Witches of East End: The Truth Hurts

The title of tonight’s episode, Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P., related to one scene. One scene! Sure it’s the scene that allowed Joanna to walk free from prison, but the isolated nature of the title adds to my opinion that tonight’s episode wasn’t as good as the Pilot. For one, I feel the writing was lacking. Or maybe it was the actors. The guy who plays Dash was awkward in the first scene with Killian. Joanna’s lawyer was kind of stiff and his lines were so obviously “background information.” Then there was the case of Joanna’s mysterious accent. I have never seen an actor lose so much control of their accent. Usually people will say an actor’s accent creeped out in a scene, but I usually don’t notice. Boy did I notice Joanna’s! Maybe they should stay away from giving her emotional scenes? Except other than the accent, she played it very well.

The main reason this episode felt lackluster to me is because we were still on last week’s plot. I actually thought we were going to end the episode with Freya in danger again from the same guy and with the other women running off to save her again. We didn’t, but too much of the episode was spent with pretty much nothing happening. Joanna’s stay in prison was the B plot in the episode, and I’m not sure why. It was probably best for Ingrid and Freya to learn more about their status as witches from Wendy (what’s that about things sounding better when they come from someone who’s not related to you? In this case it’s someone who’s not the girls’ mother), but still. Joanna’s arrest didn’t lead to anything. We met another immortal witch, a man who is apparently powerless, but I don’t know what purpose he’ll serve in the long run.

We also saw Dash and Killian interact a bit more. Dash wants Killian out of town because Killian has a habit of taking things from him. I could see Killian thinking about Joanna when Dash mentioned it. I’m curious about what Killian did to dash the last time because it seems that before that incident Dash had always found a way to forgive Killian for his screw-ups.

My main question about Dash is, did he really find Freya passed out in the bathroom or did he go into the painting to get her? I’ve got my eye on these brothers, because like I said in the last review, I believe Killian is a witch or warlock, he has powers. So that means Dash would too, as his brother. And didn’t the scene make it seem like Freya was in the speakeasy when she was picked up? Someone asked why no one realized there was smoke coming out of the bathroom, and that’s a good question. It doesn’t seem like Dash told the manager of the bar, and when Wendy, Joanna, and Ingrid came barging in, they had easy access. The bathroom wasn’t closed down or anything. Smh.

Ingrid got more of the spotlight this episode out of the two younger sisters. She got time to swallow the news of being a witch, and she is not dealing well. She feels strange, everything looks different, plus she’s worried about the fact that she spell she cast to resurrect Wendy means someone else she loves is going to die. Whoops! But it means a possible storyline for Ingrid, so I’m into it. I’m also very  into her being super powerful. She reminded me of Piper Halliwell of Charmed lore in the scene where she said she didn’t want to be powerful, and that’s a great thing because Piper is my favorite character on Charmed.

Freya’s best scene was where she went off on Joanna for not only lying to her all these years but going the extra mile and making her believe she was crazy. That’s really where Joanna took it too far. She acted like Freya should question her mental health. Yes, she was trying to protect her daughters, but what if Freya really had ended up thinking she had delusions of grandeur or something?!

Joanna is very smart, though. So far she really comes across as a seasoned witch. She’s prepared. A burial for a fake aunt that’s actually filled with millions of dollars? Go ‘head, Joanna, handle your business! Hopefully they didn’t take all of the money out of that coffin. Joanna also handled herself superbly against the revenge-hungry man. I don’t remember his name.

We got a little bit of Freya/Killian when she felt like getting away after the argument with her mother. If you want to run from your problems, Killian’s your guy.  But we also got some Freya/Dash (which I’m leaning towards) when she finally got to wind down after her eventful day. I hope the triangle doesn’t turn into a big deal. I want a decision to be made as soon as possible. After this episode, I like Dash as an individual whereas I’m into Killian in terms of Freya/Killian. He doesn’t seem to stand out outside of “The one Freya is crazy attracted to.” It’s early enough that I don’t really care which one Freya ends up with (meaning I don’t hate either brother), so they should just stick her with one and call it a day.

The older generation of sisters worked together to get rid of the revenge-seeking man, and it was great. I liked Wendy’s accent when she said the spell, whereas everyone else sounds like they’re reading foreign words with an American accent. Just no effort whatsoever. We also learned that the witches (or is it just the Beauchamps?) don’t kill their enemies anymore, and I’d like to know why that is. They decided to bury the latest painting containing the revenge-seeking man.

The Imposter showed up at the end of the episode to literally kill a tree out of frustration. I wonder why she or he is so intent on killing the younger sisters. Wendy said Joanna has a lot of enemies, so I wonder when and how she crossed paths with this one.

Despite the little problems in this episode, I’m looking forward to next week and to Ingrid’s growth as a witch.

My favorite uses of magic were: Freya undoing the ropes binding her, all four witches chanting spells (including Joanna’s little smokey pentagram), and Wendy/Joanna’s painting trap curse.

See you all next Sunday!



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