killian’s past loves like that. So she’s hurt that she’s not special in terms of Killian trying to help her cheat on her fiance, but she also doesn’t want to hear the name of Dash’s ex-fiance because she doesn’t like that he was engaged once before either. Okay.

How much do Dash and Freya know about each other? When did they meet? Why did Dash decide to propose to her? This is a problem that I see cropping up on the show, namely that so far all of the relationships are about one thing, except for Joanna/Wendy. Dash and Freya are seeming to be all about Freya cheating with Killian. We’re not learning anything about their history.

Ingrid and Freya haven’t hung out and don’t really spend any time together. I think they spent more time together in the Pilot. We don’t know what their sisterly dynamic is like. On the other hand, we know the sisterly dynamic between Wendy and Joanna.

So far the Beauchamps only talk about magic and powers and Freya/Dash only talk so that Freya can be seen thinking or feeling guilty about Dash. I realized this while watching, and it made me compare the show to Charmed. That show’s premise was about sisters who happened to be witches, so the first three episodes featured a lot of the sisters’ relationship: establishing it among the trio, introducing tension and bickering. Witches of East End isn’t doing that with their characters yet.

Joanna and Wendy have been disagreeing….about magic. Their make up at the end was nice; it was nice to see them concede their faults and promise to work on some things about their personalities. It’s timely because Joanna’s insistence on her girls being normal and fear over losing them while not really wanting to do anything about the present danger facing them was starting to puzzle me.

The big fight scene in the kitchen was a mess. I actually cringed every time Joanna used telekinesis in this episode. It just looks unnatural. Maybe they could do with some sound effects for the powers. The camera cuts and camera angles in that scene weren’t working at all, and the music was too frantic. It needed to calm down. But every time Joanna used telekinesis in this episode, it was like it took too long and the actress was waiting for the object to move. It was just bad. Hopefully it’ll be better in episode 4.

I think we’ve been shown who the Shapeshifter is. Right? Unless that guy is just the latest minion. We’ll find out in a couple of minutes!

My favorite use of magic was: Wendy making the ceiling disappear so she and Ingrid can look at the night sky.

I promise my review of episode 4 won’t be this late!



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