Scandal 3.03: Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington

Mrs. Smith goes to Washington and brings a bomb with her! Olivia’s the negotiator between a grieving, angry mother and the law enforcement agents that want to take her down for bringing a bomb into the White House. Meanwhile, Huck stupidly follows Command around for the whole day and then is shocked that Command can still influence him.

Scandal 3.03

Quotes from the podcast: “The scene with Jake, I was blinded during the first 5 watches of that scene by shipper goggles. But you know the 6th or 7th, I was listening to what she was saying and not just paying attention to the chemistry, and I was like wait a minute: he controls everything, and you can’t get away. But he was gone the last 5 years.”-Sabrina

“He’s here because of Sunday dinners that you were forced to. She’s acting like she don’t know. That’s the deal you guys made: on Sundays he’s gonna expect you to be at dinner, because Jake is alive and well. He gave you your boyfriend back. Yay. And so now you have to eat dinner with him. I don’t understand; she’s like, ‘How, how, HOW ARE YOU HERE?!”-Sabrina

“I love the fact that in this scene where she’s talking about being owned, both Eli and Fitz made their presence known through those phone calls. [….]. I don’t know if it was done on purpose, but I love that it exists.”-Alta

“It just pissed me off, especially since I’m like, okay: if Mary knew, what’s she gonna do with it? She’s gonna go home; she’s gonna realize that the FBI killed her son accidentally, and she’s gonna be pissed off. But as a mom— there’s probably like an 80% chance that as a mom, she’s gonna say I don’t want the 57 moms to be in my position right now. So I’m not gonna say anything, even though you guys should compensate me for wrongful death. That’s probably the most that she would do.”-Sabrina


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