Sleepy Hollow 1.04: “I see who you are, and I’m proud of you.”

Episode 4: The Lesser Key of Solomon

Quotes from the podcast:

“I was confused as to why they were searching for Jenny like that. Irving gives Abbie 12 hours and then Jenny’s on a nationwide warrant. Is it me or is that overkill? It’s not like she’s an escaped criminal. It’s not like she was a criminal and she was using the insanity defense and now she’s escaped and she’s a danger to society at large. She’s never killed anybody. She’s done some robberies, so I didn’t understand not only the search, but then the nationwide warrant. Does that happen? Is that regular protocol for anyone who escapes a mental health hospital?”

“I’m wondering what the apocalypse looks like on Sleepy Hollow. Is it the end of the world, like everything is gone? Or will there still be a world after the apocalypse; it’s just that good as we know it will be gone and the demons will rule? Is it gonna be hell on earth and it’s just gonna be the status quo, or is it gonna be the end of the world?”

“Abbie is doing it by the law, by the book. She’s a police officer, and Jenny is a freedom fighter, so they’re both trying to help people, trying to do what’s right. Just, Jenny does it with more violence.”


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