Scandal 3.01: It’s Handled

Scandal is back with its messy characters and even messier situations! Olivia’s suffering the consequences of her name being outed in connection to Fitz’s philandering. Her father, who’s been out of her life for who knows how long, tries to handle it and shames and reads her all in one go. Cyrus tries to handle it until he decides it’s best to just kill her. Mellie and the Associates end up being the one to handle it, and they ruin someone’s life in the process, and we find out that Fitz is the one who leaked Olivia’s name for the sake of some convoluted plan that Mellie’s smacked down for the moment.

Scandal 3.01

Quotes from the Podcast:

“You’re telling a 12-year-old ‘your father’s gonna destroy you.’ It’s like, okay, what is she supposed to do? She loves her dad. ‘He’s gonna destroy you, Liv. I know you’re a child, but you have to know.’ […..] And she said ‘used to say.’ Not like, oh she told me that one year when I was 12. No, ‘used to say’ is a common occurrence. Like, this is what she used to tell me to tuck me into bed at night. It’s so bad.”-Sabrina

“Look at how long [hearing some backstory about Olivia] took. Literally, with how fast these people talk, it was less than a minute. Yet, it’s in season 3 that we’re getting this. Because like you said, the first time they had a chance to do this [in season 1], it was ‘oh we can’t find anything on her.'”-Alta

“You know, this actually makes Cyrus quite the sociopath. Because he’s known Olivia since she was in high school, basically, and how many times now has he been willing to throw her under the bus, to kill her. She’s like his toy; she’s his puppet, and he can end her life any time he wants to, he feels.”-Alta

“I didn’t like the fact that when he stopped her she’s like, ‘I’m fine, I’m fine.’ ‘I’m not.’ Well, nigga, who cares if you’re fine or not?! You did it!”-Sabrina


2 thoughts on “Scandal 3.01: It’s Handled

  1. I think there was a question of whether Olivia was able to receive any favors because she slept with Fitz. Because there were instances of her cases coming into contact with the White House and her winning anyway. Plus it was to create a situation where the Ohio scandal was potentially at risk for coming out. But primarily it’s about what she could have earned working in the town. If she was a lobbyist or anything like that it would be the same thing. What exactly is she fixing? I guess would be the question. If she was just an actress or a theater owner or a lawyer in like estate law there wouldn’t be any questions to be potentially raised.

    The affair presents his opponents with an opportunity to dig into what he’s been up to. I think. It also adds drama.

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